Bulletin #18

Against the Lie of Grantrithor

By Macoud, April 23, 2012

The slanderous accusations of Grantrithor that Mr D somehow “abolished the Empires League”(1) and that this fictitious event concocted by Grantrithor (much like his claim that the Empires Forum would cease existence at the end of December 2010) is responsible for the decline in the community demonstrates both the desperate attempts of the agents of Deeism to tar the great work of the League and the personality of Mr D, and at the same time showcase Grantrithor’s chronic inability to tell the truth. In fact the stagnation present within the community is the logical consequence of the anti-user and anti-mod policies of Deeism, of the degenerates and reactionaries who infest the mod and forum with their filth. All the “bronies,” the furries, animé-lovers, enthusiasts of politics, and other forces at odds with the interests of the whole community; these are all allies of the Deeist clique as well. Grantrithor (aka Santiago Gaston Bonada) is an Argentine-Canadian who admires Adolf Hitler and Nazi symbolism, has associated himself with “ponies,” and has played a role alongside various other Deeists in harming the Empires Mod and its community.

The Empires League has not only remained in existence continuously since its establishment in the year 2007, but in fact any claim of Mr D “abolishing” the League is patent nonsense. In the first place, it would be a decision of the Central Committee of the League, not one man. In the second place, the League has never been abolished and Mr D until recently was in no position to have it abolished, as he himself was until late 2011 not formally a member of the League. It is obvious that Grantrithor is, instead, annoyed that he was mentioned in a prior version of the Bulletin and is therefore seeking “revenge” in the most ridiculous manner his adolescent brain thinks possible. Mr D has called the work of the League that “which shall play a glorious role in the whole history of the Empires Mod community as that force which led the way in its defense and in educating the users with that which is necessary to promote the mod and its community’s well-being.”(2) It is obvious that Grantrithor’s words, then, are clearly without basis. But in fact what this does demonstrate is that, by cutting the mass of the users off from the veterans and other contributive users who are at odds with the Deeist clique and are unafraid to show their opposition to it, the Deeists are harming the community in all fields from the development of the mod to the maintenance of the community against degenerative forces.

(1) “Forum,” post #6.

(2) Mr D. Report to the Second Congress of the Empires League. 2012. p. 2.


Bulletin #17

Some Words on the Progressive Users in Battle With Pseudo-Progressive Organizations

By Kuzkin, April 20, 2012


Since its establishment in January 2007, the Empires League has served as the sole organization representing the Empires Mod userbase and in organizing the users to better the mod and its whole community. Its moribund period in 2009-2010 however allowed for various pseudo-progressive organizations to spring up as its “successor” in an attempt by the Deeist clique to fool the users and to take control of the work of the progressive strata of the userbase. The struggle of the progressive and the democratic-progressive users against these pseudo-progressive organizations demonstrates the consistent line of both in the all-round struggle against the Deeist clique. Besides the so-called “Consortium,” which has been dealt with by Todg in his work on the November-December Rising, there are also the cases of the so-called “Empires Union” and “Viscount” Grantrithor’s “United Empires Players.”


The “Empires Union” was set up in December 2009 at a time when the community of the whole mod was experiencing doubts about its future. Certain elements within the Deeist clique proclaimed the mod “dead,” notably Marcin. Adding fuel to the Deeist fires were the defeatist sentiments of Kylegar and other vacillating and cowardly figures. This “Union” was set up by a section of “optimistic” Deeist agents led by Cpatton. The other founders of this “Union” were OuNin and PreDominance. From the start this “Union” worked with the Deeist agents Sk1nn3r and the Neo-Nazi Thor, who had already been working closely with Cpatton within the BSID Clan leadership. The public activities of the “Union” were of a ridiculous character. OuNin and PreDominance made various speeches of how the “Union” was the “new force” in Empires, how it would “save” Empires, and engaged in all talk but no action. It was not long before the whole userbase was united in condemnation of this “Union” and its anti-user stands. In reality its purpose was to boost the “prestige” of Cpatton as a “savior” of Empires while, covertly, to establish links with the democratic movement of the Blackhole and the progressive users in order to spy on them.


