Bulletin #21

The Deeist Clique Cares Only for Itself Against the Interests of the Empires Mod

By Todg, May 11, 2012


Due to the pronounced stagnation induced by the Deeist clique against the Empires Mod and its community, the Deeists have sought to justify their inactivity through all sorts of “arguments” to the effect that they are “too busy,” that they are “understaffed,” that they are “preoccupied” with “fighting Mr D,” etc. Meanwhile the Empires League is working actively to publicize the mod on the basis of the May 1 call of its Central Committee in a way which seeks to bring concrete results, not temporary and demagogic “results” whose luster lasts for a few days and is promptly forgotten in favor of increased stagnationism, as the popularity trick of Trickster and his cohorts focuses on. It is clear that the Deeist clique cares only for itself, for its degenerate allies who roam around the entire community and do with it as they like, freely bending the long-since emasculated rules of the Empires Forum with the approval of Deeism. The obvious negligence which the Deeist clique fosters not only has its roots in the fact that they are avowedly against organization, against coordination and teamwork in “developing” the mod as they are doing, but from the fact that in private many are frankly opposed to the mod, regard its community as composed of “cunts” who evidently reject the principle of droits de cul so enamored by leading Deeists and their degenerate “theorists.” The Deeists openly attack all users who stand against furries, against animé and against all other forces which harm the whole community by degrading its quality and producing drama.


The anti-mod and anti-user course of the Deeist clique is evident in all directions no matter where one looks. Under Deeist direction the clans of the mod, the Empires Wiki, the security of the forum and its software, the reputation of the mod itself and especially of its community, etc. all demonstrate only the carelessness of Deeism. In the case of the Empires Wiki, for instance, the reactionary Deeist agent ImSpartacus called it “garbage” and also called for its removal, adding that, “Maybe it will accelerate Empires’ death? Euthanasia is ethical.”(1) He was not at all rebuked by the Deeists for saying these words. On the contrary, such words are common discourse amongst many Deeists who express in words their “support” for the mod but in deeds harm it and its community. The stagnation evident within this community and the continued decline in the amount of active users, contrary to the ridiculous and opportunistic assertions of Grantrithor, Trickster, and others that the “forums do not matter,” clearly have an impact so long as the Empires Forum and Empires Mod are located on the same planet. Thus in a community where the active users on the forum are below 120, the Deeist agent Candles reports that, “Past few days, the servers have been mostly empty.”(2) In a community where the Deeists boast openly of the total and completely intentional lack of an organized “development team,” it is not surprising for the genuinely contributive individuals forced to endure this peculiar “teamwork” to note how things really stand. “I am the only developer,” the democratic-progressive user Viroman has said. When the Black Mesa: Source team, working on a project aiming towards professional quality, can achieve genuine development with 14 “core” members in all sorts of matters of varying importance, mathematics would show that the Empires Mod “development team,” if it were not constrained by Deeist incompetence and idiocy, could make much more progress under its present conditions with even fewer hands.


Time has demonstrated the fact that the Deeist clique is against the interests of the mod and the users who defend and carry forward this mod. When in April 2011 Mr D stepped forward, as he did in the years 2005 and 2006, and worked to publicize the mod by being interviewed on the website ModSentry, the Deeists attacked him not because of the quality of the interview, but because it was Mr D who gave it. The degenerate Deeist blizzerd in fact called it a “very good article,” but was open about the fact that he, too, harassed the ModSentry staff and sought to remove the article alongside the work of Trickster, “King” Empty and others who demonstrate their skill in intentionally undermining the mod as against actually strengthening and developing it. As Mr D has said at the time, “The fear Deeism has for our democratic movement has been amply demonstrated in the past, with one recent example being seen in the shameful activity of the Deeists and their supporters against ModSentry and against attempts by our movement to promote the Empires Mod.”(3)


(1) “New wiki,” post #24.

(2) “Pug Saturday 12th May 20:00 BST/3pm EDT/12am PDT,” post #16.

(3) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 37.


