Bulletin #20

Conclusions to be Drawn from Mr D’s Speech to the Central Committee of the Empires League

By D. Kruse, May 1, 2012

Today Chairman Mr D delivered an important speech to all cadre of the League in the service of the entire community of the Empires Mod. In his speech he outlined the challenges facing this community in battle with the Deeist clique and against other negative phenomena which has arisen as a result of this clique’s consistently anti-user and anti-mod policies. The conclusions which can be drawn from this speech are as follows:

1. The cadre of the League must be more firmly schooled in materialist dialectics and in the scientific nature of the objective analysis of phenomena. They must work, also, to provide for others in a reciprocal manner study materials which elucidate both subjects.

2. The cadre of the League must work to publicize the mod to others and to do their best to cancel out the deleterious effects of years of Deeist domination over the Empires Mod which has produced profound stagnation within it in all fields. To publicize the mod means to get the word out, but not to everyone; to promote good-quality users and players and not to merely spam links or suchlike activities. The publicizing of the mod must proceed in a concrete manner befitting the mass-based work of the League.

3. A more profound analysis should be made of various facets of the whole community and works should be written (as time permits) on such subjects as culture, development and the rules of the forum.

By fulfilling these three calls the work of the Empires League will assume both greater clarity and will become ever more greatly linked in theory and practice with the work of the mass of the whole userbase.

The Anti-User Course of Deeism: A Consistent Course of Treachery

By Todg, May 3, 2012

Ever since the establishment of the Deeist clique in the year 2005, the policies it has pursued and is pursuing have consistently expressed a course at fundamental odds with the interests of the Empires Mod and its community. Since the beginning of its existence it has sought to consolidate its control at the expense of the mod and its whole community and has also sought to reinforce this control through the expansion of the ranks of those forces fundamentally at odds with having a good, contributive and prosperous community. This is because Deeism itself, as Mr D has noted, is a degenerate apparatus and ideology,”(1) it is inherently opposed to that which built the mod and its community up in the 2004-2006 period. The anti-user course of Deeism has expressed itself in various forms throughout the years, of which we can give some examples.

In the years 2005 and 2006 the progressive users mobilized under Jkun sought to end the malicious activities of Sgt. Mike and psyl0cibe, both racist allies of Dee and her cronies. Through their work, which was conducted alongside the vigilant activities of Jkun, Mr D and Slithzerikai, both men were unmasked and their attempts to sabotage the forum and the mod were kept in check despite the obstructionist policies of Dee. During this period and also during the year 2006 in which the forum suffered from a hacking attack, Dee played an active role in attacking those who stood for a defense of the forum from the dual problems of internal instability and the rising influx of degenerate and otherwise malicious figures. Dee opposed the move onto the present-day Empires Forum from the older, less secure temporary forum that replaced it. It was later rumored that Sgt. Mike, psyl0cibe, Ganks and other agents of Dee had hacked the old forum and caused it to be taken down.

In June 2009 Kane the furry along with PreDominance and blizzerd sought to incite a “furry uprising” in the community with the goal of assuming power for themselves. Despite this fact, Trickster, “King” Empty and other “developers” allowed Kane to gain access to important files relating to the Empires Mod. In March 2010 Kane promptly threatened the mod through his ownership of these files and at the same time also tried to initiate a coup once more with the aid of Coffeeburrito and others. This, too, failed; this time the users played a decisive role under the influence of the progressive and democratic-progressive organizations, refusing to give their support to this personalist intrigant. To this day Kane the furry and “King” Empty “get along fine,” according to Trickster;(2) something true of his relations with most other Deeists as well.

In September 2010 DDoSers who came had settled into the community with the encouragement of WalMartGreeter and Solokiller presented a clear danger to the Empires Mod. Despite this Trickster and others not only refused to upgrade the forum interface by arguing that they supposedly can’t be bothered, but no action has been done against those backers of the DDoS attacks due to their extensive links with Deeism and, in the specific case of WMG, the “ponies.”

Time and time again the Deeist clique has betrayed the interests of the users. Many more examples can be given.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. IV. 2011. p. 76.

(2) Quoted in Mr D. Miscellany Vol. I. 2011. p. 480.

