Bulletin #22

The Deeist Clique Inspires Only Defeatism and Degeneracy

By Aly, May 19, 2012

The establishment of the Deeist clique in the year 2005 signaled to all conscious users the emergence of degeneracy as an organized force in opposition to the Empires Mod and its whole community. The words of Mr D that it is the masses who make history is completely distorted by the Deeists who posit that it is instead the “learned” men, the white men, the personalists, or any other “elite” grouping. Thus the Neo-Nazi furry Marshall Mash proclaimed that, “The past century will be known as the collective suicide of the white race,”(1) while during the London riots Trickster expressed his bigotry against the Irish.(2) At the time of the Haitian earthquake Chris0132 declared that ” people who get their phone stolen can feel just as genuinely miserable as someone who is on the verge of starving to death,”(3) and it does not matter that his words go directly against any scientific analysis of psychology, of pain or of other things, for Chris0132 declares that all truth is relative, that Nietzsche, Cecil Rhodes and others are role-models. As a “theorist” of Deeism he declared to the delight of its leading figures that, “Only admins get to say whether mods are doing right or wrong because only admins can do anything about it.”(4) Like other Deeists who say in words that they are against politics but in practice flaunt it openly, Chris0132 used this logic on the basis of his own personal worldview, which also defended Apartheid and the Holocaust on the grounds that the white supremacists and Nazis had the “power” and to go against it would violate that power, introduce the tyranny of the hoi polloi against the “libertarianism” of “natural life,” and other idiotic pseudo-philosophical rantings. Sprayer, too, is a racist, proclaiming the long-since discredited notion that blacks are “more agile” but “less intelligent,” etc.

The Deeist Clique is openly against the interests of the mod; leading “developers” openly state that they care not for it, but only for the “glory,” such as Mootant who sees it as a stepping stone to a better résumé. Mr. Turtle, a friend of Trickster, said yesterday in a conversation that he “don’t give a fuck” about Empires, while the degenerate animé lover Alucard said that “most of us accept that empires is dying.” But more indicative of the anti-mod course of Deeism is the formation of the “Empires is Dead” group founded on March 13 but only recently picking up steam. Within this group are a classical assortment of Deeist agents such as Paradox, Axeman, Youzy, Grantrithor, Hobbes, Candles, PatPeter, and so on, along with miscellaneous reactionaries and degenerates such as mrPolak, Spike, Beatandgo, Reznov, etc. Devourawr, another member, declared in this group: “Save us Mootant Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.” Such a decadent grouping is clearly calling for the “death” of Empires, not for its renewal and an end to the pronounced stagnation facing this mod and its whole community as a result of the anti-user and anti-mod policies of Deeism. At the present the Deeist clique’s “solutions” have been absolutely none at all, inspiring only defeatism and degeneracy in this community along with new plots to split the mod and the whole community, to pit one user against the other in such ways as to ensure the continued domination of Deeism over both and to still further strengthen the power of one sub-clique within Deeism against the other.

(1) “Right so… Texas…” post #66.

(2) “londons burning,” post #21.

(3) “Haiti,” post #65.

(4) “We may as well just hash it out, once and for all.” post #14.

The Deeist Sub-Cliques Seek to Split the Mod Once More

By Kuzkin, May 21, 2012

The founding of the “Empires is Dead” Steam group, the continued stagnation of the whole community along with the mod itself, and the intensification of Deeist opposition to all the progressive and democratic-progressive forces capable of bettering both the community and the mod demonstrate more than ever the anti-user and anti-mod policy of the degenerate Deeist clique and its reactionary pretensions over both. Throughout the year 2011 the sub-cliques of Deeism, that is to say the Empty-Brutos sub-clique and the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique with Trickster and Mootant respectively representing leading figures, plotted to split the mod between themselves, Trickster with his “Dies Iræ” and Mootant with his own plans. At this same time TheLiberalElitist and others also sought to “save” Empires on their own terms and worked to split the mod as well either out of misguided yet good intentions or out of demagoguery. Today efforts have grown to split the mod and its whole community as false claims regarding the “death” of Empires are fanning up once more. In July 2011 Mr D pointed out that, “The coming crisis in Empires, it must be said, will not and can not spell the ‘death’ of Empires. In January last year I spoke out in defense of the mod against those who proclaimed that it was ‘dead,’ and our democratic movement—then just getting out of three years of stagnation under Constitutionalist renegadism—worked to mobilize all progressive and democratic-progressive users in the community to defend the vitality of the Empires Mod and to continue defending its community.”(1) Today that mobilization process is ongoing, being countered only by the savage repression of the Deeists who seek only the continued stagnation of the mod and its community for their own ends.

