Bulletin #23

The Release of the Empires Design Document: A Great Event for the Mod and Its Players

By D. Kruse, May 24, 2012


In the month of February this year the progressive and democratic-progressive users mobilized under the mass-based work of the Empires League advanced the call for the publicizing of the original design document of the mod which was written in September 2004. In February last year Mr D noted that “the failure of the Deeists to creatively apply the [design] document towards the progress of the mod, and instead they condemn it.”(1) Such was proven to be the case this year as well, with Trickster avowedly admitting that it “isn’t followed at all” and that the Deeist “developers” “just do shit as it comes up.”(2) The mentally unstable Chris0132 and other “theoretical” apologists of Deeism sided with him. In contrast to this Mr D noted that the design document fundamentally differs from the anarchic non-development practiced by this self-serving clique. Accordingly the move to publicize the design document was taken with Mr D at the head of efforts. Viroman, A-z-K, Predator and others sided with this call and the defense of the old document from obliteration at the neglectful hands of Deeism. In 2010 and 2011 the Deeists had declared the document “private” and showed it only to each other but it became apparent that this was not a valid claim to make nor could the Deeists afford to make it.


On May 22 Viroman made a post after two months of footdragging by the Deeists which brought the issue out to the fore once more. Trickster who had feigned an intention to release the document in February was now forced to do so. It was released today to popular acclaim, and as a document it is both well-written and contains a clear message: “I believe the most important aspect of Empires development is of its planning.”(3) Many users were surprised that what was envisioned was not implemented owing to years of neglect and a proud adherence to disorganization by the Deeist clique. Now this document which the Deeists have belittled has inspired the progressive and democratic-progressive users to carry on forward knowing that their course for the regeneration of the mod is correct and consistent with the traditions of its earliest developers.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. IV. 2011. p. 95.

(2) “New Empires Design Document?” post #4.

(3) Krenzo. Empires Design Document. 2004. p. 70.


The Anti-Mod and Anti-User Stands of Kylegar Are in Contradiction to the Facts at Hand

By R. Dasgupta, May 25, 2012

Throughout the seven years in which Deeism has existed it has always sought to justify its own existence through all sorts of apologetics, not only from leading Deeists but also from their degenerate allies and sycophants. The overriding task of the agents of Deeism has been to make it appear “normal,” everlasting and in fact fully justified. The “theories” of Jn., Chris0132, and various others have failed to do this, just as the “theories” of Kylegar who defends Deeism likewise fail to do so. It is necessary to expose Kylegar’s false claims which are openly peppered not merely with defeatism but also definite anti-mod and anti-user sentiments, as he himself has permanently banned a number of users who dared to defend the mod and its whole community from Deeist domination. He does this because he is on friendly terms with various Deeists, because his conception of “development” is equally bastardized with the conceptions of said Deeists, and because of his own anti-social nature which prohibits him from actively taking part in the affairs of the community.


Kylegar has always expressed openly defeatist sentiments. In a July 31, 2010 conversation with Mr D, for instance, he stated that “the mod will die” and was not vague, saying that, “I see less than a year of life in empires.”(1) In this same conversation he praised “King” Empty, which is not surprising as he alongside the “King” and Brutos occupied the Blackhole proper in August that year and proclaimed the “Snailhole”(2) as its degenerative replacement. It is obvious from his conversation with Mr D at the time that Kylegar had no ability at leading or developing anything. He berates others for not adopting arbitrary “quotas” set only by himself. He praises the “King” while admitting that he is a troll. He presented himself as an “independent” personality unconnected to the struggle between the progressive and democratic-progressive users on one side and the Deeist clique and its allies on the other. Since that time Mr D’s words have been fully confirmed, “Kylegar is not a man who can magically posit an existence outside of the main forces at work. He can vacillate if he wishes, but he cannot tear himself from them.”(3) Time has shown he has always firmly been in the ranks of the Deeists and his ridiculous views on mod “development” are nothing more than grist in the mill of the Deeist demagoguery machine.