Deeist-Initiated Stagnation Harms the Entire Community

By R. Dasgupta, May 6, 2012

The base anti-user policies of the Deeist clique have produced in the past year an obvious policy of enforced stagnation which has its origins both in the rising degeneracy within the community, which is allowed to run rampant with the approval of this clique, and also in the increasingly bastardized conception of “developed” as forwarded by these Deeists, which seeks to distort on a lasting basis what genuine development of the mod actually entails. The prolonged and deepening stagnation within the community, if it is allowed to continue unabated, cannot fail to produce lasting effects harmful to the entire community and, therefore, to the development of the mod itself. Not only within the ranks of the progressive users, but also even in the ranks of the Deeists and their sympathizers, one can witness the growth of defeatist sentiments which in the former case are checked through carrying forward a scientific-materialist analysis of the situation at hand, but which in the case of the latter can produce harmful phenomena on account of the overall troll-friendly and malicious nature of “bored” Deeists.

It is clear that many users consider the mod to be stagnant despite the denials of this fact by Trickster and other leading Deeists. To give some examples, on May 1 the degenerate Alucard calls the mod “dead,” whereas Guns and Wham-O said on February 19 that, “No one hardly plays Empires.” Youzy, a Deeist and animé lover like Alucard, said on April 5 that he’s “pretty much quitted playing [Empires],” and so on. The stagnation of the mod and its community also has an effect on its quality. Whereas in 2005 and 2006 good users were generally kicked out of the community by Deeism, today certain contributive users are entertaining defeatist sentiments as a result of the anti-user policies of the Deeist clique. As Mr D has pointed out however, “When one commits to something they cannot rely on mere faith, but on certainty; on the scientific-materialist methodology which makes clear the future trends and developments, which makes it absurd, in effect, to adopt a defeatist position in the first place. And it is here that the origin of defeatism amongst genuinely committed individuals is to be found.”(1) Through the policies of Deeism the users are being clearly harmed in all the ways the Deeists themselves can contemplate.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 119.

Who Defends the Empires Mod?

By Kuzkin, May 9, 2012

The hypocritical claims of the Deeist clique, its unending and sociopathic contempt for the truth, that it is the only force capable of “defending” the Empires Mod is shown to be increasingly baseless by the facts at hand within the community and in the “development” (under Deeist misdirection) of the mod itself. From the evident lack of concern about the pronounced stagnation affecting the mod and the whole community which is only occasionally met with excuses on the part of this clique that its members are too “busy” to “develop” a mod in which they avowedly oppose organizing themselves to actually work on, to the growing acceptance of degenerate trends such as politics, animé, racism, furries, and other negative phenomena, the Deeists quickly demonstrate their anti-user and anti-mod positions despite the demagogic claims they put forward. Thus on May 5 Foxy, one of the various furries who “King” Empty associates with and who in the year 2010 playeda role of an agent in “King” Empty’s work against the democratic movement of the Blackhole, proclaimed that he “doesn’t care about Empires.” On December 27, 2011 “Viscount” Grantrithor, in a conversation with Mr D, noted that Trickster along with all the other “developers” was doing “dick all” and that Trickster in particular “gave up on this game.” On May 8 the Empires Forum reached a new low of 118 “active” users.

The continued stagnation of the whole community under this misdirection contrasts quite openly with the successful policies of a genuine development team as the mod enjoyed in the 2004-2006 period, a period which knew no crises in this team, which knew no “dramatic” splits, no sociopathic intrigue or other effects which came into being with the conquest of power by Deeism over the entire community and the mod itself. Mr D and the Empires League lead the way in providing the community with a genuine defense against negative forces from the aforementioned degenerates to the would-be DDoSers, mod-splitters and others who clearly express their contempt for the mod in deeds. Among other things the League has worked to publicize the design document, has discussed the subject with veteran developers who have confirmed that such a document can be made public, but which the Deeists do not want to do and have explicitly refused to do until very recently, in which case they expressed “interest” in it and then worked to let the matter rest without conclusion. The reason in part was obvious, as was expressed by Chris0132, that any organization of a team of “developers” would be contrary to Deeism and to his own Aspergers-influenced worldview, one which compares Haitians to iPhones and other such things.

What “development” can the Deeists speak of when they themselves admit that barely anything is done? What sort of “progress” is in store for those users who daily witness the continued stagnation and deterioration of the whole community under the “good graces” of the Deeist clique? Angry Hillbilly of the EPIC Clan stated on April 28 that the “development team” was “possibly the slowest dev team (and most squabbliely [sic.]) one ive witnessed.” What “merits” do the present crop of “developers” have when by Trickster’s admission he deserves credit for nothing, when Marcin formerly called the mod “buggy” and “dead,” when “King” Empty routinely attacks the entire community as comprised of “retards,” and so on? The Empires League will work to truly further the mod, and will do so until Deeism itself as an organized anti-user force is no more. The actions of this League strive to consistently defend the mod and community, no matter the risks.


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