Bulletin #26

More on the Politics of Deeism

By Cheomesh, June 25, 2012

It is clear that the Deeist clique sees itself as the supreme and sole force of the whole community of the Empires Mod. Because of the sheer amount of mental instability, personal degeneracy, and all-around pathetic atmosphere which taken together characterize the anti-mod and anti-user activity of Deeism, it is not surprising to find that the Deeists are incapable of separating real life from the Empires Mod and its community, are incapable of separating politics from this community and are unable therefore to not bring drama, furries, DDoSers, and all sorts of other malicious forces into the community to degrade it from within, for all of this is done within the framework of the Deeist clique and in the service of it and specifically its sub-cliques. It is not surprising to find within such an assortment of figures, the same assortment which calls for a “Kingdom of the Blackhole” led by the so-called “King” Empty, which calls for “Prime Ministers,” “Dukes,” “Counts,” “Princes,” “Princesses,” etc. to hold wholly reactionary views in the real world and, therefore, for their views in regards to Empires to be similarly reactionary.


The politics of the Deeist clique have been consistently opposed by the six-year democratic movement of the Blackhole along with the seven-year efforts of the progressive users of the whole community who today are led by the efforts of the Empires League. Mr D, speaking on the subject of personalism in June last year, noted that, “As the Deeist personalists play out their delusional, political, reactionary and degenerate ‘role-play,’ the users across the board are experiencing a rise in stagnation, a sharp rise in mediocrity, a raise in degenerate stands, and demoralization as a general rule rather than the exception.”(1) This continues to this day as the “Butthole” bantustan and other machinations designed to bring forth greater politics into the whole community are engineered by the Deeist clique. The degenerative and reactionary activities of the Deeist clique within the community line up well with their real life degenerative and reactionary views, which are an expression of their own fundamentally anti-human basis. Thus Beerdude admires fascism, Chris0132 admires his own delusional fantasy world which at times flirts with fascism, Brutos admires fascism, Solokiller is a fascist, Marshall Mash is a Neo-Nazi, as is Thor, as was JJ45, and so on.


The wholly reactionary views of Trickster are evident and are as such that he has admitted in the past he cannot be open concerning them, for the hoi polloi would presumably react negatively to his “genius.” The Deeist clique, and specifically the Empty-Brutos sub-clique within Deeism, attack the notion of an elected moderator (i.e. democracy) in the Blackhole and contrast it with the “unquestionable” “King” Empty, who is seen as superior. This is a natural outgrowth of the reactionary and monarchist positions of many leading Deeists. “Half the countries in the area I’m in now,” says Trickster, “would be ruled by hardline Islamists, if there was democracy. Luckily, it’s ruled by monarchy. Shit gets done, there’s no bureaucracy and compromising to get voters, and thus, you end up with everyone getting richer. You can argue about slave labour and shit, but those are immigrant workforces, and they can go back to their own country at any time. They still have it better over here, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. . . . So my point is, Democracy fucking sucks.”(2) These and other comments (about Iraq, comparisons with Syria, etc.) only serve to confirm the diagnosis of Trickster’s real life friend and reactionary Deeist “theorist” Slade who, indeed, “note[s] that Trickster isn’t a ‘thinker,’ he emphasizes that he himself is not an ‘intellectual.’ This, of course, means that Trickster just isn’t very bright.”(3) Likewise “King” Empty, as Viroman once humorously pointed out, perhaps never had his parents love him, this accounting for his clearly sociopathic tendencies and delusional worldview.(4)


The merging of real life politics with the affairs of the Empires Mod and its community is entirely compatible with the whole edifice of Deeism and its completely reactionary and degenerative foundations. If we look at the “Butthole” for instance we will see that it is filled with nothing but political discussions of the most odious and degenerative sort. Brutos and others praise Trickster and Co. for being “good,” British conservatives as compared to their supposed “American counterpart.” We are to believe that the same society which spawned the likes of Malthus with his call for poverty to inspire “the labouring classes to produce luxuries,” and Edward Gibbon Wakefield to praise “natural slavery. . . the natural subordination in which the greater part of mankind always have been and always will be”(5) is in any way comparable with Lincoln’s words that, “Whenever [the people] grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”(6) The politics of Deeism as a whole and of its various adherents and agents demonstrate still more clearly the whole reactionary character of the Deeist clique in every aspect relevant to the Empires Mod and its long-suffering community.


