Bulletin #7

The Sub-Clique of Pickled Heretic Has Ceased Existence

Today, on March 22, pickled_heretic, who from January 2010 onwards had occupied a position within the Deeist apparatus of at first considerable but then rapidly declining strength, formally declared an end to his sub-clique within the overall Deeist clique. This follows his March 10 confirmation that the so-called “Administrative District of the Blackhole,” which he had proclaimed in the year 2010 to oppose the work of the democratic movement and the Blackholian userbase as well as the rival Empty-Brutos sub-clique and its “Kingdom of the Blackhole,” was without basis and was also dissolved.

In the year 2010 pickled_heretic had made various troll and spam posts within the community, opposed for personal reasons to “King” Empty and others but also just as opposed to the democratic movement of the Blackhole and the work of the progressive users in general. Following the August 2010 occupation of the Blackhole forum area the strength of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique rose significantly as not only did “King” Empty and Brutos seek to solidify their rule over the entire community but Trickster, an adherent to this sub-clique, worked to become “lead developer” of the mod. By the November-December Rising of that same year the sub-clique of pickled_heretic had become moribund, with Varbles and MooJuice defecting to the numerically and organizationally superior Empty-Brutos sub-clique.


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