On January 3, 2010, Mr D issued a call for the entire userbase to unite against slanders of the Empires Mod being “dead.” With a keen scientific mind, he concluded his brief message as follows: “All democratic forces of the Blackhole will arise and proclaim their complete solidarity with the progressive forces of Empires. They will do this, and will win.”(1) Mr D did not call upon a self-proclaimed “organization” to “save” Empires, he did not call upon a “heroic” personality or God to grace their presence and achieve the “salvation” of Empires, but stressed as always the innate abilities of the great users of the mod, of the masses united towards progress. This popular call at once endangered the phony work of the “Union.” The progressive users spoke up in criticism of the activities of the “Union” and its hypocritical, self-serving leadership. Such users as SupRore and Gigar exposed the baseless nature of this “Union” and its policies. The words of Mr D resonated amongst the userbase and initiated the great Anti-Demagoguery Campaign, of which Kane the furry and “King” Empty arose in an attempt to quell it. The “Union” by contrast suffered a glorious defeat, its character as a den of Deeist agents uncovered for all the users to see.


In August that same year the so-called “United Empires Players” was established by “Viscount” Grantrithor, an agent of “King” Empty. It was unilaterally proclaimed on August 6. He proclaimed himself “Provisional Chairman” with a four-member “Provisional Standing Committee” comprised of the degenerate Fricken Hamster, the “pony” Beatandgo, the Deeist agent Shorik, and Jude Prudence, a furry whose friend is in trouble with the law over child pornography. Grantrithor’s symbol was that of the Nazi eagle.(2) The users denounced this organization as one of politics and degeneracy, as one which aimed to subvert the struggle of the users. Mr D and the democratic movement of the Blackhole also attacked it. It soon came to an end, having not even gotten off the ground due to the just resistance of the users. After this Grantrithor sided during the month with John Shandy, an opportunist and ally of the Deeist Brutos.


The Deeist clique attempts to create artificial organizations devoid of the support of the users. But the Empires League, with a history spanning five years, is an organization of the users themselves. You will not find attacks on the League by the users, you will not find any claims of it being a hollow organization, for in fact it is a glorious and mass-based one.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. I. 2010. p.32.

(2) “United Empires Players (UEP),” post #1.


The Stagnation of the Empires Mod Continues

By D. Kruse, April 21, 2012


The Deeist clique as of late has been gradually returning to the usage of Trickster’s popularity trickery as he sought to employ it throughout the early and middle months of the year 2011. The Deeists point to “release candidates” of this or that aspect of their “development” but strenuously work against an actual scientific or even non-scientific conception of development as is commonly understood by all rational persons. The all-time low of 120 active users has been “achieved” as a result of the “development” of the mod by the Deeist clique specifically in its active policy of degenerating and degrading the Empires Mod and its whole community through its anti-mod and anti-user actions. Marxman has pointed out his amazement that, despite all the Deeist clique has done against the mod, it still preserves on account of its unique concept and the uniqueness of its community despite the destruction wrought upon it by Deeism. Trickster has said that “I’m not playing anymore.”(1) “King” Empty, Brutos, Mootant and other “saviors” of the mod are nowhere to be found. The leading men of the Deeist clique are finding it increasingly difficult these days to even feign “care” for the mod though it has never ceased being intensely interested in crushing all progressive and democratic-progressive sentiments within the community. But the Empires League stays firm, unites the users and marches forward in defense of the great Empires Mod and its entire community.


(1) “Whoa,” post #6.

Bulletin #16

The Deeist Clique Promotes Politics

By Macoud, April 17, 2012


Mr D when noting the activities of the Deeist clique and its personalist inclinations pointed out that, “How else can we explain the politics of the Deeist clique, which go against the words of. . . veteran users who built up this mod? The Deeists look down below and heap scorn upon the masses and those progressive, forward-thinking users whilst degenerating themselves.”(1) This is evident across the entire community as the Deeists promote furries, animé, role-playing, personalism, reactionary positions in general, and all of this produces politics and drama within the community. “King” Empty has admitted at times that he does what he does for “role-play” reasons, for degenerate reasons, as the veteran user Spooky noted in January that “King” Empty engages in shenanigans of this type. The animé-loving Deeist agent and Trickster ally Youzy has said that he himself “fucking loves” roleplaying. Look at the Empires Forum and you will see most of the active topics being taken up by politics. Under such conditions there is no surprise at all that the “active users” has declined to 121 and that the stagnation the community is facing is accelerating and deepening as the Deeists themselves dampen the resolve of the users and increase their repressive activities.


