Bulletin #25

The Deeist Clique Slanders the Work of Mr D

By Kuzkin, June 10, 2012

Ever since the year 2006, the Deeist clique has consistently sought to demonize the work of Mr D in all fields and to reverse the common image held of him in that year and in 2005. Since those two years, however, Mr D has played a great role in the defense of the Empires Mod and its whole community, not only in enriching it but also in genuinely defending it from malicious forces at work, forces which also enjoyed and continue to enjoy protection on the part of the Deeist clique. The glorious history of Mr D, his firm intellect, his resolute stands and high standards, his love for the whole community and his skills in various fields, have left an indelible impression on this community and have boosted him, through his own merits, as one of the foremost individuals within said community. The Deeist clique spreads the lie that the degenerate Deeist agent and politics enthusiast Candles is an “alt account” of Mr D, as the degenerate Paradox did when he said that Mr D made the “400,000th post,” which was a political post made by Candles.(1) But in fact Mr D has consistently spoken against politics, which is something in the realm of the Deeist clique and its disgusting behavior, its degenerate and anti-user, fascistic policies. To put it in short, the progressive and democratic-progressive users “stand resolutely against politics, role-playing and other deleterious activities.”(2)

Mr D is a popular user, a user whom many have looked at and read his works to understand what is to be done within the community. Great works have been written about Mr D, by the users and by respected members of the community. Even songs have been written about him by his friends and foes alike. Intellectual pursuits were valued highly in the community of 2005-2006, with Mr D at the head of such acts. The Buttery Lobster once questioned “what happened to the ‘Random Fact of the Day’” thread, noting, “Didn’t Mr D start that?”(3) Yes he did, but the Deeist clique sought to destroy without success all the glorious words of Mr D, his mass-based appeal, his popularity amongst the masses and his connection with them. Mr D’s knowledge of history, of scientific materialism, of dialectical and historical materialism are foremost in the whole community. Many have learned of Mr D’s views and his knowledge, have become amazed but have never been talked down to by Mr D, who said simply to read, to learn and to apply scientific-materialist methodology consistently in the service of mankind. This does not derive from metaphysics or sentimentalism, but from the concrete and objective material conditions, from a proper understanding of them from a correct angle.

In battle with the sociopaths, personalists, animé lovers, furries, and degenerates of all kinds which permeate the Deeist clique and the ranks of its agents, the Empires League and the democratic movement of the Blackhole with Mr D at the head are waging a glorious struggle for the defense of the mod and its entire community.  The work and deeds of Mr D give example not only of the greatness of the man himself but also of his forward-looking talents, his love of humanity, his firm hand and his opposition to opportunism of all kinds and hues. He represents in effect a total antithesis to the acts of the Deeists and to the entire edifice of Deeism itself. That the Deeists deem it necessary to create imposters of Mr D demonstrates only his enduring ideals, his enduring image and his everlasting glory which he has brought to the mod and its entire community, a community grateful for all that he has given it and will continue to give. The aim of the Deeist agent Candles is to equate his degeneracy, his unpopularity within the community, his lack of concern for the mod and the direction of this community, with the glorious work of Mr D and therefore to slander it by association. But they will never accomplish this task, for the work of Mr D is of a distinct quality, of a distinctive and unique style and of both great clarity and profoundness of depth. Neither Candles nor WalMartGreeter, nor any other peddler of the false claim of Mr D having an “alt account” on the Empires Forum or anywhere else will be taken seriously by the users.


(1) “The 400,000th post is near!” post #23.

(2) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 64.

(3) “Favourite Old Member :)” post #20.