Mr D and knighttemplar in Defense of the Culture of the Empires Mod

By Kuzkin, May 12, 2012


Ever since the beginning of his presence in the Empires Mod community in October 2005, Mr D has always worked on an arduous and self-sacrificing basis to defend the culture of the Empires Mod against not only degenerative influences, but where possible the effects of time itself. A man of defined knowledge and know-how, Mr D has waged a continuous and practical struggle in all fields for the propagation of that which is good and the disposal of that which is harmful within the whole community. This process, which demands rigorous scientific methodology, could be seen in an early form in his efforts to preserve a cherished document of lasting importance to the whole community. On this day, 6 years ago, Mr D brought out from certain destruction “A n00b’s Guide to Empires,” originally posted by Daman, a supporter of progress in the community and a sympathizer of the democratic movement of the Blackhole. This work, which even today retains a clear timeliness and has definite humor, was not safe even from the certain destruction which it would have suffered from as a result of the movement from the old forum to the new at the time. Only minutes after posting it Solokiller slanderously declared, “You have just violated copyright laws.”(1) whereas Mr D was defended by veteran users such as AlexCA117, The Buttery Lobster, knighttemplar and others who on IRC and through other mediums of communication thanked Mr D for posting it. Mr D himself refuted the claims of Solokiller who was speaking, as all Deeists were, against all that was good within the community.


Through this act Mr D made a lasting contribution to the continued cultural vibrancy of the Empires Mod community, though of course not one which alone could guard against the torrents of degeneration introduced by the Deeist clique. The Empires League sought to reinforce the work of Mr D in this respect. In order to ensure that the Deeists would not delete the topic as they deleted many of Mr D’s topics and posts (along with the topics and posts of many other users), knighttemplar, a co-founder of the League, put the satirical article on the Empires Wiki on August 3, 2007. By doing this knighttemplar also demonstrated the value of the Wiki as a reservoir of the best cultural artifacts of the whole community. Just as knighttemplar worked to further this community in all directions, Mr D today continues the work of all the progressive and democratic-progressive users of the past alongside the cadre of the League and all progressive users struggling today to better the mod and its entire community, to resolutely expose the Deeist clique and its fundamentally anti-user and anti-mod nature.


(1) “A n00b’s Guide to Empires,” post #3.


Stagnation in the Service of Deeism and Degeneration

By Aly, May 14, 2012


The establishment of the Deeist clique in the year 2005, its work to take over the Blackhole and from this the entire community in the years 2006-2007, the influx of degenerate and in fact alien standards within the community through the allies of Deeism, from the furries, animé lovers, and other deleterious forces, have bore a poisonous fruit in the form of the continued stagnation of the mod and its community since the year 2011. The words of Mr D are being confirmed as every week passes; that “the policies of the Deeist clique are leading the mod and its community into deepening stagnation, into ever present signs of defeatism, into increasing degeneration, which the sub-cliques of Deeism are hoping to take advantage of in order to advance their own anti-mod and anti-user aims.”(1) This prescient analysis of the objective material conditions is not, however, “inevitable” as the “theorists” of Deeism like to pretend it is. In fact, the League is actively working to the best of its abilities in order to counter this state of affairs, despite the unfavorable circumstances combined with the repressive work of the Deeists and their henchmen against all progressive and forward-looking users. The nihilists amongst Deeism propagate the lie that Empires is “dead” or “dying,” while the apologists of Deeism say “it is a mod, it will die; all dies,” and use pseudo-philosophy to justify this point. Thus RampantAndroid calls what Mr D does in the service of the mod bad because, “Not only does he believe it, he is passionate about it.”(2) It is not for noting that CoffeeBurrito, an opportunist and lackey of the Deeists, said that RampantAndroid was one of the most schizophrenic figures he knew. But it is true that Mr D and all good users are passionate about the mod, its history, its community (or what is left of it after the decimation of its ranks by Deeism), and also its prospects and overall potential in the future.


The stagnation currently affecting the mod is clearly to the benefit of the Deeist clique and its allies no matter how much Trickster, “King” Empty, Brutos, Beerdude, Mootant and other leading Deeist figures try to deny it. But deny it they try, just as they attempt to prop up “independent-minded” figures such as John Shandy and Grantrithor, Axeman and WalMartGreeter, PatPeter and so on who are in the service of Deeism. Each of these opportunists advanced in some form or another the interests of individual Deeists against others. Thus John Shandy spoke out against “King” Empty in a way which was both superficial and in the service of Brutos, who was disinterested in wielding power against the interests of “King” Empty. Axeman and WalMartGreeter also voiced their opposition to “King” Empty, but as with Shandy their “criticism” was of a completely inoffensive and practically useless nature as they themselves sought to split the work of the users in the November-December Rising of 2010. Grantrithor, PatPeter, Dubee, dizzyone, Thor, Alucard and various others throughout the years have also sought to appear “defiant” at one time or another but are similarly in the service of Deeism. They sought to reduce all the problems in the community down to one figure, or even more ridiculously blamed the problems on “intolerance” and so forth. In the end they suggest things that could only bring further harm to the community, such as Shandy arguing that the rules of the forum were too strict rather than the opposite being the case, or Alucard, PreDominance and others at different times arguing in favor of animé and furries and for the propagation of both degenerate cultures against the interests of the whole community. Others, like PatPeter, advance politics and other degenerative “solutions” in the community while in private making common cause with the Deeists.