Mr D has stood at the forefront against politics, against drama and all that harms the glorious Empires Mod and its community. A veteran of the mod, he together with Jkun, Artemas, Slithzerikai, knighttemplar and other progressive users stood at the van of the defense of the mod and its community against malicious Deeist-backed trolls such as Sgt. Mike and psyl0cibe, against security threats to the forum and mod in general through the Ban Hammer Manor and other ways of defending the mod and its community. He has made clear that he opposes politics, as has the great Empires League which enjoys years of history. It is the Deeist clique which promotes politics, which has a “Butthole” subforum that seeks to denigrate the Blackhole and to promote purely political discussions. It is “King” Empty who bestows titles of “Prime Minister,” “Duke,” “Count,” “Lord,” “Viscount,” etc. on his agents and underlings. It is Chris0132, WalMartGreeter, Dubee and others who talk politics and who promote degeneracy in all fields. Led by scientific-materialist analysis, the League will always struggle consistently against politics, against furries, against animé and all other degenerative activities.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 19.

Bulletin #15

The Fall of RKB and the Prospects of the BSID Clan

By Macoud, April 15, 2012


Yesterday the Second Congress of the Brenodi Democratic Party, one of the two parties involved in the democratic movement of the Blackhole, took place on the occasion of the birthday of Cheomesh, its leader. At this congress the BDP resolved among other things to deepen the struggle against RKB, Thor, and Cpatton, to abide by the wise words of Mr D at the Second Congress of the Empires League that there must be a resolute struggle against the reactionary leaderships of the various clans of the mod, involving the clans’ rank-and-file in this endeavor. It was not coincidental that on this very day RKB fell from grace within the BSID Clan after some months of being considered its “leader” by the Neo-Nazi Thor and Co.


Throughout the years Mr D has noted the reactionary and Deeist-backed character of the leadership of the clans of the Empires Mod. Unlike certain agents and lackeys of Deeism who preach conciliation with these leaderships, Mr D has consistently struggled against these leaderships and in defense of the great Empires Mod and the whole status of its clans as a lively force for its betterment. The fall of RKB does not in any way solve the problems of the BSID Clan. RKB called at the beginning of February for BSID to detach itself entirely from the mod, which was bravely resisted by the work of the Empires League and much of the rank-and-file of the clan itself. Mr D laid clear the reactionary character of RKB and called for his downfall. But it is obvious that RKB became leader of BSID at the connivance of Thor, Cpatton and other leading Deeist reactionaries who must also be struck at. Not only is the fall of RKB not a period of illusions, but the continuance of his fall and “leaving” BSID is in no way guaranteed so long as the struggle against RKB is not turned into an all-around struggle against the influence of Deeism within the BSID Clan itself, waged on a scientific and materialist basis. Without struggling against Deeism within the clan, the rank-and-file cannot hope to see a renewed BSID Clan which, in the words of Duke Pending two years ago, has “only ever threatened the elistist snobbery by being happy and willing to go after it.”(1)


(1) Quoted in Mr D. Collected Works Vol. II. 2010. p. 48.


The Stagnation of the Mod Brings Further Harm

By Todg, April 15, 2012


The Deeist clique’s harmful anti-user policies, which manifest themselves in all fields and through various means and measures, do not merely harm the well-being and cultural level of the whole community, but are expressed in obvious examples of harm to the mod itself. As is known, dialectics shows us that quantitative changes bring qualitative change, and this is confirmed time and time again in the work of the mod and its community. Mr D has always stressed the importance of understanding the objective material conditions in a scientific-materialist manner, taking into account all objective phenomena in a non-emotional and clear-cut manner. “Our resoluteness, our consistency, and our firm commitment to the mod,” he says, “would not be sufficient if we did not also have a scientific understanding of phenomena, the ability to know what is objectively engendering progress and what is objectively harming its prospects, and the firm grounding in historical and dialectical materialism.”(1) This sublime, scientifically-based fact is a direct strike against the idealist conception of history and a brief but searing defense of a materialist conception of it. It is in these ways that we must understand the stagnation of the mod not just from the perspective of the harm it brings to the community, but in all spheres in which stagnation operates.