The Stagnationist Policies of Deeism Against the Users

By D. Kruse, June 12, 2012

It’s often been asked whether the Deeist clique and its participants are intentionally stupid or honestly insane. How can one reconcile Mootant’s claim that one must “break” Empires first to “fix” it with any intelligent conception of game design especially in light of the fact that not even the Deeists deny concerning the “limitations” (imposed by Deeism) of the “development team”? “Viscount” Grantrithor pointed out with the rise of Marcin as a “developer” that, “Soon we can submit a statistic that clearly shows that Polish developers are unreliable and likely to do random things on their own.”(1) What sort of man is praised for his particles (as “King” Empty is) which as Lawliet has said is “the reason why Empires lags” even though there is clearly a pronounced stagnation of the entire community? The answer is clear: stagnationism is a benefit to the Deeist clique and its designs on the Empires Mod. It is of benefit to the Deeists that stagnation arise against activity and that mediocrity emerge against dynamic acts. Assisting the Deeists in their stagnation of the mod and its community are their allies and friends, such as Storm (known on the forum as Space Oddity) and the racist Sprayer, who once remarked “empiresdeadyet?” in relation to moves to publicize it.(2) It is obvious that the efforts of the Deeists to present minimal “development” for the mod are themselves failing to bear any fruit for the Deeists are avowedly against organizing the mod and its development and openly abhor the concept of actually planning and coordinating mod development. Thus it isn’t that most Deeists aren’t genuinely insane on some level and incapable of understanding reality in full, but that there is much cynicism involved, there is no “innocence abused” or anything like that.


Stagnationism also allows the Deeist clique and its adherents to still more easily pose as the “saviors” of the mod and its community in lieu of anything else that isn’t constantly attacked as “evil” by these same figures. To counteract stagnation requires enthusiasm and to create the conditions of enthusiasm requires first of all unity in all fields which the need for, as Mr D has pointed out, “is ever more clearer in battle with reaction and the threat of stagnation.”(3) The League makes such unity possible through various strata and organizations, from the clans of the mod to the great mass of the whole userbase. Such unity has its origin in the actual users and players of the mod and from those figures who contributed to it in a concrete matter; those unjustly banned and harassed such as SupRore and Catface and Grayclay and Marxman and various others.


(1) “Marcin,” post #8.

(2) “You know the drill, time to vote!” post #22.

(3) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. III. 2010. p. 38.


The Role of the Empires Design Document Must Not be Obscured

By R. Dasgupta, June 13, 2012

The release of the Empires Mod design document was an important event and followed a spirited struggle by the users mobilized through the Empires League, but it must not become the end of our efforts in this direction. The role of the Empires design document must not be obscured if we are to overcome the Deeist conception of “development” and if we are to become able to truly move the mod forward and to get it and its community out of stagnation. The foremost “criticism” hurled at the progressive and democratic-progressive users by the Deeists and their apologists is that there is no other option but Deeism, which is only true when one fails to take into account the fact that all men have autonomous willpower and the ability to learn, and that the Deeists themselves are at the forefront of removing from the mod and its community all those figures who could contribute to it independently of the Deeists themselves. Such as notably the case in 2010 with Cahemdue and with a would-be contributor from the Battlegrounds 2 mod. The various aspects of improving the mod must have their basis in a correct understanding of the whole basis of reality itself, in the correct application of creativity as elucidated by the great theorists of humankind. As Mr D says, genuine creativity means “confronting the issues, problems and limitations of the given epoch or situation and overcoming or solving these through a process of mentation which lays stress upon the understanding of the material conditions and the capabilities of those who are able to overcome or solve what is at hand. Creativity is essentially a farsighted policy, both because it begets more creative as new fields and opportunities for research open up, and also because genuine creativity contributes to humanity’s own immortality, based not on magic but on the literal ability of mankind to overcome obstacles in ways which no other species on earth can achieve.”(1)