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The Deeist Clique Against the Popularization of the Empires Mod

By Aly, June 28, 2012

The anti-social activities of the Deeist clique have often driven away many prospective users from the Empires Mod and its otherwise welcoming community. Not only this but they work arduously to drive away any progressive or objectively progressive sentiments and individuals within this community, to undermine the very foundations of the mod as set forth by its early developers and contributors. A clear indication of this was in a recent post by the Deeist reactionary Devourawr in which he denigrates the entire community and also furthers Deeist slander against the Viper server, saying that Vicki is “a redneck retard with the dumbest server policies imaginable.”(1) Viper is the only notable Empires server besides the one maintained by the EPIC Clan headed by the arch-Deeist Trickster. Since 2010 there have been active efforts by all sorts of Deeist agents to get Viper shut down and its supporters driven out of the community. Such a move will only strengthen the hand of Deeism itself by directly boosting the strength of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of which Trickster is a leading member.


The words of Mr D that the two sub-cliques of Deeism “are both entirely reactionary, promote sociopathic and degenerate forces, and bring forth stagnation to the mod and its community”(2) is absolutely correct. Reznov, a friend of both Trickster and “King” Empty, has called modern Empires players “lazy” and has therefore concluded that learning about the mod and its community, its history and other things must be put to an end, a position which in fact masks contempt for the Empires Mod itself.(3) The Deeists are working to claim that the present mod is “dead” and that a “successor” must be found in the Deeist-created “choices” for the userbase. The Deeist agent McThugg called the mod “dead” in December, as are a growing number of other Deeist agents who increasingly work towards splitting the mod between the Empty-Brutos and Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-cliques. By insulting the community and by intimidating new users into “bewaring” it, as Devourawr and others do, they are playing a leading role only in opposing the work to popularize the mod and all efforts to help get it out of the state of pronounced stagnation which it has been in since last year.


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The Sociopathy of Trickster

By D. Kruse, June 29, 2012

Since his rise within the community as a loyal servant of Deeism and especially since his rise as one of the foremost Deeists in the 2010-2011 period Trickster has amply demonstrated his sociopathic world outlook. His racism, homophobia, and shockingly ignorant world view have their origins in his petty-bourgeois and reactionary atmosphere in which he grew up, and which raised him to be an efficient sociopath when his almost natural brutishness is disregarded. Trickster has no reliable friendship pattern outside of his own childhood friends such as Slade, Panda and others who admit behind his back that he is indeed a brute with an unstable mental composition. In early 2010 Trickster was telling Mr D and other democratic-progressive users that it was Mootant who was “saving” the mod from the “ungrateful” peons that comprised the vast majority of the whole userbase; in 2011 and onwards the two sub-cliques to which they belonged sparred over the future of the mod and thus Mootant could legitimately complain despite his own profoundly anti-social and reactionary views that, “I’ve heard a lot of manipulation made by Trickster behind my back when he believed that he could save the world given some people that’d follow his ideas.”(1) Trickster replied by taunting Mootant in his typical mean-spirited style which does not in the least absolve Mootant of his own equally mean-spirited style.


