Bulletin #11

The Deeists Promote False Growth in the Community for Their Interests

By Todg, April 4, 2012


The expected patch for the month of April is quite likely to give way to a delay in favor of the month of May, if not that then a further delay which demonstrates only the “greatness” of having a disorganized and leaderless “development” team, no matter what Trickster, Chris0132, or other idealists, mentally unbalanced and self-serving reactionaries claim. The anti-social character of Chris0132, of Mootant, and of various other “devs” can only naturally lead to them espousing such ridiculous positions as they espouse with impunity, knowing that in the end it is they who have power over the mod so long as the users themselves do not organize and mobilize in defend of the mod against the interests of the Deeist clique. Evidence of the pronounced stagnation of the whole community is increasingly obvious, no matter what claims the Deeists make, as their excuses and claims of being “busy” become increasingly hollow and, at any rate, demonstrate both their inability to continue “developing” and their inability to promote new “developers” who can actually contribute, for those who can have long since been banned or pushed out of the community, and those who remain and who have come in are distinguished only by their loyalty to the Deeist apparatus and nothing more.


The past year has seen the mod’s stagnation emerge as a logical consequence of the degenerative policies of the Deeist clique in all fields. To counteract this fact Trickster and Co. have always talked of “publicizing” the mod on their terms. In April 2011 Mr D conducted an interview for the Empires Mod with the website ModSentry, but the Deeists at once demanded it be taken down because “he who shall not be named” had initiated and carried it forward. The interviewer subsequently remarked that he had never seen any such hostility to any other interview he ever conducted. This alone would be ample enough proof to demonstrate the fact that the Deeist clique is interested only on its own power and own “defense” of the mod which implies a strengthening of said power. Already in February 2011 Mr D was noting the false “growth” promoted by the Deeists who in turn call on the users to carry out this form of artificial “growth,” pointing out that, “One extraordinary example can be seen in the case of Lovestory, who on February 10th called on me and others to ‘go to Viper server and if you can’t play then just sit in your game in there to make it look like we got more people.’”(1)


One of the biggest problems facing prospective new contributive users is that they are harassed into leaving the community. Despite the urging of Mr D for him to remain, Cahemdue, a modeler who offered his services in 2010, refused; he had been attacked by “King” Empty, by Trickster and other “developers” who saw him as a threat to their vested interests, and who had proceeded to harass him. Other users have also noted such harassing activities. Trickster has in fact encouraged such things in order to promote “growth.” He says “harassing people on steam, frequently, and personally (not events), is the only way to get a good attendance. And encouraging others to do the same.”(2) This is the way in which the mod apparently “grows,” by annoying and harassing others. Is it any wonder that the amount of active users is at an all-time low?


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. IV. 2011. p. 101.

(2) “Empires Vet Pug- Friday 30th March 21:00 BST/4pm EDT/1pm PDT,” post #60.


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