The early developers of the mod understood in the main this conception of creativity and sought to apply it with as much consistency as they could muster. The design document was not merely something created to produce “order” in the development team, but outlined the very basis of the mod itself and was also ripe for expansion, as calls for an art document were made within this document and also from other figures leading the development of the mod at that point. In January 2009 Krenzo discussed this matter and called for a “thorough technical design document that lays out all of the code, and that requires a thorough game design document.”(2) This unity between documents and the very fact that documentation itself expresses maturity and content to the proceedings of an event or period is entirely opposed by the Deeist clique. Chris0132 for example claims that “organisation is not necessary, at least not any serious attempt at it,” which means that there can be some sort of strange “organization” alien to anything the early developers and contributors could have imagined, but it would be a half-assed sort of “organization,” one which only allows enough “organization” to provide a façade for the Deeist clique and its sub-cliques to present themselves as “united” against the various threats to their vested interests. But as Mr D has noted, genuinely scientific development “is, of course, of a directed and organized kind rather than the present Deeist conception of ‘development.’”(4) Through these “conceptions”—read: justifications—of “development,” the Deeists have direct responsibility in the mod and its community continuing to face harm in terms of continued stagnation and in terms of a gradual decline in the standards of the community, in addition to the fact that these Deeists promote degeneracy, etc.


Sgt. Security has said that Empires is “dying” but this is not true. The mod and its community are stagnant and have been as since since not long after the November-December Rising of 2010. When we scientifically analyze the amount of active users we can see pretty clearly that the community is in dire straits in all directions, but this does not in any way mean that the mod is “dying.” Such claims add fuel to the engines of Deeist attempts to split the mod between themselves. None of the conditions exist for the “death” of Empires and none will exist in the foreseeable future so long as the work of the progressive and democratic-progressive users remains consistent and is carried out on a more spirited and mass-based basis. To defend the development of the mod and to propagate those standards of creativity and commitment which were the norm in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 is an arduous and long task, but it is also an outstanding and rewarding task in every direction. Since the League embodies the demands of all the good users of the entire community, it is able to simultaneously tackle the problems of the community, whose roots inevitably lay with Deeism.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 32.

(2) “Empires: The MMOFPSRTS,” post #29.

(3) “New Empires Design Document?” post #69.

(4) Mr D, p. 33.


Monarchism: A Deeist Principle

By Cheomesh, June 18, 2012

The origination in 2005 of the Deeist clique and its subsequent drive for conquest over the entire community in 2006-2007 has as its basis the degenerate core of personalism, which from that point on dictates much of Deeism itself. In the Blackhole a clear principle of monarchism could be seen from the earliest time in which the question of the Blackhole and its self-administration by its userbase became a question taken up for solution. From the earliest times the Deeist clique’s adherents referred to Dee as the “Queen” of Empires, or as Jn. would claim the “dictator” of Empires; unquestionable, ruling by some sort of mystical “higher power,” and so on. There is no disconnection between the justifications used then and now in the case of “King” Empty and the actual beliefs of those who justify his so-called “Kingdom” or any other. Chris0132, the main “theorist” of Deeism taking over from Jn. who has long since gone, praised monarchism, as did Mkvenner and Trickster.(1) These Deeists argue from both “practical” and “historical” bases that monarchism is just fine if not indeed preferable to democracy. In “practical” terms it is because the “elite,” the “superior” must forever rule against the “mud,” the “boorish proletariat” as Keynes would say.(2) Monarchism is therefore nicely in tune with the Deeists’ desires of unlimited and unchecked power. The “historical” sense comes in from the same source that Engels noted caused infatuation with the myth of Ganymede.


The Deeist clique is hostile to the cause of the entire community, utilizing idiotic arguments backed up only by sheer repression to “legitimize” their activities and to present themselves as immortal. Much like animé, monarchism is a degenerate institution defended by the most ridiculous and anti-reality figures. As M has said, “The Deeists praise the British Monarch much like a great many Deeists praise Japan; for both cultures are degenerate, for both produce elitism, xenophobia, personalism, and other anti-democratic and objectively anti-human trends.”(3) Monarchism is thus a Deeist principle, wholly compatible with its personalist and all-around degenerate core. The Deeist clique seeks to embody the “highest” principles of European reaction, from the pro-Mosley stands of Dee to the Polish peasant mentality of Mootant, from the fascism and xenophobia of Solokiller to the anti-Americanism of Trickster, Devourawr, “King” Empty and Co. The struggle against monarchism is therefore a component part of the struggle against Deeism itself.


(1) See the topic “For the Queen James?”

