Bulletin #19

The Clans of the Mod Remain Stagnant

By Aly, April 26, 2012


A result of years of Deeist-influenced degeneration within the community has been the perpetual stagnation of the clans of the Empires Mod, which in turn has had a negative effect on the community in multiple directions. The stagnation of the mod comes from various directions which have their origin in the anti-user activities of the Deeists in terms of “development” and its bastardization thereof, in terms of the role of the community and its well-being (or lack thereof under Deeism), and among other things the role of the clans of the mod as well. The stagnation of the clans of the mod cannot be solved without first ensuring their activization in the affairs of the community not through ultimately superficial “tournaments” and scrims, but through concrete work in linking the clans with the mod itself and turning them from reservoirs of degeneration and opportunism to reserves of advanced and learned players. This is done in the first place by doing away with the Deeist-backed leaderships of each of the clans. At the present the clans of the mod serve as in-and-out organizations barely worthy of the name. Their only activity is to once in a while host the aforementioned scrims and to bicker amongst themselves in ways which allows the voice of the rival sub-cliques of Deeism to come through rather than the voice of the users.


The state of the clans of the mod can be gauged by the lack of interest many supposed members have not only concerning the mod but also the clan itself, which naturally dissipates in terms of interest when suffering from both incompetent leadership and a lack of connection to the mod it supposedly represents. Interested clan members are not oblivious to the dire straits many of the clans face; Cookie Monster of BSID called the clan “dead as ever” on April 24. The fall of RKB has not, as the League noted, put an end to the problems facing the BSID Clan and has especially not resolved the fact that the Thor-Cpatton leadership is wholly reactionary and in the service of Deeism. The BSID Clan no longer has a man at the helm who wants to fully separate the clan from the mod, but now Thor and Cpatton and their friends within the clan want to “branch out” into other games, a demagogic maneuver which will merely open the door for total separation in the future, and which will in fact make the prospect of such severing of ties more “attractive” to those swayed by Deeist demagogy. The same anti-mod and anti-BSID policy pursued by RKB is therefore being pursued under a more gradual mask by the Neo-Nazi Thor and his friend Cpatton.


The stagnation of the mod and of the clans can only be solved through an all-around effort which links the interests of the whole userbase together in bettering all fields relating to the mod and its community. As Mr D has noted, there can be no struggle against Deeism within the clans without a struggle against the reactionary, Deeist-backed leaderships. The consistent struggle against these leaderships constitutes an outstanding task of the rank-and-file of each clan. Only through this can the main obstacle for the activization of the clans in the service of the mod be overcome.


The Deeist Clique Always Against the Users

By R. Dasgupta, April 29, 2011


Throughout the month of April the Deeist clique has had to fare with a number of developments which demonstrate its fundamentally anti-user and anti-mod nature to an ever greater number of users. Most indicative of the profound stagnation the entire community is facing is the fact that this month saw a historic low in terms of active users, but this is of course not all. This month saw the continuation of the Deeist policy of refusing to publicize the design document, it saw a broken promise by the Deeists, who are avowedly not organized and thus make a joke out of the words “development” and “team,” that the mod would see a patch release this month, it saw the continued attempts by the Deeists to degenerate the Blackhole through the so-called “Butthole” bantustan, and so on. Meanwhile the month of April saw the continuance of all that the Deeists have brought into the community: degenerate influences, stagnation, apathy, mental instability, etc. Thus the month of April has been one of consistent opposition to the users and their interests, just as the Deeists have always been in fundamental opposition to them since 2005.


Mr D noted in January 2011 that the Deeists will eventually seek to bring into the community “new blood” which will be made to service Deeism and that, “To do this they will have to co-opt those coming in and ensnare those who are more reluctant or cautious.” He further noted that the Deeists “thus hope to utilize the popularity trick in order to prop up their ailing clique,”(1) something the next month will see more of as the Deeists prepare to release a “patch,” if they can even accomplish this. Meanwhile, as Viroman has pointed out, “the community is the lake of acidic shit that converts or burns you.”(2) So long as the “new blood” within the community will continue to come from degenerative sources and so long as the amount of degenerates and reactionaries coming continue to serve as loyal footsoldiers of the Deeist clique, their policy of attacking the progressive and democratic-progressive users of the Empires Mod will continue. This clique itself is reliant on a degenerate base on which it can attempt to grow. Herein lies the basis of the fact that the Deeist clique will always be in fundamental and antagonistic contradiction to the interests of the users.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. IV. 2011. p. 79.

(2) “Fresh Meat Here!” post #3.


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