Bulletin #14

The Deeist Clique: Harmful at Every Level

By Aly, April 13, 2012

Practice has confirmed throughout the past three years the clearly harmful effects the Deeist clique brings to the entire community at every level. The amount of active users is at 123, stagnation is an undeniable part of the community at the present and the words of the great Mr D are confirmed in every which way. Since the year 2008 the Empires Mod has been in a crisis of leadership, Deeism has spread its tentacles to every aspect of the mod and its community and has collectively demonstrated its disdain for both. The Deeists pick one Deeist or Deeist agent to replace another, they pretend that the “development” of the mod is proceeding on an a-okay basis, but the mod stagnates and the community is increasingly harmed as a result. The mentally ill Chris0132 calls the very idea of planning and organizing a development team ridiculous, and he is praised by the Deeists of which he is himself one. Otherwise well-intentioned persons such as Kylegar have become defeatists, subordinated entirely to Deeism and lacking scientific knowledge on anything. One can see the ridiculousness of the Deeist card game in regards to the “developers” in the fact that from 2009-2010 “devs” came and went: CoffeeBurrito and Kane the furry plotted to take control over the community, Trickster and blizzerd worked to lord over the entire mod, “King” Empty harmed many users’ abilities to play the mod with his FPS-killing particles, and so on. One need for example to look at the attempt in March 2010 to parade HeadShotMaster, “King” Empty and Keef as the “new men” in the Empires “development team.” Kylegar, wrong as is usual, proclaimed that HeadShotMaster “will do a great job, and Empires will benefit from it.”(1) And of those three, two faded into nothingness while “King” Empty continued to press his illegitimate “claims” on the Blackhole and continued to embark on the road of banning over 30 users.

During the November-December Rising of 2010, Mr D pointed out against Axeman, WalMartGreeter, Krazer, HeadShotMaster, Dubee, and all the other agents of Deeism that the struggle cannot become one against this or that personality, but against Deeism itself. He said that to struggle against Deeism “means not fetishizing personalities or condemning actual development, but exposing the whole Deeist apparatus and unchaining those things which hold back development and cause stagnation,  apathy and the deterioration of the mod and forum community. Such is the way in which the users can make gains.”(2) This analysis has stood the test of time and is in fact a clearly scientific approach to the question of struggling in all areas from the development of the mod to the bettering of its community. Deeism is not an isolated phenomenon which only harms development, but affects the entire community as well from the clans to the Blackhole and onwards. This understanding of Deeist phenomena is a great contribution made by Mr D to the all-around efforts at defeating Deeism and bringing the development of the mod back on track.

(1) “New Devs – HSM, Empty, Keef,” post #36.

(2) D. Kruse (ed). Mr D on the November-December Rising. 2010. p. 20.

Anonymous Empires Player on Recent Events

April 13, 2012

” I mostly stopped caring about Empires when I realized the devs are completely lazy. They can make as many updates as they want and everyone’s will be updated instantly because of steam, but they don’t. They s]pend about an hour in blender or hammer, make a model, and post a thread. And dozens flock to reply, wondering if this will be the month that they release the new version. Or better yet, use MS Paint to make some achievement icons that likely take less than a week to impliment  if you do it in your spare time. Here’s what happened: they had a pretty decently-sized playerbase last summer when the steam release came out, things were looking up; new people were constantly coming in, servers were full, and they never. Fucking. Updated. And it’s obvious that it’s not even a finished product; there are voicemenus for aircraft. This game has really, really shitty leadership. [As for claims that ‘King’ Empty is too busy,] he’s lying through his teeth, or he’s incredibly stupid if he’s studying so often that he can’t write a few lines of code.”


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