As the stagnation of the whole community continues and intensifies, as the userbase dwindles and becomes ever more prone to defeatist and capitulationist sentiments, the mod itself is harmed and its health made worse. The Deeist clique denies that it is harming the mod in any way, hypocritically parading about as its “savior” while willingly censoring and banning those who see through the lies. Mr D in particular is feared by the Deeists for his honesty, his integrity and his love for the mod, a love which has extended for seven years and which shall never extinguish. As is known, Mr D has worked as head of the great Empires League to publicize the mod, to activate its entire userbase in the service of it, and has undertaken scientific and meticulous studies of the present phenomena at work. The Deeists themselves admit that stagnation is turning the mod into a desert, for Trickster states that “no-one is playing Empires. . . until we get the patch out. Developmentwise, we’re at the stage where we just want to fix what we have and get the patch out, so we’re working on that now.”(2) In other words, “development” is being reduced by the Deeists’ own words into merely “fix[ing] what we have,” all the lies of 2010-2011 of aircraft, or of other features, being admitted ever more openly as intentionally unfulfilled promises to an increasingly disillusioned community. But this is not all. The Deeist agent and Trickster crony Jephir has called for removing Empires from Steamworks, arguing alongside various other Deeists that Valve “doesn’t care” about patches for Empires, whereas in fact the Empires Mod is led by a “development team” that neither develops nor operates in any way as a team. Thus the great fanfare of last year, of definitively linking Empires with Steam as something that not just Trickster but Grantrithor and other rogues clamored for which would supposedly “save” the Empires Mod. But Mr D and all forward-looking users debunked these claims; the release on Steam was hailed as a progressive achievement, but the Deeists do not deserve credit for this. It is the genuine developers, and the contributors who assist in the genuine development of the mod, who deserve and continue to deserve this credit alongside all progressive forces within the entire userbase.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 29.

(2) “Bsid I Challenge Uuuuu,” post #52.

Bulletin #14

The Deeist Clique: Harmful at Every Level

By Aly, April 13, 2012

Practice has confirmed throughout the past three years the clearly harmful effects the Deeist clique brings to the entire community at every level. The amount of active users is at 123, stagnation is an undeniable part of the community at the present and the words of the great Mr D are confirmed in every which way. Since the year 2008 the Empires Mod has been in a crisis of leadership, Deeism has spread its tentacles to every aspect of the mod and its community and has collectively demonstrated its disdain for both. The Deeists pick one Deeist or Deeist agent to replace another, they pretend that the “development” of the mod is proceeding on an a-okay basis, but the mod stagnates and the community is increasingly harmed as a result. The mentally ill Chris0132 calls the very idea of planning and organizing a development team ridiculous, and he is praised by the Deeists of which he is himself one. Otherwise well-intentioned persons such as Kylegar have become defeatists, subordinated entirely to Deeism and lacking scientific knowledge on anything. One can see the ridiculousness of the Deeist card game in regards to the “developers” in the fact that from 2009-2010 “devs” came and went: CoffeeBurrito and Kane the furry plotted to take control over the community, Trickster and blizzerd worked to lord over the entire mod, “King” Empty harmed many users’ abilities to play the mod with his FPS-killing particles, and so on. One need for example to look at the attempt in March 2010 to parade HeadShotMaster, “King” Empty and Keef as the “new men” in the Empires “development team.” Kylegar, wrong as is usual, proclaimed that HeadShotMaster “will do a great job, and Empires will benefit from it.”(1) And of those three, two faded into nothingness while “King” Empty continued to press his illegitimate “claims” on the Blackhole and continued to embark on the road of banning over 30 users.

During the November-December Rising of 2010, Mr D pointed out against Axeman, WalMartGreeter, Krazer, HeadShotMaster, Dubee, and all the other agents of Deeism that the struggle cannot become one against this or that personality, but against Deeism itself. He said that to struggle against Deeism “means not fetishizing personalities or condemning actual development, but exposing the whole Deeist apparatus and unchaining those things which hold back development and cause stagnation,  apathy and the deterioration of the mod and forum community. Such is the way in which the users can make gains.”(2) This analysis has stood the test of time and is in fact a clearly scientific approach to the question of struggling in all areas from the development of the mod to the bettering of its community. Deeism is not an isolated phenomenon which only harms development, but affects the entire community as well from the clans to the Blackhole and onwards. This understanding of Deeist phenomena is a great contribution made by Mr D to the all-around efforts at defeating Deeism and bringing the development of the mod back on track.

(1) “New Devs – HSM, Empty, Keef,” post #36.

(2) D. Kruse (ed). Mr D on the November-December Rising. 2010. p. 20.

Anonymous Empires Player on Recent Events

April 13, 2012

” I mostly stopped caring about Empires when I realized the devs are completely lazy. They can make as many updates as they want and everyone’s will be updated instantly because of steam, but they don’t. They s]pend about an hour in blender or hammer, make a model, and post a thread. And dozens flock to reply, wondering if this will be the month that they release the new version. Or better yet, use MS Paint to make some achievement icons that likely take less than a week to impliment  if you do it in your spare time. Here’s what happened: they had a pretty decently-sized playerbase last summer when the steam release came out, things were looking up; new people were constantly coming in, servers were full, and they never. Fucking. Updated. And it’s obvious that it’s not even a finished product; there are voicemenus for aircraft. This game has really, really shitty leadership. [As for claims that ‘King’ Empty is too busy,] he’s lying through his teeth, or he’s incredibly stupid if he’s studying so often that he can’t write a few lines of code.”