Trickster leads a wholly unstable and drug-addicted life. His bulimic episodes have oftentimes produced a weakened character susceptible to anything as the car accident he had gotten into months ago demonstrated. His paranoia about the joint efforts of the Empires League and the democratic movement of the Blackhole increasingly remind one of “King” Empty who admitted to Trickster and others that if it was possible to do it without getting caught he would gladly murder Mr D who regards as his arch-nemesis. His recent weight-loss from bulimia has transformed him from an angst-ridden overweight British teenager into an androgynous Bieber-like entity who the “bishi”-loving Deeist Chris0132 (a sycophant and “theorist” for the Empty-Brutos sub-clique in any case) describes as “surprisingly attractive.”(2) Another indication of the sociopathic and mentally disturbed nature of Trickster was in his treatment of ModSentry when it graciously gave an interview to the mod in April 2011 with Mr D, one of its foremost veterans, serving as the interviewee. Publicly (after spamming the website and forcing the interview to be taken down lest worse things happen) Trickster, Brutos and others offered to do their own “interview” for the mod. In private however Trickster expressed his true sentiments in regards to ModSentry, calling its staff “very stupid.”(3) To quote Mr D responding to the Deeist campaign to get the interview taken down, “The Deeists are very insecure, not only with their own selves but also in regard to their beloved apparatus as they have little contact with the masses and as they seek to exercise total hegemony over them, and for this reason they deem it necessary to attack anything which goes against their ‘official’ history of events.”(4) Let it also be known that Koranith, a friend of Trickster who is also a racist, said on December 27, 2011 in his “review” of Empires that “this game sucks the cack.”


The entire Deeist clique operates on a sociopathic basis, harming the mod and its whole community for the past seven years. The struggle of the League and all progressive and democratic-progressive users against the sociopaths like Trickster and others cannot be separated from the all-around struggle against Deeism itself.


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The Deeist Clique’s Allies Against the Empires Mod

By Todg, July 1, 2012

The Deeist clique has always relied on dubious sources to populate the community with those whose only criteria for being “good” is to serve Deeism. From their entry into the community in 2010, the “ponies” have been an increasingly negative influence on the Empires Mod and its whole community. In September 2011 Mr D noted a case where the DDoSers of the servers of the mod in 2010 enjoyed cordial discussions with “Princess” Celestia, WalMartGreeter, Axeman, and other degenerates and remarked, “Of course the saboteurs often go ‘too far,’ since they are a combination of trolls and other degenerate types. They do not care about the mod, oftentimes openly denouncing it before the eyes of others. Yet the Deeists ally with them in opposition to our efforts.”(1) This prescient analysis is confirmed as the months pass, as the anti-mod and anti-user activities of the “ponies” in full collaboration with the Deeist clique becomes increasingly apparent and intensifies. It was recently revealed that PatPeter, an animé-lover and agent of the Deeists, is himself a “pony,” having both an avatar of one and adopting for occasional use the name in game of “Griefing Brony,” representing both his care for the mod and his own degeneracy. Such fully confirms the line of the League and of all the users who have denounced PatPeter for his efforts to bring his “unique” politics into the community, for his degenerate stands and anti-user actions.


The Deeist clique of course has many other allies outside of the “ponies,” such as furries like the Neo-Nazi Marshall Mash and PreDominance. “King”Empty, who poses as an opponent of furries, has a furry boyfriend and a close friend named Foxy, who despite claiming that he has nothing to do with Empires anymore recently joined the “King” in a brief presence on a server.(2) “Viscount” Grantrithor likewise is friends with AnimalScar, another furry. The Deeist agent Candles was introduced, by his own admission, into the Empires community by Axeman “some years ago.”(3) It is worth noting here that Axeman himself has admitted that he is Chopper Dutch, a malicious troll so irritating to the whole community that the Deeists were obliged to hardcode ban him years ago. These are the members of the community who the Deeists praise, develop friendships with and protect from the anger of the users. The practical results of such friendships and connections have been demonstrated quite clearly over the last three years, from the joint efforts of Kane the furry, PreDominance the furry and blizzerd in trying to overthrow the Empires Forum Administration in June 2009 to the DDoS attacks of 2010 and the various forms of harassment against the Viper server in 2011 alongside the efforts at continuously deepening the degeneration of the whole community under Deeist tutelage.


The Deeist clique and its allies do not care about the mod or its community, but only about their own delusional ways of thinking and their own degeneracy. Life proves this fact very clearly.