Today Kylegar presents himself as a man who recognizes “unpleasant truths,” that the mod is “dead” and other falsities. To provide “proof” that the mod is “dead” he must resort to a strange “logic” which “proves” this “fact.” Today he says that, “I rarely visit the forums. Empires has been dead for the better part of a year, and no longer have any meaningful access to anything.”
He does not in any way see the community of a game as being relevant, and tells users who seek the betterment of the community only this: “Make a community before you make a game. That is exactly how it works. The games have had communities. You rarely see communities that have games, unless they were brought together by one game in particular.” Such are the “arguments” of Kylegar that the mod is not only “dead” but that the state of the community has nothing to do with this “deadness” (which is actually pronounced stagnation) and that it is only the game that matters, not who inhabits its servers and forum, its clans and IRC. Common sense would prove the falseness of this claim of Kylegar’s, as various users can attest to. Is it not a fact that the community is experiencing a wave of apathy and defeatism? As ScrewTheRulesIHaveScience points out, “The Devs arnt [sic.] really ‘playing’ the game and listening to the really good conversations we have in spectator sometimes. The community seems to like sitting in spec and chatting rather than playing the game.” It reminds one even of “Viscount” Grantrithor, for when the reactionary RampantAndroid took words by Mr D out of context to show that he “never played Empires” and made a post concerning this as a way to “refute” Mr D, Grantrithor replied, “that post can apply to many people here.”(4) This is clearly not the sign of a well-knit and energetic community, but one in the conditions of pronounced and indeed profound stagnation.


Kylegar’s words on the existence of communities are in direct contradiction to scientific-materialist analysis. Macoud in his recent work The Culture of the Empires Mod demonstrates that the community switched from a “reactive” one which simply sucked up whatever forces came in into an active one capable of developing on its own terms, which is a fact that stood for all to see until the onslaught of Deeism and its degenerative influences which were sanctioned in all fields by administrative and especially repressive measures. The only thing Kylegar’s words on the subject of the formation of communities around games demonstrate is that he never was a member of the community and was in fact hostile to it from the get-go. But this also serves a useful purpose for the Deeist clique, for Kylegar is also of the view that, because the community is essentially without worth or influence in the affairs of the development of the mod, that therefore Trickster’s words that anyone may join the “development” team no matter what are perfectly valid. Thus open racists and furries like Marshal Mash are just fine, trolls like “King” Empty who were permanently banned twice are likewise fine, and all this is indeed good so long as they “develop” in avowedly unplanned, uncoordinated, and individualistic directions and harm the entire community every step of the way. Thus let this “natural law” come to pass “though the whole world perish!”(5) Such is the inevitable logical conclusion of all the self-serving Deeist claims to dominate everything related to Empires, including its future.


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(5) Frederick Engels. The Housing Question. 1954. p. 42.


The Stagnation of the Whole Community: A Policy of the Deeist Clique to Split the Mod

By Aly, May 26, 2012

Throughout the past two years the Deeist clique and its henchmen have demonstrated their desire to see the splitting of the mod, from Trickster’s ambitions for the revival of his “Dies Iræ” project to Mootant’s plots, to the plots of eth0 and the plots of a number of other, less memorable figures over the years from Kane the furry to the “Baron” Evil-Satan and others. Marcin, who today poses as a “developer,” said of Empires in January 2010, “Just let it die already, no use beating a dead horse.”(1) Trickster has gone so far as to say to a newcomer that, “The game is not dead, but this most recent patch may be the final one.”(2) In other words, it is perhaps time to “move” Empires onto “greener pastures,” their seeds laid by the Empty-Brutos sub-clique with Trickster as a leading member. But in fact Trickster has said on previous occasions that he would not seek an “Empires II” but a mod coming entirely from his own mind, one in which the Empires community along with its Blackholian counterparts would not be welcome at all, and must assimilate or suffer the consequences. Staffing the entire “development team” with loyalists from the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of Deeism would go a long way, in Trickster’s mind, towards eliminating any alternative courses for the whole userbase. Stagnation is but one policy the Deeists use in their efforts to split the mod and its community.