Bulletin #13

On the Intensification of Stagnation Under the Deeist Clique

By Kuzkin, April 11, 2012


Every day the fact that the stagnation of the mod has its origins not with it being a “shit mod,” as Trickster would claim, or with simply being “dead” as something unrelated to the objective material conditions, but originates in the policies of the Deeist clique which harm the whole community in all fields, is becoming increasingly obvious to the entire userbase as they struggle for a concrete understanding of the tasks at hand and the way in which to move the Empires Mod and its community forward. It is an indisputable fact that the amount of active users today has dwindled to 127, a sign of the intensification of the stagnation of the whole community in all fields which must be analyzed on a scientific basis in all its totality.


When one examines the question of stagnation it is imperative that study be made also of the fact that stagnation does not merely cause short-term harm to a mod and its community, but long-term harm as well if this stagnation is allowed to intensify and become aggravated. The scientific analysis of Mr D, his critical methodology and grasp of materialist dialectics allowed him to produce a keen work of prestige and effort in October 2010, in which he correctly noted the two stages of Deeist “development” and concluded with a scientifically validated theoretical table in which a downward spiral was apparent in all fields so long as the Deeist conception of “development” was held onto. Mr D thus noted the need “to note the various pseudo-crises propounded by modern-day Deeism, but also to note the real; genuine crisis which the community will experience as a result of Deeism.”(1) It is from this scientific-materialist work that one can begin an exegesis of the whole work of the users and the present-day activities of those approximating closest to actual developers: the progressive users, united around the Empires League.


The contempt the Deeists hold for the users is evident. Although they seek to denigrate the Blackhole and spread the myth that it is nothing more than Empires’ “/b/” it is a fact that the whole userbase, not just the Blackhole, is held in contempt by them. The Deeist agent and sycophant for Trickster, Reznov, brushed off a suggestion on the grounds that “the average empires player is not able to read/understand and learn. . . [the suggestion is dead unless] the player base of empires actually starts to evolve fully functional senses and logic.”(2) Another thing which makes clear that the Deeists do not care for making the mod presentable to new users (despite their demagogy on this issue) is the fact that, as Viroman has pointed out, the website “looks shit tons worse then it originally did.”(3) The Deeists, as always, make the excuse of being “busy,” except when it comes to consolidating their positions, discussing the “future” of the mod as they work to split it between themselves, and in repressing the work of all those users who defend the mod and the whole community against degeneration and deterioration. The fact is that contributive users like Cahemdue are increasingly less likely to come about in a community that is constantly attacked and ridiculed as “dead” by the Deeists, and a vicious cycle therefore develops in which bad situations are aggravated and become worse in all fields. Only the Deeist clique can ultimately take the blame for these facts.


(1) Mr D. The Crisis-Mongerers and the Genuine Crisis. 2010. p.26.

(2) “deconstructing vehicles,” post #14.

(3) “Finally?” post #8.

Bulletin #12

The Development of the Mod Requires a Good Community

By Macoud, April 8, 2012

Today is the first anniversary of the interview Mr D gave for the website ModSentry. This interview, which even the degenerate Deeist blizzerd called very good (while simultaneously agitating for its removal alongside “King” Empty, Trickster, and other leading Deeist personalities), laid clear in a particularly broad manner both an overview of the major events which have faced the Empires Mod and also the ingredients for the healthy development of the mod which, in fact, stems from the well-being of its community.

In the year 2010 the Deeist clique spent much time arguing that the community does not matter; that the forum is of no importance to the mod. This, as time and common sense itself demonstrated, was completely but also intentionally wrong, with these arguments designed to give credence to the stagnation of the community and the degenerative policies of Deeism. An example of the ridiculousness and opportunistic origins of this argument was in the claim of “Viscount” Grantrithor, a reliable Deeist agent, in September 2010 that the Empires Mod was going to “die” by the end of the year and that this “death” would be signified by the ending of the forum—while arguing that the forum didn’t matter at all! As Mr D said at that time, “In this case he has gone from saying that the forums have no influence into a situation where he contradicts himself.”(1) The lie of the “death” of Empires as propagated by Varbles, UKGamer, Grantrithor and others at that time was refuted by life itself, by the fact that the users united against the DDoS attacks launched later that same month and that, obviously, the forum did not cease existence at the end of December 2010, even though Trickster proclaimed that the aforementioned attacks had essentially “doomed” Empires to “death” by that time.