In the conditions of stagnation such figures find fertile breeding ground owing to the discontent of the userbase. Against such opportunism has been the Empires League which works alongside the democratic movement of the Blackhole. Unlike Shandy, PatPeter, and so on, both the League and the democratic movement have advanced nothing less than scientific materialism, a clear analysis of Deeism, its origins and its future, and has marched forward calling not for deposing this or that individual Deeist, but by striking directly at Deeism itself and all that supports it. At present the pronounced stagnation within the community allows the Deeists both to consolidate their positions in a climate of apathy, and at the same time to “save” the mod through an inflow of degenerate and otherwise uncontributive footsoldiers who will act in the service of Deeism because they owe their existence within the community to it.


(1) Mr D. Report to the Second Congress of the Empires League. 2012. p. 17.

(2) “What happened to the Black Hole?” post #155.


On the Anti-Mod Course of Deeism

By D. Kruse, May 17, 2012


In the past three months the anti-mod activities of the Deeist clique have manifested themselves in ways both new and old taking into account the growing dislike of the whole userbase with the pronounced stagnation and increasing degeneration of the whole community. The continued stagnation and its deepening demonstrate clearly that the Deeists are incapable of developing the mod and maintaining any community. The Deeist clique sees itself as an “elite” force which is incapable of sharing power with the hoi polloi who are said to be ignorant, idiotic masses incapable of the “glories” that these Deeists claim for themselves. They refuse to make the design document of the mod public even though Trickster admits that it isn’t followed “at all.”(1) But of course he will never allow the design document to be made public due to its inherently progressive nature. “King” Empty meanwhile moans about the whole community based on the bed in which he made and only reluctantly stays around to sleep in (or more accurately manipulate and roam around in at will with his lackeys) by stating that “average pubber is now retarded [sic.] autistic 10 year old.”(2) Mr D by contrast noted in January last year the origins of words such as these: “Brutos, seeking to justify the occupation of the Blackhole proper without immediately resorting to matters relating to our movement, said that there was a ‘crap overload,’ but even Grantrithor had pointed out at an earlier date that in 2006—as far as he could see—the Blackhole proper was a significantly better place, and that the attacks against our movement were concurrent with the degeneration of the Blackhole proper and the rise of ‘crap’ under Deeist tutelage.”(3) The occupation of the Blackhole proper in August 2010 was but the logical result of its degeneration under years of Deeist domination and the subsequent rise in the work of the democratic movement which brought and still brings today fear in the minds of all the Deeist reactionists.


The egocentric policies of the Deeists have manifested themselves throughout the years in the unwarranted self-importance many hold, in the sociopathic and sycophantic activities they engage in, in the degenerate, personalist, furry, animé and other pastimes of their choice, and so on. Just recently Trickster was informed that the Empires League is working to get an interview for the mod. His first question was who will interview him, something that gives the lie to his claim that ” I am not the lead developer”(4) and also demonstrates his inflated ego. It is the veterans of the mod, of its whole community who have struggled for years in its defense and for the good of both who shall work to conduct such interviews. To Trickster and the other so-called “developers” we say: develop the mod, get rid of the furries, the animé lovers, the enthusiasts of “lolicon” like Cpatton and Co., the Neo-Nazis and personalists, the mentally insane and the trolls, the “ponies” and the 4Channers, and so on and so forth. But step aside otherwise, for the users united and given leadership under the League shall handle this matter, not the incompetent Deeists. The anti-mod course of the Deeists, their obvious dislike of the whole community because it does not “accept” their deviancy, does not and will not intimidate the work of the progressive and democratic-progressive users in their valiant efforts to secure a better future for both the mod and its userbase in the struggle against Deeism and all other forms of reaction.


As Mr D has said, “it is the users who decide the affairs of the Empires Mod in the end.”(5)


(1) “New Empires Design Document?” post #4.

(2) “Games during the week,” post #13.

(3) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. IV. 2011. p. 70.

(4) “Implementation of CMMI on Empires Development,” post #7.

(5) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 30.


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