Bulletin #4

Empires League Bulletin Reformed

In accordance with a decision of the Central Committee of the Empires League, the Empires League Bulletin has been reformed to better serve the users in a mass-based manner. Under the direction of the Central Committee and the work of Macoud the Bulletin will now, when possible, dispense information of interest to the Empires Mod and its whole community every two or three days.

Do the Deeists Care About Development?

By Aly

Ever since the year 2007 the Deeist clique has pretended to be the leading force in “developing” the mod, in “protecting” the whole community, and so on. History demonstrates this is completely false and entirely demagogic in content, because the Deeists in fact heap scorn on the users and on the mod, they attack it and call it either “dead” or “dying” depending on their mood, and they accuse the progressive users of being responsible for this fact. The anti-user policy of the Deeist clique has its origins in the elitist outlook which is shared by all Deeists and which originates in the views and outlook of Dee herself in 2005. The struggle of the users in defense of the mod has been attacked at all times by the Deeists who do not want to bring into the development and moderator teams anyone who threatens the hold on power by the Deeist clique of the mod and its whole community.

The policies of the Deeist clique have an all-around effect of harming the mod and its community in every respect. A stunning example of the incompetence of the Deeists was just recently when the frontpage, which in any case has been neglected for a year, was put offline due to the bumbling of Beerdude. He “started updating Drupal,” said Trickster, “hit a problem, and decided that it’s not worth fixing the site,”(1) showing how much the Deeist clique “cares” for the community. Trickster, the “lead developer,” was blunt when he said that “I don’t really do anything and I don’t deserve credit for anything.”(2) All across the community stagnation is the norm; the clans are stagnant despite some life infused into the BSID Clan as of late by its rank-and-file. The amount of active users is at 138, a very low number. The Deeists are saying they will bring out a new patch in April, and they will follow this up with demagogic appeals to the users to show how Deeism “cares” for the mod, but the users do not forget the words of the Deeists who simultaneously proclaim themselves “saviors” and denounce the mod and its community in the strongest terms. “Slade forced me to play IRL. I told him game was shit and he should play a real game like CS:S gungame. He continued to force me,” Trickster said of Empires, “I continued to tell him it was shit.”(3) “King” Empty refers to the community as one of “retards.”(4) This is why Mr D has said that Deeism holds “the whole userbase in contempt, and [they] wish only to consolidate their vested interests and their hold upon virtually all aspects of the community, the Blackhole, and, indeed, the Empires Mod itself. Such a course, if successful for the Deeists, can only harm the entire community, but the Deeists obviously do not care.”(5)

The efforts to achieve real gains for the users lay in a genuine defense of the Empires Mod, which must entail the destruction of the Deeist apparatus and the rise of the conscious users in struggle for the simultaneous bettering of the mod and its community.

(1) “Finally?” post #2.

(2) “Empires Custom Gun Fire Pack + Death sounds,” post #46.

(3) “First Experiences??” post #11.

(4) “New Empires Design Document?” post #18.

(5) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 88.


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