Bulletin #16

The Deeist Clique Promotes Politics

By Macoud, April 17, 2012


Mr D when noting the activities of the Deeist clique and its personalist inclinations pointed out that, “How else can we explain the politics of the Deeist clique, which go against the words of. . . veteran users who built up this mod? The Deeists look down below and heap scorn upon the masses and those progressive, forward-thinking users whilst degenerating themselves.”(1) This is evident across the entire community as the Deeists promote furries, animé, role-playing, personalism, reactionary positions in general, and all of this produces politics and drama within the community. “King” Empty has admitted at times that he does what he does for “role-play” reasons, for degenerate reasons, as the veteran user Spooky noted in January that “King” Empty engages in shenanigans of this type. The animé-loving Deeist agent and Trickster ally Youzy has said that he himself “fucking loves” roleplaying. Look at the Empires Forum and you will see most of the active topics being taken up by politics. Under such conditions there is no surprise at all that the “active users” has declined to 121 and that the stagnation the community is facing is accelerating and deepening as the Deeists themselves dampen the resolve of the users and increase their repressive activities.


Mr D has stood at the forefront against politics, against drama and all that harms the glorious Empires Mod and its community. A veteran of the mod, he together with Jkun, Artemas, Slithzerikai, knighttemplar and other progressive users stood at the van of the defense of the mod and its community against malicious Deeist-backed trolls such as Sgt. Mike and psyl0cibe, against security threats to the forum and mod in general through the Ban Hammer Manor and other ways of defending the mod and its community. He has made clear that he opposes politics, as has the great Empires League which enjoys years of history. It is the Deeist clique which promotes politics, which has a “Butthole” subforum that seeks to denigrate the Blackhole and to promote purely political discussions. It is “King” Empty who bestows titles of “Prime Minister,” “Duke,” “Count,” “Lord,” “Viscount,” etc. on his agents and underlings. It is Chris0132, WalMartGreeter, Dubee and others who talk politics and who promote degeneracy in all fields. Led by scientific-materialist analysis, the League will always struggle consistently against politics, against furries, against animé and all other degenerative activities.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 19.


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