Bulletin #15

The Fall of RKB and the Prospects of the BSID Clan

By Macoud, April 15, 2012


Yesterday the Second Congress of the Brenodi Democratic Party, one of the two parties involved in the democratic movement of the Blackhole, took place on the occasion of the birthday of Cheomesh, its leader. At this congress the BDP resolved among other things to deepen the struggle against RKB, Thor, and Cpatton, to abide by the wise words of Mr D at the Second Congress of the Empires League that there must be a resolute struggle against the reactionary leaderships of the various clans of the mod, involving the clans’ rank-and-file in this endeavor. It was not coincidental that on this very day RKB fell from grace within the BSID Clan after some months of being considered its “leader” by the Neo-Nazi Thor and Co.


Throughout the years Mr D has noted the reactionary and Deeist-backed character of the leadership of the clans of the Empires Mod. Unlike certain agents and lackeys of Deeism who preach conciliation with these leaderships, Mr D has consistently struggled against these leaderships and in defense of the great Empires Mod and the whole status of its clans as a lively force for its betterment. The fall of RKB does not in any way solve the problems of the BSID Clan. RKB called at the beginning of February for BSID to detach itself entirely from the mod, which was bravely resisted by the work of the Empires League and much of the rank-and-file of the clan itself. Mr D laid clear the reactionary character of RKB and called for his downfall. But it is obvious that RKB became leader of BSID at the connivance of Thor, Cpatton and other leading Deeist reactionaries who must also be struck at. Not only is the fall of RKB not a period of illusions, but the continuance of his fall and “leaving” BSID is in no way guaranteed so long as the struggle against RKB is not turned into an all-around struggle against the influence of Deeism within the BSID Clan itself, waged on a scientific and materialist basis. Without struggling against Deeism within the clan, the rank-and-file cannot hope to see a renewed BSID Clan which, in the words of Duke Pending two years ago, has “only ever threatened the elistist snobbery by being happy and willing to go after it.”(1)


(1) Quoted in Mr D. Collected Works Vol. II. 2010. p. 48.


The Stagnation of the Mod Brings Further Harm

By Todg, April 15, 2012


The Deeist clique’s harmful anti-user policies, which manifest themselves in all fields and through various means and measures, do not merely harm the well-being and cultural level of the whole community, but are expressed in obvious examples of harm to the mod itself. As is known, dialectics shows us that quantitative changes bring qualitative change, and this is confirmed time and time again in the work of the mod and its community. Mr D has always stressed the importance of understanding the objective material conditions in a scientific-materialist manner, taking into account all objective phenomena in a non-emotional and clear-cut manner. “Our resoluteness, our consistency, and our firm commitment to the mod,” he says, “would not be sufficient if we did not also have a scientific understanding of phenomena, the ability to know what is objectively engendering progress and what is objectively harming its prospects, and the firm grounding in historical and dialectical materialism.”(1) This sublime, scientifically-based fact is a direct strike against the idealist conception of history and a brief but searing defense of a materialist conception of it. It is in these ways that we must understand the stagnation of the mod not just from the perspective of the harm it brings to the community, but in all spheres in which stagnation operates.


As the stagnation of the whole community continues and intensifies, as the userbase dwindles and becomes ever more prone to defeatist and capitulationist sentiments, the mod itself is harmed and its health made worse. The Deeist clique denies that it is harming the mod in any way, hypocritically parading about as its “savior” while willingly censoring and banning those who see through the lies. Mr D in particular is feared by the Deeists for his honesty, his integrity and his love for the mod, a love which has extended for seven years and which shall never extinguish. As is known, Mr D has worked as head of the great Empires League to publicize the mod, to activate its entire userbase in the service of it, and has undertaken scientific and meticulous studies of the present phenomena at work. The Deeists themselves admit that stagnation is turning the mod into a desert, for Trickster states that “no-one is playing Empires. . . until we get the patch out. Developmentwise, we’re at the stage where we just want to fix what we have and get the patch out, so we’re working on that now.”(2) In other words, “development” is being reduced by the Deeists’ own words into merely “fix[ing] what we have,” all the lies of 2010-2011 of aircraft, or of other features, being admitted ever more openly as intentionally unfulfilled promises to an increasingly disillusioned community. But this is not all. The Deeist agent and Trickster crony Jephir has called for removing Empires from Steamworks, arguing alongside various other Deeists that Valve “doesn’t care” about patches for Empires, whereas in fact the Empires Mod is led by a “development team” that neither develops nor operates in any way as a team. Thus the great fanfare of last year, of definitively linking Empires with Steam as something that not just Trickster but Grantrithor and other rogues clamored for which would supposedly “save” the Empires Mod. But Mr D and all forward-looking users debunked these claims; the release on Steam was hailed as a progressive achievement, but the Deeists do not deserve credit for this. It is the genuine developers, and the contributors who assist in the genuine development of the mod, who deserve and continue to deserve this credit alongside all progressive forces within the entire userbase.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 29.

(2) “Bsid I Challenge Uuuuu,” post #52.


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