Bulletin #8

The Clans of the Empires Mod Are Linked With It

By Kuzkin, March 25, 2012

Ever since the founding of the BSID Clan in January 2006, clans have become an important part of the Empires Mod and its community. Juice of the MEG Clan said today that, in his view, they are the only force keeping Empires alive at the present. With this in mind the complete disregard the Deeists hold for the clans of the mod is obvious. With the exception of the EPIC Clan which is led by “lead developer” Trickster and acts as an appendage of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique, all the other clans of the mod are facing pronounced stagnation in line with the stagnation of the whole community. It was only last month that BSID Clan leader RGB vowed to sever the clan from the mod, but was halted in this attempt by the democratic-progressive and progressive users and by the rank-and-file of that clan. The Deeist-backed Thor-Cpatton-RKB triumvirate in that clan signifies its domination by Deeism but does not signify the same of its rank-and-file, of which various users continue to express progressive sentiments in defense of the mod and its community.

Mr D has made clear that clans have an important role to play in the defense and betterment of the mod and of the community. Yet he has also said that “clans cannot play a leading role in events, but instead take part in events in the role of assisting the progressive forces at work.”(1) This fact is based on the essential limited nature of the clan, of the fact that in average conditions clans cannot entirely surmount this nature and in any case are not suited to assume any role other than that of being a clan. The correctness of this position was proven in the November-December Rising of 2010 in which Mr D exposed the intrigues of WalMartGreeter, Axeman, Krazer, HeadShotMaster and others who proclaimed the “Consortium” as the “new force” in Empires. In fact the “Consortium” sought to ween people away from the genuinely progressive forces which understood the nature of Deeism and the need to combat it consistently and on a scientific-materialist basis. Yet the rich experiences of the year 2010 have demonstrated beyond all doubt the fact that the clans of the mod are linked with it in an organic fashion, with only a few exceptions for clans whose origins lay outside of Empires such as the Outcasts Clan.

The correct approach to the handling of the clans of the mod has been elucidated by the penetrating analyses of Mr D, particularly at the Second Congress of the Empires League. Here he laid down the facts as to the present situation the clans of the mod are facing and at the same time gave concrete content to the question of dealing with the clans in a way befitting for the health of the mod and its community. Striking against the policies of Cpatton, Axeman, Shorik, Bort, and all sorts of other reactionaries in the service of the Deeist clique. Here he presented a scientific analysis of the clans and the balance of forces present within them, noting especially the reactionary and stagnationist character of their leaderships and the need to struggle for the unity of the rank-and-file while standing firm against said leaderships. This brilliant policy has saved the BSID Clan, but we all know it is but a component part of the great array of genius positions and theoretical insights which Mr D has shown us in his seven years of service to the Empires Mod. In demonstrating these insights Mr D has always stressed the outstanding role of the users, something which holds true for the clans as well.

The question of the involvement of the users is something primary in all tasks relating to the mod. This does not mean to tail the users and to adopt a slavish attitude towards all that emanates from them, but it does mean to respect the users and to work diligently to raise their consciousness against reactionary and degenerative forces at work within the community. In the case of the clans this gains importance in the clans educating their rank-and-file and providing an atmosphere of trust and lasting relations. The clans of the mod as they stand only exist to promote artificial “bonds” between members, more closely aligned by mutual love for 4Chan and other uncontributive cultures than anything related to Empires itself. The clans are places where the reactionary Deeist-backed leaderships compete with each other for members, where new ones come and go without difficulty. Only by having a correct understanding of the material conditions at work and by having a user-centered view of the problems the mod and its whole community face can one truly understand the significance and manner in which work must be carried out.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 17.

“Empires Clan Organization” Steam Group Disbanded

Today, March 25, the “Empires Clan Organization” Steam group was disbanded. Having been established in July 2009, the Empires Clan Organization set up the group on February 6, 2010 to further the goal of uniting the clans of the mod in the service of it. It had at its height a membership of around 160. In December 2010 the ECO was one of the three groups which refounded the Empires League, but the “ECO” Steam group continued to exist, partially renamed the “Empires Clan Organization-Empires League.” At the time of its disbandment it had a membership of 85 users. It was disbanded since operating through Steam groups had long since become an outdated way of carrying out policy.


Bulletin #7

The Sub-Clique of Pickled Heretic Has Ceased Existence

Today, on March 22, pickled_heretic, who from January 2010 onwards had occupied a position within the Deeist apparatus of at first considerable but then rapidly declining strength, formally declared an end to his sub-clique within the overall Deeist clique. This follows his March 10 confirmation that the so-called “Administrative District of the Blackhole,” which he had proclaimed in the year 2010 to oppose the work of the democratic movement and the Blackholian userbase as well as the rival Empty-Brutos sub-clique and its “Kingdom of the Blackhole,” was without basis and was also dissolved.