The whole userbase suffers from such stagnation while the Deeist clique profits from it. When threats to the continued stagnation of the community arise the Deeists are quick to intervene. Thus the Viper Server is harassed, the Empires League and the democratic movement of the Blackhole are repressed, any forward-looking initiative is ignored or belittled, while the Deeists are in positions in which, at the present moment, stagnation within the community does not harm their own vested interests. Therefore even when the amount of active users reaches a new low of 107 and “Princess” Celestia declares that “Empires is getting redone in UDK” by would-be splitters of the mod, the adherents to the Empty-Brutos sub-clique know well that they have the keys to the mod and that, as far as they can see, they have no reason to worry about anything so long as they are fully in control and are prepared to jettison the mod for good in favor of their own mod which would guarantee total domination for their sub-clique. From the vantage point of this sub-clique it is entirely permissible to have the mod and its community stagnate and thus bring about a “stability” which exists only for the Deeists while the whole community suffers from rising degeneration and ever-rising apathetic attitudes. The rival sub-clique, that of Solokiller-Jcw87 whose most prominent member today is Mootant, also sees stagnation as advantageous because they reckon it will allow Mootant or someone else in their service to emerge as a “savior” of the mod from “death,” though Mootant’s profoundly anti-social views make this harder than usual.


(1) “Empires mod not dead yet!” post #5. Facepunch forum.

(2) “Empires mod dead?” post #3.


The Deeist Clique Allows Rumors of the “Death” of Empires to Spread

By Todg, May 28, 2012

As a result of the stagnation of the mod and its whole community, which has been ongoing since last year, many users have taken the view that the mod is not merely “dying” but even outright “dead.” The “Empires is Dead” Steam group, the words of Trickster and other leading Deeists who pose as “developers,” and the fact that the community is worsening under Deeist dictates serve as ample “proof” to misguided users as to this situation. The difference is in how the Deeists openly disregard the mod andcall for it to die. Guns and Wham-O, the founder of the “Empires is Dead” group, has said that, “Empiers [sic.] is like a yelping wounded puppy, we should do the humaine [sic.] thing and put it down.” This is to be differentiated from Codur of the MEG Clan who says that Empires is “dead” but regards it as a negative event, an event which transpired because of the irresponsibility of the “dev team.” Of course Empires is not dead but the Deeists make no effort to refute such claims, because they themselves either do not care or concur for self-serving and ulterior reasons. It does not help matters when Viroman, a democratic-progressive user at the forefront of the publicizing of the Empires Design Document, was ejected from the private development forum because of his views, having been removed from Trickster’s “friend list” on Steam months before because of his affiliations with progressive and democratic-progressive users. Of course this same private development forum is allowed to “enjoy” the likes of blizzerd who, in the official “dev” list, is defined as having “never really [been] a dev.”(1)


It is clear that the gross mismanagement of the mod and its whole community by the Deeist clique has allowed claims of the mod’s “death” to flow everywhere where the users are not conscious, while the efforts of the Empires League and the democratic movement of the Blackhole to reverse this situation are significantly affected by the unrelenting repressive activities of this clique. But the League is not afraid to continue its work, to continue also to publicize the mod itself and to carry on for the betterment of both mod and community. As Mr D has said, “The anti-user activities of the Deeists extend to all fields. As something essential for them to retain their hold on the community, they adopt at all times hostile postures against the democratic movement and the work of the progressive users, harassing them, intimidating them, etc.”(2) The struggle to reverse this trend can be crowned with success only through the mass-based efforts of the whole userbase united through the work of the League. The task of instilling scientific-materialist consciousness in the users is likewise a key task of the cadre of the League. It is our commitment to mass-based deeds as opposed to just words which makes the Deeist clique fear us.


(1) “Dev list,” post #1. Private developer forum.

(2) Mr D. Report to the Second Congress of the Empires League. 2012. p. 22.


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