(2) Quoted in Thomas Cate (ed). Keyne’s General Theory: Seventy-Five Years Later. 2012. p. 240.

(3) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 122.


The Empires League in Defense of the Empires Mod

By Todg, June 21, 2012

The many years of Deeist-induced deterioration in the community of the Empires Mod have clearly produced a number of negative phenomena of which only the defeat of Deeism can provide a resolution. From modern-day pests like the “Butthole,” the “ponies” and Trickster’s irritating friends roaming about to older issues which remain as topical as ever like the issue of forum security and quality standards throughout the whole community, the tasks of the users is ever greater so long as Deeism accrues ever more outrages against the interests of the mod and its community. The Deeist clique has long since run roughshod over the basic tenets of game development and decent community atmosphere, prompting the progressive and democratic-progressive users who find their unity through the work of the League to raise the banner of basic progress “and carry it forward, if you want to gather around you the majority of the people. There is nobody else to raise it.”(1) Indeed, the Deeists oppose this banner; when Mayama announced he was playing the game and would like some company, the Deeist agent w00kie replied “how about NO?”(2) When the racist pothead MooJuice rambled on about nothing in particular, making himself once more a man of no importance to the community and in fact a detrimental influence to it, all Trickster could merely say is, “Moojuice just wants an excuse for being unintelligent. There’s no need to feed him.”(3) Thus rather than just ban or otherwise warn him to clean up his act, the Deeists allow him to free range since he is, after all, known as the “Deeist reactionary and troll, MooJuice.”(4)


The claims of the “death” of the mod which agents of Deeism as well as other random reactionaries are attempting to spread show themselves as baseless as time passes. Though the mod and its community remain stagnant and will continue to be stagnant so long as Deeism reigns supreme, the users as a whole stand behind the mod and its continued development, and therefore in opposition to the Deeist clique and its anti-mod and anti-user course. One Empires user, Rapid, aptly pointed out that Empires “looks like it is dying for years, and its still not dead.” Mr D has always exposed the claims of the so-called “death” of Empires as either being simply wrong or malicious in intent, with the goal of opening the door for the splitting of the mod and its whole community between the delineations of the Deeist sub-cliques. The Empires League works always in defense of the Empires Mod and its community, in defense of the great legacy of Jkun and of all the other  early developers and contributors of the mod and its community.


(1) J.V. Stalin. Speech at the Nineteenth Party Congress. 1952. p. 12.

(2) “I play right now do it too!!!!” post #3.

(3) “Absurdism,” post #32.

(4) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 18.


The Deeists Attack the Empires Mod

By Archanor, June 24, 2012

The efforts of the Deeist clique to split the mod are intensifying as more and more leading Deeists declare privately that they can no longer “develop” a game, a situation which they deserve the whole blame for. With such “developers” as the anti-social Mootant, Marcin who once called for the game to die and stay “dead,” the Neo-Nazi furry Marshall Mash, the mentally ill Chris0132, and others who evidently are quite incapable of actually developing anything, the stage is set for the eventual “revelation” of an “Empires II” by Trickster, Mootant, or other leading Deeists. It is already known that Trickster, Jephir and Co. are already working towards this direction. Their agents, such as WalMartGreeter who has openly called Empires a “terrible game that no one plays,”(1) will doubtlessly serve as propagandists after formal announcements in line with their association with the mod being based on their masters, not to the mod and the community itself. Lester, a “pony,” has meanwhile called the community “good” in contradiction to the views of a great majority of users who see the community in a continuously degenerating cycle, and who concur with Mr D that firmness must be used against the agents and allies of Deeism who endorse and themselves partake in degenerate activities. It remains to be seen if a Magnotta will arise from the ranks of the personalists and other mentally unstable elements as degeneracy spreads far and wide and as the “Butthole” becomes increasingly likely to assume an ever more literal meaning as the personalists and their allies look to turn it into a slum in the absence of their originally-called-for revival of the “Rainbow Paradise” bantustan.


(1) “Contest On [VIPER]-June 23rd 9 PM,” post #41.


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