In the year 2010 pickled_heretic had made various troll and spam posts within the community, opposed for personal reasons to “King” Empty and others but also just as opposed to the democratic movement of the Blackhole and the work of the progressive users in general. Following the August 2010 occupation of the Blackhole forum area the strength of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique rose significantly as not only did “King” Empty and Brutos seek to solidify their rule over the entire community but Trickster, an adherent to this sub-clique, worked to become “lead developer” of the mod. By the November-December Rising of that same year the sub-clique of pickled_heretic had become moribund, with Varbles and MooJuice defecting to the numerically and organizationally superior Empty-Brutos sub-clique.

Bulletin #6

Stagnation: A Clear Policy of the Deeist Clique

By R. Dasgupta

Since the year 2010 the Deeist clique has has to contend the great force of the progressive and democratic-progressive users, the former united around the great Empires League. Since that year the Deeists have also been faced with the prospect of rising stagnation which has taken on pronounced proportions and which they have actually attempted to take advantage of in order to further not the mod or its community but the designs of the Deeist apparatus and its continued maintenance at a time when antagonistic contradictions between it and the users is increasing and itself becoming more pronounced. The question of who benefits from stagnation is bound up with the contradictions of a non-antagonistic character between the sub-cliques of Deeism, principally the Empty-Brutos and Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-cliques.

Both sub-cliques along with the tiny and moribund sub-clique of pickled_heretic are fully united when up against the conscious users and their mass-based efforts, but when these efforts are at an ebb the sub-cliques bicker between themselves and plot to split the mod between them. The Empty-Brutos sub-clique is currently led by Trickster in most respects, while the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique is led almost entirely at the present moment and for some time now by Mootant. Stagnation benefits these sub-cliques in different ways in accord with their differing positions of power within the whole Deeist hierarchy, in which the “development” of the mod and the stability of its servers are dominated by the former sub-clique. In the case of the former sub-clique an xenophobic policy is followed wherein any newcomer is either shunned or, if degenerate or of a reactionary persuasion in general, welcomed into the community and by extension into the Empty-Brutos sub-clique if possible—and it usually is for this is the sub-clique which leads the EPIC Clan and its server, and which exerts great influence in this manner. Mr D pointed out in September 2010 that “the community has isolated itself; because Deeism has formed an xenophobic shell around the exterior of the mod which purposely keeps out new players and forces from emerging and threatening their hold on power.”(1) This xenophobia is a cynical effort by the lords of Deeism, much like the bosses of the real world, to practice divide-and-rule tactics and to scare off any forward-looking individual who steps forward to contribute to the community.

Examples of the usage of the stagnation of the mod in benefit of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique are legion, but two examples stand as ever a testament to the anti-user policies of this sub-clique in this area. When a new user named Jane0815 offered to contribute to the mod out of her respect for it and its basis, “Viscount” Grantrithor stepped in and denounced her. He asked “who” this was and “why is he [sic.] trying to help us?”(2) Then there is a strategy endorsed by “King” Empty, Brutos and Trickster in unison to isolate the impact of the progressive users by shutting off the faucet, therefore in Trickster’s words “exhaust[ing] the amount of people” who would defend the progress of the mod and the entire community.(3) They themselves have adopted increasingly paranoid positions, concurring among themselves to “block out” anyone who opposes Deeism. This of course is a longstanding policy of the Deeists which extends to everything from censoring usernames to deleting topics and posts, but they have become increasingly afraid in general, refusing to make their profiles public, concocting stories that Mr D personally is a danger to their lives (while at other times threatening to kill him), and other acts which demonstrate their profoundly disturbed minds.

The Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique in contrast demagogically profits off of the stagnation induced by the whole Deeist clique by proclaiming the mod “dead.” Recently Bob the Builder, a progressive user, has described the mod as “dead.”(4) This view arises due to profound defeatism which in turn originates from a lack of understanding of the concrete material conditions and the way out of the present problems. Mootant and others, however, want to literally profit off of a “commercial” Empires and their delusions boosted by Mootant’s sociopathy have resulted in ridiculousness such as a “defiant” move by Mootant that he uttered in January, declaring, “I stopped working on empires some time ago.” The sociopathic Mootant says that there’s “no such thing as a community” while proclaiming the mod legally his.(5) Such is the imbecility and two-faced nature of this disturbed figure and wannabe demagogue.

The Deeist clique promotes stagnation directly and indirectly. If it deems the situation “safe” enough for allowing more users and players into the community then they will principally come from degenerative and low-quality sources common to the Deeists themselves and which itself produces the corroding of the community and its further decline, and at the same time produces another loyal batch of footsoldiers for the whole Deeist apparatus to send after the progressive userbase. Only through joint efforts on a mass-based basis, and through scientific-materialist understanding of internal and external phenomena, can the users become ever more conscious of their abilities and move forward in defense of the mod and the community against the interests of Deeism and its allies.