In the year 2011  Trickster instead presented himself as the “savior” of the mod, talking of how to “publicize” it, etc. While Trickster said many words, Mr D became the man of action. A veteran of the community for seven years and counting, Mr D was asked during the interview what tips he could provide for other mods and their developers. He replied that the community was important, that, “Some would say that, for instance, veterans being respectful to newcomers is important, and it is, but beyond that a community needs to have an active and receptive development team, a forum userbase which is contributive on its own and supportive of the mod, and a leadership in general which is able to correctly manage both development and the community in a way which minimizes conflict and promotes open discussion.”(2) This fact of life was aptly concluded at the interview’s end, when he noted, “whatever drama occurs in the community, whatever attempts to harm the development of the mod, the community itself maintains something special about it. Something that those in the know have sought to keep alive for the past six years. The individuals involved in the making of Empires and its perseverance have done so because of what they believe is a truly unique gaming experience, one reliant on skill rather than gimmicks. From its inception in September 2002 to present-day developments, the community has played a vital role because they themselves are convinced of the outstanding nature of the Empires Mod, and side with its continued existence after all these years. It is only severe dissensions within the community that can convince them otherwise.”(3)

The Deeists arbitrarily divide the community member from the so-called “developer,” who in fact gets his or her position by the “good graces” of the whole Deeist apparatus and specifically its two sub-cliques, that of Empty-Brutos and of Solokiller-Jcw87. A scientific analysis of the relationship between the community and the development of the mod cannot fail to take into account the role of the community in providing the main role not in developing the mod from its inception, for at that state the only issue is of a dedicated team of individuals whose original stamina and vision is enough to create progress on that front, but on carrying the mod onwards in contrast with other mods and communities, in making it stand out and continuously developing it as all around it grows and develops. If disproportions are created then the superstructure, which is the community, the clans, etc. atrophy, but the base (i.e. the mod) is also affected by the superstructure.(4) This is a basic fact made clear in theory and practice, and any scientific analysis of a mod’s development must take it into account. Unlike PatPeter, John Shandy, Axeman,  tand other pseudo-theorists in the service of Deeism, the consistent and scientific-materialist line of our efforts goes a long way towards ensuring an increasingly refined and ever more precise analysis of all objective phenomena, not based on spontaneity but on practice, not on the basis of idealism but on the basis of materialist dialectics.

Some opportunistic Deeists such as the furry PreDominance (Stephen Vernyi) and WalMartGreeter have at times admitted that the community at the present is infested with trolls and lamers of all types. Of course they both do not care for the mod despite anything they may say, for their own practices confirm in fact their apathetic and nihilistic positions. Thus the former calls Empires a “childish, dead mod”(5) while the latter has said that the mod “is full of anti-socials and aspies,”(6) never being particularly specific lest his backers get annoyed. In contrast with this degeneration and stagnation of the mod and its community, the Empires League has instead laid down practical solutions both short- and long-term in all fields relating to both spheres. The latter will, of course, require self-sacrifice, something possible only for those who genuinely care for the mod. The Bolsheviks under Lenin, for instance, were confronted with severe shortages of skilled labor, managers, etc., which, as Lenin noted, “the cultural level has not been raised, and therefore the bureaucrats are occupying their old positions. They can be forced to retreat only if the proletariat and the peasants are organised far more extensively than has been the case up to now, and only if  real  measures are taken to enlist the workers in government.”(7) Similar problems will face a renewed community freed from Deeism but not freed from years of its degenerate influences and their residue. A better community for a mod does not exist merely to provide more pleasant, fruitful and memorable discussions, but also to contribute to the mod at all times and to replenish the ranks of the development team as well. The severe shortage of personnel for the present team stems not only from the avowedly anti-organizational and anti-social positions of Trickster, Mootant, and other Deeist hetmen, but also from a community partly but noticeably filled by degenerative elements with no interest in the mod’s maintenance and well-being, and thus with no reason to assist it in any significant way.

But all along the way the progressive users of the whole community and the democratic-progressive users of the Blackhole will work solidly towards the continued betterment of the mod, will continue to defend it from the various threats which besiege it, and will always work to unmask the treachery of Deeism and its self-appointed “developers” and “moderators.” The tasks at hand are problems taken up for solutions, and will be achieved no matter how long it takes.

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