Bulletin #18

Against the Lie of Grantrithor

By Macoud, April 23, 2012

The slanderous accusations of Grantrithor that Mr D somehow “abolished the Empires League”(1) and that this fictitious event concocted by Grantrithor (much like his claim that the Empires Forum would cease existence at the end of December 2010) is responsible for the decline in the community demonstrates both the desperate attempts of the agents of Deeism to tar the great work of the League and the personality of Mr D, and at the same time showcase Grantrithor’s chronic inability to tell the truth. In fact the stagnation present within the community is the logical consequence of the anti-user and anti-mod policies of Deeism, of the degenerates and reactionaries who infest the mod and forum with their filth. All the “bronies,” the furries, animé-lovers, enthusiasts of politics, and other forces at odds with the interests of the whole community; these are all allies of the Deeist clique as well. Grantrithor (aka Santiago Gaston Bonada) is an Argentine-Canadian who admires Adolf Hitler and Nazi symbolism, has associated himself with “ponies,” and has played a role alongside various other Deeists in harming the Empires Mod and its community.

The Empires League has not only remained in existence continuously since its establishment in the year 2007, but in fact any claim of Mr D “abolishing” the League is patent nonsense. In the first place, it would be a decision of the Central Committee of the League, not one man. In the second place, the League has never been abolished and Mr D until recently was in no position to have it abolished, as he himself was until late 2011 not formally a member of the League. It is obvious that Grantrithor is, instead, annoyed that he was mentioned in a prior version of the Bulletin and is therefore seeking “revenge” in the most ridiculous manner his adolescent brain thinks possible. Mr D has called the work of the League that “which shall play a glorious role in the whole history of the Empires Mod community as that force which led the way in its defense and in educating the users with that which is necessary to promote the mod and its community’s well-being.”(2) It is obvious that Grantrithor’s words, then, are clearly without basis. But in fact what this does demonstrate is that, by cutting the mass of the users off from the veterans and other contributive users who are at odds with the Deeist clique and are unafraid to show their opposition to it, the Deeists are harming the community in all fields from the development of the mod to the maintenance of the community against degenerative forces.

(1) “Forum,” post #6.

(2) Mr D. Report to the Second Congress of the Empires League. 2012. p. 2.


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