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On the Continued Maliciousness of the Deeist Clique’s Agents

By Macoud, July 3, 2012

Since the years 2005 and 2006 the Deeist clique has always brought into the whole community of the Empires Mod, and has otherwise protected, a wide assortment of malicious figures who have only harmed this community. From Sgt. Mike and psyl0cibe in the aforementioned period to the DDoSers of 2010 and the “ponies” as well, Deeism has demonstrated from its very beginnings its fundamental hostility to the interests of both the mod and its community. A recent example of the continuance of this dangerous trend has been the establishment of the so-called “Paypal for Empires,” which demonstrates still further the degenerate and utterly amoral nature of Deeism. Established on June 2, it has its origins in the activities of the “ponies,” namely “Princess” Celestia and Axeman, with aid from WalMartGreeter. As has recently become available in the past few days, the “ponies” are in their words “skimming” money off of the mod from PayPal donations which are sent to the supposed “donation” account for the mod. In fact since 2007 this account has not been used for donating, but this has not stopped the Deeist clique from freezing this account or otherwise rendering it unusable, or refunding donations from misguided yet good-intentioned users, etc. Thus the present situation has been arrived at in which the “ponies” are able to gain more than 100 USD and at the same time promote maliciousness and serve as agents of the Deeist clique and especially the Empty-Brutos sub-clique within it.


The “Paypal for Empires” group has, besides the aforementioned Deeist reactionists and agents, such figures as Lawliet, the furry AnimalScar, plus Guns and Wham-O as the group’s leader, the same man who founded the “Empires is Dead” group. The words of Mr D that “many Deeists want to involve moneymaking into the affairs of the community, they want to draw profit from their activities”(1) have been confirmed in practice and are being continuously reaffirmed as time continues, but the users are aware and the League is making them aware, as it did when news of this group first surfaced. The League calls for the users to expose this sham and scam, to oppose it to the fullest extent, in line with the cause of a truly better Empires Mod.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 125.


The Empty-Brutos Sub-Clique Works to Split the Mod and Its Community

By Jamx, July 7, 2012

Ever since 2009 the Deeists have had their sights on splitting the mod between them, with the Empty-Brutos sub-clique and the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique at the head of this process. The former, with Trickster as a prominent leader, hopes to resurrect his failed “Dies Iræ” project on the UDK engine. With Jephir, UKGamer and other reactionaries and loyal friends of Trickster the Empty-Brutos sub-clique wants not only to split the mod but also its community, to further cement its control over it and to undermine to the fullest extent possible any progressive sentiments within the present-day community. The serving-serving nature of the Deeists in this regard is particularly obvious when one notes that Trickster does not care about the mod itself, when one notes that UKGamer in 2010 claimed that the mod would “die” by the end of Deember (as did Trickster at the time), and also when it is known that the recent “Paypal for Empires” group (of which the reactionary Hobbes has recently joined) set up by the “ponies” is seeking to aid in the establishment of the “new” Empires led by Trickster and Co. on behalf of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique. Mr D has always made clear that, “‘King’ Empty, Trickster, Mootant, Brutos, blizzerd, Beerdude and others do not care for the mod but only for their positions; do not care for the community but seek only ways to use this community—or more accurately the most degenerate and uncontributive parts of it—to serve as pillars of support for their future anti-mod and anti-user endeavors.”(1) This correct analysis underscores all the hypocritical posturings of the Deeist clique from 2005 on to the present day, in which the development and well-being of the mod is said to be inseparable from the Deeists themselves, from the “great leaders” at the head of Deeism.


Meanwhile the stagnation of the whole community continues, which is said to “prove” that Empires is “dead” or “dying,” that there “must” be a way to “broaden its horizons,” and other reactionary claims echoed by the sycophants and lackeys of Deeism. But in fact while the Deeists plot to split the mod they leave the mod itself in a state of disrepair. Jephir has openly said that “it really is a miracle that empires even runs at all, let alone is a playable game.” This is the sort of “developer” who is said to be Trickster’s close aide in “developing” the “new Empires.” “King” Empty of course is not far behind, with the Deeist degenerate and “theorist” Chris0132 once confidently saying that, “I keep forgetting you’re a developer.”(2) An additional objective of the Deeists in splitting the mod is to remake history anew and to present themselves as godly figures. Already the Deeists have tried with limited success to do this in the past five years. The animé-loving Cyberkiller, an ally of Trickster, has said that, “Krenzo has not been involved in empires development for several years. The question [presented to users upon wanting to join the forum] will simply put any new people off from registering. I say change it to something that people who have played the mod for a couple of rounds will actually know.”(3) Thus the history of the mod and of its founding developers has no value, one day in the “new Empires” users will be able in confidence to say that Trickster or Mootant “founded” Empires, that all glory be given to Trickster who admits he does not actually work on the mod, or Mootant whose manifestly anti-social tendencies would render quite impossible any attempt to present himself as a “fatherly” figure.


