Bulletin #12

The Development of the Mod Requires a Good Community

By Macoud, April 8, 2012

Today is the first anniversary of the interview Mr D gave for the website ModSentry. This interview, which even the degenerate Deeist blizzerd called very good (while simultaneously agitating for its removal alongside “King” Empty, Trickster, and other leading Deeist personalities), laid clear in a particularly broad manner both an overview of the major events which have faced the Empires Mod and also the ingredients for the healthy development of the mod which, in fact, stems from the well-being of its community.

In the year 2010 the Deeist clique spent much time arguing that the community does not matter; that the forum is of no importance to the mod. This, as time and common sense itself demonstrated, was completely but also intentionally wrong, with these arguments designed to give credence to the stagnation of the community and the degenerative policies of Deeism. An example of the ridiculousness and opportunistic origins of this argument was in the claim of “Viscount” Grantrithor, a reliable Deeist agent, in September 2010 that the Empires Mod was going to “die” by the end of the year and that this “death” would be signified by the ending of the forum—while arguing that the forum didn’t matter at all! As Mr D said at that time, “In this case he has gone from saying that the forums have no influence into a situation where he contradicts himself.”(1) The lie of the “death” of Empires as propagated by Varbles, UKGamer, Grantrithor and others at that time was refuted by life itself, by the fact that the users united against the DDoS attacks launched later that same month and that, obviously, the forum did not cease existence at the end of December 2010, even though Trickster proclaimed that the aforementioned attacks had essentially “doomed” Empires to “death” by that time.

In the year 2011  Trickster instead presented himself as the “savior” of the mod, talking of how to “publicize” it, etc. While Trickster said many words, Mr D became the man of action. A veteran of the community for seven years and counting, Mr D was asked during the interview what tips he could provide for other mods and their developers. He replied that the community was important, that, “Some would say that, for instance, veterans being respectful to newcomers is important, and it is, but beyond that a community needs to have an active and receptive development team, a forum userbase which is contributive on its own and supportive of the mod, and a leadership in general which is able to correctly manage both development and the community in a way which minimizes conflict and promotes open discussion.”(2) This fact of life was aptly concluded at the interview’s end, when he noted, “whatever drama occurs in the community, whatever attempts to harm the development of the mod, the community itself maintains something special about it. Something that those in the know have sought to keep alive for the past six years. The individuals involved in the making of Empires and its perseverance have done so because of what they believe is a truly unique gaming experience, one reliant on skill rather than gimmicks. From its inception in September 2002 to present-day developments, the community has played a vital role because they themselves are convinced of the outstanding nature of the Empires Mod, and side with its continued existence after all these years. It is only severe dissensions within the community that can convince them otherwise.”(3)

The Deeists arbitrarily divide the community member from the so-called “developer,” who in fact gets his or her position by the “good graces” of the whole Deeist apparatus and specifically its two sub-cliques, that of Empty-Brutos and of Solokiller-Jcw87. A scientific analysis of the relationship between the community and the development of the mod cannot fail to take into account the role of the community in providing the main role not in developing the mod from its inception, for at that state the only issue is of a dedicated team of individuals whose original stamina and vision is enough to create progress on that front, but on carrying the mod onwards in contrast with other mods and communities, in making it stand out and continuously developing it as all around it grows and develops. If disproportions are created then the superstructure, which is the community, the clans, etc. atrophy, but the base (i.e. the mod) is also affected by the superstructure.(4) This is a basic fact made clear in theory and practice, and any scientific analysis of a mod’s development must take it into account. Unlike PatPeter, John Shandy, Axeman,  tand other pseudo-theorists in the service of Deeism, the consistent and scientific-materialist line of our efforts goes a long way towards ensuring an increasingly refined and ever more precise analysis of all objective phenomena, not based on spontaneity but on practice, not on the basis of idealism but on the basis of materialist dialectics.

Some opportunistic Deeists such as the furry PreDominance (Stephen Vernyi) and WalMartGreeter have at times admitted that the community at the present is infested with trolls and lamers of all types. Of course they both do not care for the mod despite anything they may say, for their own practices confirm in fact their apathetic and nihilistic positions. Thus the former calls Empires a “childish, dead mod”(5) while the latter has said that the mod “is full of anti-socials and aspies,”(6) never being particularly specific lest his backers get annoyed. In contrast with this degeneration and stagnation of the mod and its community, the Empires League has instead laid down practical solutions both short- and long-term in all fields relating to both spheres. The latter will, of course, require self-sacrifice, something possible only for those who genuinely care for the mod. The Bolsheviks under Lenin, for instance, were confronted with severe shortages of skilled labor, managers, etc., which, as Lenin noted, “the cultural level has not been raised, and therefore the bureaucrats are occupying their old positions. They can be forced to retreat only if the proletariat and the peasants are organised far more extensively than has been the case up to now, and only if  real  measures are taken to enlist the workers in government.”(7) Similar problems will face a renewed community freed from Deeism but not freed from years of its degenerate influences and their residue. A better community for a mod does not exist merely to provide more pleasant, fruitful and memorable discussions, but also to contribute to the mod at all times and to replenish the ranks of the development team as well. The severe shortage of personnel for the present team stems not only from the avowedly anti-organizational and anti-social positions of Trickster, Mootant, and other Deeist hetmen, but also from a community partly but noticeably filled by degenerative elements with no interest in the mod’s maintenance and well-being, and thus with no reason to assist it in any significant way.

But all along the way the progressive users of the whole community and the democratic-progressive users of the Blackhole will work solidly towards the continued betterment of the mod, will continue to defend it from the various threats which besiege it, and will always work to unmask the treachery of Deeism and its self-appointed “developers” and “moderators.” The tasks at hand are problems taken up for solutions, and will be achieved no matter how long it takes.

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(4) Enver Hoxha. Selected Works Vol. IV. 1982. p. 766.

(5) “Hard-Code Remove Maps,” post #7.

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(7) V.I. Lenin. Collected Works Vol. 29. 1974. p. 184.


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