Bulletin #13

On the Intensification of Stagnation Under the Deeist Clique

By Kuzkin, April 11, 2012


Every day the fact that the stagnation of the mod has its origins not with it being a “shit mod,” as Trickster would claim, or with simply being “dead” as something unrelated to the objective material conditions, but originates in the policies of the Deeist clique which harm the whole community in all fields, is becoming increasingly obvious to the entire userbase as they struggle for a concrete understanding of the tasks at hand and the way in which to move the Empires Mod and its community forward. It is an indisputable fact that the amount of active users today has dwindled to 127, a sign of the intensification of the stagnation of the whole community in all fields which must be analyzed on a scientific basis in all its totality.


When one examines the question of stagnation it is imperative that study be made also of the fact that stagnation does not merely cause short-term harm to a mod and its community, but long-term harm as well if this stagnation is allowed to intensify and become aggravated. The scientific analysis of Mr D, his critical methodology and grasp of materialist dialectics allowed him to produce a keen work of prestige and effort in October 2010, in which he correctly noted the two stages of Deeist “development” and concluded with a scientifically validated theoretical table in which a downward spiral was apparent in all fields so long as the Deeist conception of “development” was held onto. Mr D thus noted the need “to note the various pseudo-crises propounded by modern-day Deeism, but also to note the real; genuine crisis which the community will experience as a result of Deeism.”(1) It is from this scientific-materialist work that one can begin an exegesis of the whole work of the users and the present-day activities of those approximating closest to actual developers: the progressive users, united around the Empires League.


The contempt the Deeists hold for the users is evident. Although they seek to denigrate the Blackhole and spread the myth that it is nothing more than Empires’ “/b/” it is a fact that the whole userbase, not just the Blackhole, is held in contempt by them. The Deeist agent and sycophant for Trickster, Reznov, brushed off a suggestion on the grounds that “the average empires player is not able to read/understand and learn. . . [the suggestion is dead unless] the player base of empires actually starts to evolve fully functional senses and logic.”(2) Another thing which makes clear that the Deeists do not care for making the mod presentable to new users (despite their demagogy on this issue) is the fact that, as Viroman has pointed out, the website “looks shit tons worse then it originally did.”(3) The Deeists, as always, make the excuse of being “busy,” except when it comes to consolidating their positions, discussing the “future” of the mod as they work to split it between themselves, and in repressing the work of all those users who defend the mod and the whole community against degeneration and deterioration. The fact is that contributive users like Cahemdue are increasingly less likely to come about in a community that is constantly attacked and ridiculed as “dead” by the Deeists, and a vicious cycle therefore develops in which bad situations are aggravated and become worse in all fields. Only the Deeist clique can ultimately take the blame for these facts.


(1) Mr D. The Crisis-Mongerers and the Genuine Crisis. 2010. p.26.

(2) “deconstructing vehicles,” post #14.

(3) “Finally?” post #8.


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