The attempts of Trickster and Co. to split the mod, along with attempts by Mootant and others only indicate their hatred for progress, their defense of the vested interests of the Deeist clique, and their opposition to anything normal in relation to the mod itself, from having a proper understanding of its development to having a correct understanding of how to moderate, how to publicize the mod, and so on. Only the work of the League in defense of the whole community, in defense of the great Empires Mod, and in defense of good standards and proper conceptions of development, of how to moderate a community, etc. can truly bring things back onto a correct path.


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The Deeist Clique Against the Well-Being of the Mod and Community

By Todg, July 9, 2012

The Deeist clique has always made clear its fundamental differences with the entire community since its formation in 2005. The Deeists today continue to demonstrate with increasing clarity this fact which they themselves barely deny. It is clear from various users that things in the community are not normal and have not been for some time. Koranith, an ally of Trickster, has said that, “If something doesn’t happen in a good way, [Empires] will get worse and worse. Its already easy to DDOS any server.” The security of the forum itself has long been put at risk due to the outdated nature of the forum software. The community itself “enjoys” the presence of “ponies,” furries, animé lovers, personalists and other degenerative forces in unchecked quantities. The efforts of the Deeists to split the mod and its community find their basis in these undesirable elements which Deeism hopes to have dominate the whole community. “Princess” Celestia, leader of the “ponies” in Empires, has openly noted that his good friends “King” Empty and Trickster are against the mod in effect. “I don’t give a fuck about the empires community, neither does axeman. Trickster and empty really don’t care about the mod or community. That’s why they’re letting source development stop. It’s not like fucking with a bad game like empires is that big of a deal.” “Do you REALLY think trickster or empty care about [Axeman] being hard banned [a reference to his hardcode ban as the malicious figure Chopper Dutch]? They play with axeman lol.” Shadowdancer, a veteran user and tester of the mod, has admitted to leaving it due to pressure from Trickster.


Further evidence of the nonchalant attitude of Trickster and his allies is demonstrated in a recent occurrence. When, as Viroman noted, Steam servers were “fucked” for some days, neither Trickster nor any other so-called “developer” came to comment on the situation. Viroman provided server IPs to allow players to actually play the mod, with A-z-K praising this and noting that, “This shit is really annoying and the population because of it is lower than ever. Help spread the word!”(1) A-z-K further noted the fact that the Empires Mod website is not being updated at all to reflect this fact, which demonstrates how little Beerdude and others “care” for the community, and only created a “shiny” (but functionally worse-off) website to stroke their own egos and to make it look like they were “working” all along. As Mr D says, the Deeists seek to dominate “by portraying themselves as both the saviors and the protectors of the mod and its community.”(2) The facts of life clearly demonstrate the falsity of Deeist claims.


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The Good Example of Mr D

By Aly, July 11, 2012

Since October 2005 the Empires Mod community has enjoyed the presence of Mr D, one of the foremost veterans still around to this day. Mr D is a great and popular user, a consistent defender of the mod since that time, and a prescient analyzer of events within the purview of the whole community. Throughout the years many have read the works of Mr D, have sought to follow his example and to carry forward the mod and its community through all the difficulties faced by the users. From the start of his entry into the glorious Empires Mod community Mr D has played a leading role not only in elucidating the path of the mod’s development but also in the affairs of the Blackhole, in the situations relating to the work of the progressive users, in the clans, in the work of moderating the forum and how to carry out the tasks associated with it, and a great number of other things. It is he who has raised high the prestige of the mod in these past two years from the disgraceful acts of Deeism. It is he who the users consult with and seek to emulate in all fields. Many users from the past and to the present knew and know of Mr D, have sought his advice and have looked at a man who embodies the lofty work of the whole community. The Buttery Lobster, Jimather, Jkun, Artemas Ward, knighttemplar, Bodrick and various other veterans recalled at various times the work of Mr D, his calmness and sure nature in dealing with the enemies of the mod, his clarity of thought and his firmness in action. Jimather called him endearing, Bodrick dedicated a section of one of his maps to Mr D, and Jkun trusted Mr D as his principal assistant in the work of the Ban Hammer Manor.


