Bulletin #6

Stagnation: A Clear Policy of the Deeist Clique

By R. Dasgupta

Since the year 2010 the Deeist clique has has to contend the great force of the progressive and democratic-progressive users, the former united around the great Empires League. Since that year the Deeists have also been faced with the prospect of rising stagnation which has taken on pronounced proportions and which they have actually attempted to take advantage of in order to further not the mod or its community but the designs of the Deeist apparatus and its continued maintenance at a time when antagonistic contradictions between it and the users is increasing and itself becoming more pronounced. The question of who benefits from stagnation is bound up with the contradictions of a non-antagonistic character between the sub-cliques of Deeism, principally the Empty-Brutos and Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-cliques.

Both sub-cliques along with the tiny and moribund sub-clique of pickled_heretic are fully united when up against the conscious users and their mass-based efforts, but when these efforts are at an ebb the sub-cliques bicker between themselves and plot to split the mod between them. The Empty-Brutos sub-clique is currently led by Trickster in most respects, while the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique is led almost entirely at the present moment and for some time now by Mootant. Stagnation benefits these sub-cliques in different ways in accord with their differing positions of power within the whole Deeist hierarchy, in which the “development” of the mod and the stability of its servers are dominated by the former sub-clique. In the case of the former sub-clique an xenophobic policy is followed wherein any newcomer is either shunned or, if degenerate or of a reactionary persuasion in general, welcomed into the community and by extension into the Empty-Brutos sub-clique if possible—and it usually is for this is the sub-clique which leads the EPIC Clan and its server, and which exerts great influence in this manner. Mr D pointed out in September 2010 that “the community has isolated itself; because Deeism has formed an xenophobic shell around the exterior of the mod which purposely keeps out new players and forces from emerging and threatening their hold on power.”(1) This xenophobia is a cynical effort by the lords of Deeism, much like the bosses of the real world, to practice divide-and-rule tactics and to scare off any forward-looking individual who steps forward to contribute to the community.

Examples of the usage of the stagnation of the mod in benefit of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique are legion, but two examples stand as ever a testament to the anti-user policies of this sub-clique in this area. When a new user named Jane0815 offered to contribute to the mod out of her respect for it and its basis, “Viscount” Grantrithor stepped in and denounced her. He asked “who” this was and “why is he [sic.] trying to help us?”(2) Then there is a strategy endorsed by “King” Empty, Brutos and Trickster in unison to isolate the impact of the progressive users by shutting off the faucet, therefore in Trickster’s words “exhaust[ing] the amount of people” who would defend the progress of the mod and the entire community.(3) They themselves have adopted increasingly paranoid positions, concurring among themselves to “block out” anyone who opposes Deeism. This of course is a longstanding policy of the Deeists which extends to everything from censoring usernames to deleting topics and posts, but they have become increasingly afraid in general, refusing to make their profiles public, concocting stories that Mr D personally is a danger to their lives (while at other times threatening to kill him), and other acts which demonstrate their profoundly disturbed minds.

The Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique in contrast demagogically profits off of the stagnation induced by the whole Deeist clique by proclaiming the mod “dead.” Recently Bob the Builder, a progressive user, has described the mod as “dead.”(4) This view arises due to profound defeatism which in turn originates from a lack of understanding of the concrete material conditions and the way out of the present problems. Mootant and others, however, want to literally profit off of a “commercial” Empires and their delusions boosted by Mootant’s sociopathy have resulted in ridiculousness such as a “defiant” move by Mootant that he uttered in January, declaring, “I stopped working on empires some time ago.” The sociopathic Mootant says that there’s “no such thing as a community” while proclaiming the mod legally his.(5) Such is the imbecility and two-faced nature of this disturbed figure and wannabe demagogue.

The Deeist clique promotes stagnation directly and indirectly. If it deems the situation “safe” enough for allowing more users and players into the community then they will principally come from degenerative and low-quality sources common to the Deeists themselves and which itself produces the corroding of the community and its further decline, and at the same time produces another loyal batch of footsoldiers for the whole Deeist apparatus to send after the progressive userbase. Only through joint efforts on a mass-based basis, and through scientific-materialist understanding of internal and external phenomena, can the users become ever more conscious of their abilities and move forward in defense of the mod and the community against the interests of Deeism and its allies.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. III. 2010. p. 86.

(2) “Translation of website into German, French, Spanish, etc.” posts #16-17.

(3) “Mr. D Friended me on Steam.” post #101.

(4) “Play more Empires!” post #2.

(5) “Escort type map problems,” post #25.


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