The “Empires is Dead” group has within it many figures who openly speak in favor of splitting the mod. Indeed, the “Baron” Evil-Satan along with Kane the furry who both sought to split the mod in 2011 and 2010 respectively are members of this group. Of course the Deeists have always feigned “support” for the mod, such as the case of Chris0132, a leading “theoretician” of the Deeist clique who in July 2009 stated “nobody plays [Empires], we all just troll the forums all day and we killed the dev team ages ago and stuffed their bodies in the server room.”(2) Trickster, when asked by Predator why he did not condemn the “Empires is Dead” group, said that he doesn’t care enough about the mod to do so. At the present eth0 is presenting himself as the foremost “savior” of the mod by proclaiming an “Empires II” with himself at the head. He says that “Empires deserves a better engine with a more responsive dev team working *for* the community,” claims which are purely demagogic when not given actual content behind them. In fact experience demonstrates that it is not the self-proclaimed “geniuses” who are advancing the mod today but as the reactionary Deeist agent Deiform admitted in April 2010 “it’s actually the unnamed people that have carried the mod.”(3)

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 108.

(2) “How active?” post #2.

(3) “Whats the reason to make comments insinuating the devs do nothing?” post #2.

The Culture of the Empires Mod Released

May 22, 2012

The work by Macoud, The Culture of the Empires Mod, has been released and can be accessed at the Works section of the Empires League website. In this work Macoud lays out in a clear manner not only the origins of the culture of the mod and its whole community but also particular subjects, from literature to the case of the Blackhole along with analyzing how the whole culture of the mod and community has developed over time in contrast to the distorted claims of the Deeist clique and its apologists. The Central Committee of the Empires League judges this to be an exceptional work which advances our collective knowledge about the mod and the community around it.

Three Men Speak About the Empires Mod

By D Kruse, May 22, 2012

As the Deeist clique continues to harm the mod and its community in every conceivable direction various users and figures have been speaking their mind, with the former expressing sadness at the present state of things and the latter expressing their contempt for Empires. Three men have spoken at some length on the present situation the users find themselves in. The first is veteran user Futajow, who says that “i dont like what the devs have done, i dont really like the community anymore, lack of the old community, its dead to me. bring back the fun, stop tearing apart the community, too much politics. the game has so much potential, the community is small.  its mootant who said ‘in order to fix empires it needs to be broken first,’ so there it went, *breaks*. fuck man, ruin everything.” Upon realizing what was going on in regards to the “Empires is Dead” group and its function as a meeting-place of anti-mod forces, he promptly left it and continued, “communism [the reactionary figure] doesn’t play,” and he is a notable supporter of the “Empires is Dead” group. He also noted the importance of the Viper server in keeping the players of the game active despite the sabotage and DDoSing work of WalMartGreeter, Solokiller and the “ponies.” He concluded, “i wish you luck on your battle to make empires a better game/community.”

Princess Celestia, the degenerate leader of the “ponies” circling around the Empires Mod community and a friend of both Trickster and “King” Empty, was blunt. “I know for a fact 3 members of the staff are working on a new mod on a different engine, they really don’t care about the mod. It’s dead.” He also spoke of his trolling adventures. “We pissed off devourawr by ruining his summer tournament. Which was hilarious.” He continued on the subject of Viper, “When we trolled Vicky we made a program which launched hudnreds [sic.] of servers called ‘Vicky’s a kike’. A similar program with ‘Bring back the black hole’ would upset the powers that be. Empires servers are easy to ddos, all source engine games are. Why hate on Exiled Servers? I don’t care about empires, or whether or not it’s harmed. I took down vicky’s server because I thought it was entertaining. I ddos’d vicky because she was hilarious to annoy.” On the subject of both Trickster and “King” Empty, he considers them friends because “I consider myself friends with people who I watch my little pony with.” Near the end of the conversation he said that he was “busy discussing the ramifications of a pure white state in west africa” in his “Ponytime” TS with Axeman, “King” Empty’s friend PwnedYoAss, and others who he classified as “non-Empires guys.”

Finally FN198 discussed the situation at hand. “From a players perspective, it’s pretty lame. People aren’t very cooperative, or even knowledgeable about the basics of the game anymore. There aren’t many leaders and what leaders there are, are ineffective due to the lack of competent subordinates. Clans are all dead, there are no more clans. even the ones that still hold members no longer believe in the unity of their own clan. Groups such as the gentlemens’ club have emerged, scooping up all the players looking for scrims. These groups dont have any core anything, or shared values other than the desire to play empires,and because of this they’re weak, incohesive, and unreliable which ironically but accurately, mirrors the playerbase in general.”

Clearly a sign of a healthy community! And it was on May 20 that the number of active users reached an all-time low of 109.


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