Great merits belong to the work of Mr D, his good example serving all users who seek to emulate not the degenerates of Deeism but the cultured and intelligent men of the years long past, of a time when Deeism did not dominate the affairs of the whole community. Hardly a day goes by without a man asking, “What is Mr D’s view of the situation? What does he propose?” Great tasks indeed are demanded of Mr D, which he meets head-on and without fear, as a servant of the masses and a man who understands that the masses make history. His comradely talks with cadre of the League make clear his love of the masses and his farsighted nature. Likewise his depth of culture, his well-read personality, has gotten him many friends throughout the years in Empires and associated communities. In Mr D the progressive users see a man who truly cares for the mod and its community, who resolutely struggles against Deeism and all that it brings to the mod. His firm grasp of science, his unmasking of the agents of Deeism, are without parallel in the whole history of the Empires Mod. He has come up against the “greats” of reaction, from Sgt. Mike to psyl0cibe, from the DDoSers of 2010 to the likes of WalMartGreeter and Axeman, from petty agents like “Viscount” Grantrithor to PreDominance to Candles and others, and of course from Dee to “King” Empty, Trickster, Mootant, and an assortment of other leading Deeist personalities.


Mr D is a truly great leader, a skilled man who understands how to get a man to open up to him and to reveal his secrets. This diplomatic skill does not come from books but from practice, from having a scientific conception of mankind and of its history. As Chairman of the Empires League Mr D has led it with great prominence as a man of glory, of learned actions. The users have long since understood that there is no alternative to the road of Mr D, which is the road of a victorious Empires Mod and forum community, the road of science against obscurantism. The outstanding work and prestige of Mr D has already assumed a forever quality with an unforgettable impact on the entire community. 10 years from now there will doubtlessly be many recalling the wise words of Mr D and his greatness in all spheres. The greatness of Mr D is everlasting not because of his quality as a “great man” but because of his good example, because of his call for all men to become learned, because of his scientific qualities and his connection with the mass of the users.


The Deeists Are Against Progress in All Forms

By Archanor, July 12, 2012

One of the most obvious aspects of the Deeist clique is its constant opposition to progress, whether it be within the community or concerning the mod itself. This is because Deeism exists in a way opposite to that of Empires, because every step towards progress is a step against the degenerate basis on which Deeism itself is based on. The Deeists have driven out or otherwise silenced prospective would-be developers, have banned or likewise silenced many progressive and democratic-progressive users throughout the years, have caused the mod and its community to be hurled into a state of pronounced stagnation, and today openly plot to split the mod between themselves under the guise of so-called “sequels” and “spiritual successors.” The attempts by the Deeist clique to fool the users into opposing each other, into splitting into camps where they defend this or that “savior” of Empires who seeks to lead the way in splitting the mod itself, will be limited through the vigorous efforts of the Empires League and its mass-based work.


The Deeist clique is opposed to the development of the Empires Mod in fact, not only because it is avowedly against organization, against teamwork and against planning the mod itself, but because it engenders a “community” of trolls, lamers, furries, animé lovers, personalists, “ponies,” and all sorts of other abnormal figures who are naturally attracted to drama and abhor (either due to arrogance or because they’re mentally incapable) any sort of command structure. In addition to this it is obvious that at the same time such a “community” cannot bring forth from its ranks those who will immediately come to the defense of the mod and its whole community, but instead will attack the mod, call it “dead,” do things for the “lulz,” and so on. Not only this but the Deeists actively seek to limit any attempt to progress the affairs of the mod and its community, as evidenced for instance in the case of the Viper server. This server is opposite that of the EPIC Clan server, which is of course led by Trickster who is in charge of every facet of it, as an appendage of that clan which is a clan in turn serving as an appendage of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of Deeism. To destroy the Viper Server is a dream of many Deeists and their agents, the former because it would open the door to the expansion of the EPIC server as the “salvation” of the players, the latter because they bring politics into the community in relation to Vicki’s own political views and attack her on the basis of them, and because she is an “American,” ergo she must be driven out of the community, or some other reason such as the fact that she is against trolls and other malicious figures, etc.  To give an example, TheLeetMuffin, an agent of the Deeists, has said, “[It’s n]ot worth playing Empires when VIPER is the only populated server.”(1)


