Bulletin #9

Stagnation: An Indisputable Fact of the Mod and Community

By Todg, March 30, 2012

With an active userbase of 131, he mod and its community continue to stagnate and the Deeist clique continues on with its objectively anti-mod and clearly anti-user positions. One of the new “developers” who is supposed to help “save” the mod (for Deeism) is Marcin, who in January 2010, at a time when the users united to refute claims of the mod “dying,” promptly sided with those proclaiming its “deadness” and bluntly saying “Empires is dead.”(1) The Deeist agent McGyver, on hearing of the news that Marcin was made a “developer,” was not incorrect in saying, “The new strategy is to randomly throw out dev titles to forum members and hope that someone with coding skills and spare time is hit.”(2) This is the inevitable consequence of a “development team” that neither competently and consistently develops and which does not in any way operate as a team except to “check up” on each other’s work. If an outsider were to ask who heads the “development” of the mod, they would be replied to with blank stares, followed by xenophobic outbursts in which they become denounced as “evil,” as “puppets of the Empires League,” or some other bogus accusation.

The stagnation of the mod and its community are completely obvious to all. Not even the Deeists can deny this, but instead blame real-life issues. This, however, is not credible, as the work of the early developers of the mod, some of whom worked in jobs far more arduous and serious than present “developers,” clearly shows. The claim that the “developers” are busy also sounds especially hollow when almost a year has gone by since “lead developer” Trickster, who now seems hesitant to retain this title due to his own admitted lack of ability to lead,(3) said that, “Many of our coders have been busy with RL stuff and there’s a lot to get done.”(4) It is obvious to all that the Empires Mod is stagnant and that this is the fault of the Deeist clique, which throughout 2006 and onwards has worked to remove countless contributors and would-be contributors from the community. The most notable example of the latter being Cahemdue, who “King” Empty and Co. forced out in 2010. Meanwhile Trickster and others proclaim that it does not matter if the mod grows or shrinks, merely so long as he himself can get a “good game” going. Scouto, a long-time Empires player, has said of Empires, “I moved on when I realized the dev team will never update.”

These things among many others clearly confirm the words of Mr D that “stagnation helps the Deeist clique, since by engaging in genuine, cyclical development and by promoting the health of the community the Deeists would be directly threatening their own position, both because the Deeists are incapable of such genuine development and because the Deeists both consist and rely on degenerate and uncontributive users to maintain their rule.”(5) Time is confirming this fact still further.

(1) “Empires forum has always been a troll lair,” post #1.

(2) “Marcin,” post #12.

(3) A real-life friend of his, Slade, has always said that “Trickster is not a thinker,” that he is, essentially, an angry man incapable of handling complex matters.

(4) “Next Steam update?” post #2.

(5) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 28.

The 25th Birthday of Jkun

By D. Kruse, March 31, 2012

Today is the 25th birthday of Jkun, the great defender of the Empires Mod and the security of its forum, the valiant upholder of good standards in the Blackhole, and the earliest foe of Dee and her clique. In the years 2004 and 2005 Jkun played a leading role in setting up the rules of the Empires Forum, in setting up the Ban Hammer Manor which successfully fought Sgt. Mike, psyl0cibe and other reactionaries and agents of Deeism, in working to protect the Blackhole from the odious mediocrity and 4Channers aligned with and encouraged by Dee. Besides all this noble work, Jkun was a fundamentally good person. His attitude towards the clans of the mod, the content of posts, on the issue of combating furries and other uncontributive and mentally deranged elements, and so on, all express the views of a learned user who truly cared for the development of the mod and the well-being of its whole community.

Alongside Jkun were many veterans of the mod. “I had the pleasure of working closely with Jkun in the years 2005 and 2006,” Mr D has said, “when he introduced me to the situation then at hand, which in many ways is similar to the situation of today.”(1) But there was also Jimather, The Buttery Lobster, mr_quackums, Regulus, Artemas, Slithzerikai, knighttemplar, and various others who are truly veterans of the mod. Predator has recently talked of the “veterans” which went into a server recently, and what “veterans” are these, from what his screenshots tell us? w00kie? Lawliet? Jephir? Slade? Alucard? Deeist agents like OuNin and the Neo-Nazi furry Marshall Mash? This looks like a list of disruptive figures to ban from the mod and its forum, not a gathering of “veterans” who, in fact, are not veterans at all, and no matter what will never be remembered as such even five years from now, either.

The work of Jkun is fairly obscure in today’s day, not because of time, but because the Deeists do their best to ignore him and his contributions. Marxman made this clear when he wrote that, “He should never be forgotten, and those he influenced should never be thrown under the tanks of rage.”(2) The great Empires League and all the progressive and democratic-progressive users are united under the banner of Jkun, which is the banner of progress for the mod and the defeat of all degenerative, troll, and other unwelcome elements within the community, culminating in the glorious defeat of the hated Deeist clique.

And so, Jkun, we wish you a happy birthday, a birthday befitting of one of the great defenders and contributors to the Empires Mod.

(1) Mr D.Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 16.

(2) “Remembering Jkun,” post #1.


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