Bulletin #10

Empires’ “April Fools”: A Clear Sign of the Continued Stagnation of the Community

By Kuzkin, April 2, 2012

The unimaginative “April Fools” initiated by “King” Empty has demonstrated still further the stagnation of the mod and its community, but has also given important indications of certain aspects of both the rivalries within the sub-cliques of Deeism and the continued strength of the democratic movement of the Blackhole, led by the outstanding and learned Mr D, the great veteran of the mod and its foremost individuals.

Coinciding with an unprecedented low of 129 active users, “King” Empty’s post has no laughs whatsoever but, in fact, pokes fun at the stagnation of the mod and its community without, of course, adding any satire to this fact (because it would only target themselves), thus making it baseless, devoid of realist influence which would otherwise enliven it. Because it lacks both this and scientific content, it is but an ineffective attempt praised only by sycophants such as Kane-EMP, w00kie and others.

The users tire of all the politics in the community. The degenerate stands of Alucard, of Storm, of Chris0132 and others who wish to discuss politics and to turn the Empires Forum into a den of political discussions has been denounced by Mr D and all progressive users. Mr D has said many times that, “We stand resolutely against politics, role-playing and other deleterious activities.”(1) The story of “King” Empty (known in real life as Aidan Lee) requires some comment. Having been permanently banned twice for trolling, in January 2010 he proclaimed himself “King of the Blackhole,” barged into servers and demanded players “bow down” to him or else he would ban them, proceeded to inflict a spate of bans on over 30 users, and, as his friend Draps admitted, he enjoys “role-play,” as does Youzy and other adherents of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique. Many of those who know him have also noted his closeness with furries; his boyfriend at the University he goes to is a furry, he tutors various Facepunch furries who want to become “texture artists” like he. When he jokes that the unbanning of Mr D would entail a wave of “terror,” he is not wrong; terror on all those who are harming the mod and the Blackhole, terror on all those into degenerate politics, into furryism, into animé, into personalism; terror to all the trolls and anti-social forces who endorse the creation of bantustans and other acts which harm the whole community.

“King” Empty, however, has made this post primarily for one reason only, for he otherwise has admitted that he was not ordered to do it by anyone. He says: “The Black Hole [sic.] will still remain a kingdom under the rule of King Empty,”(2) which alone demonstrates the fact that he retains his “claims” over the Blackhole, which fully confirms what all democratic-progressive users have stated that “King” Empty will not give up this illegitimate title without a fight. He also does not fail to condemn Mootant, who belongs to the rival Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique within Deeism. This, too, makes still clearer the fact at hand that there are two sub-cliques within the overall Deeist clique, and that they are plotting against each other in times of “peace.”

“King” Empty is a paranoid personality, as evidenced by his threat in November 2010 to take Mr D to “court,” and his claim also that his family descends from a well-known Australian lawyer.

“Empty: i know where you live and what your name is
Mr D: If you will press charges
Mr D: I’m afraid I will have little choice but to contemplate
taking them head-on
Empty: if i press charges you’ll get fucking curbstomped
Empty: because you don’t have a case.
Mr D: Yes I do
Mr D: You harass us
Empty: continue and i will be taking legal action
Mr D: You read our PMs
Empty: i have your details
Empty: moojuice performed a certain backtracing protocol
Empty: when you initiated voice chat
Empty: and we got your location
Mr D: Let us hear it
Empty: and from that we worked out your details
Empty: good day sir.”(3)

So paranoid is “King” Empty that he freely admits to fearing the democratic movement. His delusions, his desire for “role-play” in the Blackhole, evidently spread into LARP-type activity, for he cannot distinguish real-life activity from his still-lingering desire to be “crowned” “King of the Blackhole.” The democratic movement of the Blackhole, and the progressive users mobilized through the Empires League, will never collaborate with the Deeist clique. Thus the very basis of the “joke” falls flat, just like any other 4Chan-inspired “joke” of “King” Empty, who has put himself in a pathetic position, hiding from the world, looking for traces of the “movement” at every corner. Meanwhile the users march forward as always in defense of the great Empires Mod, in defense of the glorious community.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 64.

(2) “Massive Forum Changes: Important Read,” post #1.

(3) Empires Intelligence Report #3 (May 1, 2011), p. 7.


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