Bulletin #5

The Deeist Clique and the Empires Mod Are At Odds

By Macoud


The years 2010 and 2011 provided ample demonstrations of both the disinclination and inability of the Deeist clique to play any significant role in bettering the Empires Mod, and a clear role obvious to all except its beneficiaries in the degeneration of the mod’s community. In the year 2010 alone not only were over 30 users banned for something as simple as disputing the so-called “Kingdom of the Blackhole” and “King” Empty, but that year weathered DDoS attacks launched with incitement by WalMartGreeter and Solokiller, weathered provocations by Varbles, UKGamer and Grantrithor that the Empires Forum would cease existence on December 31, 2010, weathered various attempts to destroy the development of the mod (such as Kane the furry’s attempt in March that year), weathered a profusion of Deeist demagoguery about the “deadness” of the mod plus the aforementioned “Kingdom” in January 2010, and the unforgettable and brutish act of occupying the Blackhole forum area in August 2010. The activities of the Deeist clique in these events are undeniably negative in character, but through all this the progressive users gained inspiration from both the good traditions of the past and the leadership of Mr D, a man who has experienced many of those traditions firsthand.


The heroism of these users in the face of Deeism culminated in the November-December Rising of 2010, which demonstrated still further the anti-mod and anti-user nature of the Deeist clique. WalMartGreeter, the prime initiator of the DDoS attacks, was praised by the Deeists for his role in acting as an agent of them, alongside Axeman, Krazer, HeadShotMaster and other demagogic figures who also acted in the service of Deeism. “King” Empty, who positioned himself as a “savior” of the mod, demonstrated his “usefulness” in the eyes of the users by promptly fleeing on a “month-long leave of absence” on November 19 that year. Trickster proclaimed that Empires would “die” by Christmas. Every ridiculous claim was forwarded to justify the suppression of the Rising.


Today the Deeist clique continues its legacy of “helping” the mod. So “strong” is this legacy that, for instance, AniCator on March 13 called the mod “sorta dead,” and on February 29 Codexanother called the community “rubbish.” The Deeist clique and the Empires Mod are at odds and will always be at odds because not only do the users and the Deeists diverge on the question of the community (with the Deeists praising furries, 4Chan, animé, incest, etc.) but also on the question of development itself. By their own admission they do not plan anything, their approach to “development” is completely haphazard and based on personal whims. As always the Empires League will promote a correct and scientific understanding of development and what it entails up against not just the Deeist clique but also its agents and those opportunists such as PatPeter, Dubee, Grantrithor and others who at times position themselves at stands “independent” of the Deeists, but who instead propose dead-end solutions and are always in the service of this clique and its deleterious nature.


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