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Bulletin #5

The Deeist Clique and the Empires Mod Are At Odds

By Macoud


The years 2010 and 2011 provided ample demonstrations of both the disinclination and inability of the Deeist clique to play any significant role in bettering the Empires Mod, and a clear role obvious to all except its beneficiaries in the degeneration of the mod’s community. In the year 2010 alone not only were over 30 users banned for something as simple as disputing the so-called “Kingdom of the Blackhole” and “King” Empty, but that year weathered DDoS attacks launched with incitement by WalMartGreeter and Solokiller, weathered provocations by Varbles, UKGamer and Grantrithor that the Empires Forum would cease existence on December 31, 2010, weathered various attempts to destroy the development of the mod (such as Kane the furry’s attempt in March that year), weathered a profusion of Deeist demagoguery about the “deadness” of the mod plus the aforementioned “Kingdom” in January 2010, and the unforgettable and brutish act of occupying the Blackhole forum area in August 2010. The activities of the Deeist clique in these events are undeniably negative in character, but through all this the progressive users gained inspiration from both the good traditions of the past and the leadership of Mr D, a man who has experienced many of those traditions firsthand.


The heroism of these users in the face of Deeism culminated in the November-December Rising of 2010, which demonstrated still further the anti-mod and anti-user nature of the Deeist clique. WalMartGreeter, the prime initiator of the DDoS attacks, was praised by the Deeists for his role in acting as an agent of them, alongside Axeman, Krazer, HeadShotMaster and other demagogic figures who also acted in the service of Deeism. “King” Empty, who positioned himself as a “savior” of the mod, demonstrated his “usefulness” in the eyes of the users by promptly fleeing on a “month-long leave of absence” on November 19 that year. Trickster proclaimed that Empires would “die” by Christmas. Every ridiculous claim was forwarded to justify the suppression of the Rising.


Today the Deeist clique continues its legacy of “helping” the mod. So “strong” is this legacy that, for instance, AniCator on March 13 called the mod “sorta dead,” and on February 29 Codexanother called the community “rubbish.” The Deeist clique and the Empires Mod are at odds and will always be at odds because not only do the users and the Deeists diverge on the question of the community (with the Deeists praising furries, 4Chan, animé, incest, etc.) but also on the question of development itself. By their own admission they do not plan anything, their approach to “development” is completely haphazard and based on personal whims. As always the Empires League will promote a correct and scientific understanding of development and what it entails up against not just the Deeist clique but also its agents and those opportunists such as PatPeter, Dubee, Grantrithor and others who at times position themselves at stands “independent” of the Deeists, but who instead propose dead-end solutions and are always in the service of this clique and its deleterious nature.

Bulletin #4

Empires League Bulletin Reformed

In accordance with a decision of the Central Committee of the Empires League, the Empires League Bulletin has been reformed to better serve the users in a mass-based manner. Under the direction of the Central Committee and the work of Macoud the Bulletin will now, when possible, dispense information of interest to the Empires Mod and its whole community every two or three days.

Do the Deeists Care About Development?

By Aly

Ever since the year 2007 the Deeist clique has pretended to be the leading force in “developing” the mod, in “protecting” the whole community, and so on. History demonstrates this is completely false and entirely demagogic in content, because the Deeists in fact heap scorn on the users and on the mod, they attack it and call it either “dead” or “dying” depending on their mood, and they accuse the progressive users of being responsible for this fact. The anti-user policy of the Deeist clique has its origins in the elitist outlook which is shared by all Deeists and which originates in the views and outlook of Dee herself in 2005. The struggle of the users in defense of the mod has been attacked at all times by the Deeists who do not want to bring into the development and moderator teams anyone who threatens the hold on power by the Deeist clique of the mod and its whole community.

The policies of the Deeist clique have an all-around effect of harming the mod and its community in every respect. A stunning example of the incompetence of the Deeists was just recently when the frontpage, which in any case has been neglected for a year, was put offline due to the bumbling of Beerdude. He “started updating Drupal,” said Trickster, “hit a problem, and decided that it’s not worth fixing the site,”(1) showing how much the Deeist clique “cares” for the community. Trickster, the “lead developer,” was blunt when he said that “I don’t really do anything and I don’t deserve credit for anything.”(2) All across the community stagnation is the norm; the clans are stagnant despite some life infused into the BSID Clan as of late by its rank-and-file. The amount of active users is at 138, a very low number. The Deeists are saying they will bring out a new patch in April, and they will follow this up with demagogic appeals to the users to show how Deeism “cares” for the mod, but the users do not forget the words of the Deeists who simultaneously proclaim themselves “saviors” and denounce the mod and its community in the strongest terms. “Slade forced me to play IRL. I told him game was shit and he should play a real game like CS:S gungame. He continued to force me,” Trickster said of Empires, “I continued to tell him it was shit.”(3) “King” Empty refers to the community as one of “retards.”(4) This is why Mr D has said that Deeism holds “the whole userbase in contempt, and [they] wish only to consolidate their vested interests and their hold upon virtually all aspects of the community, the Blackhole, and, indeed, the Empires Mod itself. Such a course, if successful for the Deeists, can only harm the entire community, but the Deeists obviously do not care.”(5)

The efforts to achieve real gains for the users lay in a genuine defense of the Empires Mod, which must entail the destruction of the Deeist apparatus and the rise of the conscious users in struggle for the simultaneous bettering of the mod and its community.

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