Bulletin #17

Some Words on the Progressive Users in Battle With Pseudo-Progressive Organizations

By Kuzkin, April 20, 2012


Since its establishment in January 2007, the Empires League has served as the sole organization representing the Empires Mod userbase and in organizing the users to better the mod and its whole community. Its moribund period in 2009-2010 however allowed for various pseudo-progressive organizations to spring up as its “successor” in an attempt by the Deeist clique to fool the users and to take control of the work of the progressive strata of the userbase. The struggle of the progressive and the democratic-progressive users against these pseudo-progressive organizations demonstrates the consistent line of both in the all-round struggle against the Deeist clique. Besides the so-called “Consortium,” which has been dealt with by Todg in his work on the November-December Rising, there are also the cases of the so-called “Empires Union” and “Viscount” Grantrithor’s “United Empires Players.”


The “Empires Union” was set up in December 2009 at a time when the community of the whole mod was experiencing doubts about its future. Certain elements within the Deeist clique proclaimed the mod “dead,” notably Marcin. Adding fuel to the Deeist fires were the defeatist sentiments of Kylegar and other vacillating and cowardly figures. This “Union” was set up by a section of “optimistic” Deeist agents led by Cpatton. The other founders of this “Union” were OuNin and PreDominance. From the start this “Union” worked with the Deeist agents Sk1nn3r and the Neo-Nazi Thor, who had already been working closely with Cpatton within the BSID Clan leadership. The public activities of the “Union” were of a ridiculous character. OuNin and PreDominance made various speeches of how the “Union” was the “new force” in Empires, how it would “save” Empires, and engaged in all talk but no action. It was not long before the whole userbase was united in condemnation of this “Union” and its anti-user stands. In reality its purpose was to boost the “prestige” of Cpatton as a “savior” of Empires while, covertly, to establish links with the democratic movement of the Blackhole and the progressive users in order to spy on them.


On January 3, 2010, Mr D issued a call for the entire userbase to unite against slanders of the Empires Mod being “dead.” With a keen scientific mind, he concluded his brief message as follows: “All democratic forces of the Blackhole will arise and proclaim their complete solidarity with the progressive forces of Empires. They will do this, and will win.”(1) Mr D did not call upon a self-proclaimed “organization” to “save” Empires, he did not call upon a “heroic” personality or God to grace their presence and achieve the “salvation” of Empires, but stressed as always the innate abilities of the great users of the mod, of the masses united towards progress. This popular call at once endangered the phony work of the “Union.” The progressive users spoke up in criticism of the activities of the “Union” and its hypocritical, self-serving leadership. Such users as SupRore and Gigar exposed the baseless nature of this “Union” and its policies. The words of Mr D resonated amongst the userbase and initiated the great Anti-Demagoguery Campaign, of which Kane the furry and “King” Empty arose in an attempt to quell it. The “Union” by contrast suffered a glorious defeat, its character as a den of Deeist agents uncovered for all the users to see.


In August that same year the so-called “United Empires Players” was established by “Viscount” Grantrithor, an agent of “King” Empty. It was unilaterally proclaimed on August 6. He proclaimed himself “Provisional Chairman” with a four-member “Provisional Standing Committee” comprised of the degenerate Fricken Hamster, the “pony” Beatandgo, the Deeist agent Shorik, and Jude Prudence, a furry whose friend is in trouble with the law over child pornography. Grantrithor’s symbol was that of the Nazi eagle.(2) The users denounced this organization as one of politics and degeneracy, as one which aimed to subvert the struggle of the users. Mr D and the democratic movement of the Blackhole also attacked it. It soon came to an end, having not even gotten off the ground due to the just resistance of the users. After this Grantrithor sided during the month with John Shandy, an opportunist and ally of the Deeist Brutos.


The Deeist clique attempts to create artificial organizations devoid of the support of the users. But the Empires League, with a history spanning five years, is an organization of the users themselves. You will not find attacks on the League by the users, you will not find any claims of it being a hollow organization, for in fact it is a glorious and mass-based one.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. I. 2010. p.32.

(2) “United Empires Players (UEP),” post #1.


The Stagnation of the Empires Mod Continues

By D. Kruse, April 21, 2012


The Deeist clique as of late has been gradually returning to the usage of Trickster’s popularity trickery as he sought to employ it throughout the early and middle months of the year 2011. The Deeists point to “release candidates” of this or that aspect of their “development” but strenuously work against an actual scientific or even non-scientific conception of development as is commonly understood by all rational persons. The all-time low of 120 active users has been “achieved” as a result of the “development” of the mod by the Deeist clique specifically in its active policy of degenerating and degrading the Empires Mod and its whole community through its anti-mod and anti-user actions. Marxman has pointed out his amazement that, despite all the Deeist clique has done against the mod, it still preserves on account of its unique concept and the uniqueness of its community despite the destruction wrought upon it by Deeism. Trickster has said that “I’m not playing anymore.”(1) “King” Empty, Brutos, Mootant and other “saviors” of the mod are nowhere to be found. The leading men of the Deeist clique are finding it increasingly difficult these days to even feign “care” for the mod though it has never ceased being intensely interested in crushing all progressive and democratic-progressive sentiments within the community. But the Empires League stays firm, unites the users and marches forward in defense of the great Empires Mod and its entire community.


(1) “Whoa,” post #6.


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