At the Second Congress of the League, Mr D pointed out that, “The valiant work of the members of the League, of its dedicated cadre and of its resolute Central Committee inspires the users of the whole community in the battle against Deeism, in defense of the mod, and against all the lies and slander which the reactionaries heap upon the progressive and democratic-progressive users and forces.”(2) The strength of the League lay precisely in its all-embracing character, in defense of the clans and servers, the Blackhole and the whole forum, the development of the mod and the proper moderation of its community, etc. The League will work in the future as it works today to solidly defend the mod and its community in every way, to the best of its abilities against the obstacles presented by the Deeist clique and its agents.


(1) “Where Da Servers At?” post #3.

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The Deterioration of the Community: A Deeist Design

By Macoud, July 14, 2012

For the past seven years the community of the Empires Mod has been threatened by the anti-mod and anti-user activities of the Deeist clique, with its sociopathic and hegemonistic policies which operate in direct and antagonistic contradiction to the cause of this mod and its entire userbase. A good example of how much the Deeists “care” for the mod can be seen in the case of Brutos. In April 2011 he said that, “I am not going to allow to hurt [sic.] a random lunatic to damage this project or community.”(1) This “lunatic” was Mr D, who had secured an interview with the website ModSentry in order to promote the mod. This same Brutos, alongside Trickster, blizzerd and other Deeists had the interview taken down after harassing the interviewer and the website staff. Today this “defender” of Empires is part of the “Empires is Dead” group, as is “King” Empty, “Viscount” Grantrithor, Cpatton, Candles, and other leading Deeists or their agents. Another example is the recent case of the animé-loving Fricken Hamster making a troll topic, to which “King” Empty, who is all too happy to ban various users for disagreeing with him and openly attacking his megalomaniac ambitions to be “King of the Blackhole,” said that he’s  “too apathetic to even ban or delete thread.”(2) In reality Fricken Hamster is a pest to the whole userbase, not someone against the Deeist clique, thus he gets off free.


Yet another example is given in the existence of a hacker on the Viper server. In 2005 and 2006 the Ban Hammer Manor led by Jkun and Mr D kept at bay such malicious hackers protected by Deeism like Sgt. Mike and psyl0cibe. Today such hackers are protected as the DDoSers of 2010 were. “Hackers in Empires are not banned,” the Deeist agent McGyver says, “instead they will get the EPIC tag in front of their name.”(3) As Mr D has said, “these malicious figures objectively assist all Deeists in slandering the democratic movement and in keeping progressive users at bay, and on the other the Deeists simply do not care, they are apathetic at best and finding their activities ‘cool’ at worst, if not actively engaging themselves in learning how to carry out DDoSing and other malicious activities.”(4) Such is the factual account of Deeism in relation to those who outright harm the mod. The Deeists who pose as “developers” of the mod likewise demonstrate how hollow their words are to the extent that not even most fellow Deeists can defend them; the reactionary Deeist Mkvenner, for instance, has said that “empires more or less has no competent coders that work soley [sic.] on the game.” Such are the sort of “saviors” and “protectors” of Empires.


(1) “Mr D just sent me this,” post #19.

(2) “Is Empires too sexualized?” post #5.

(3) “Speed hacker on VIPER server,” post #3.

(4) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 4.


July 15, 2010: A Notable Day in the Struggle Against Deeism

By D. Kruse, July 15, 2012

Two years ago saw a day in which the users of the whole community were inspired to resist the self-serving “protection” bestowed upon them by the Deeist clique and especially by “King” Empty, who many users erroneously saw as the embodiment of all that was and is bad within the community. On this day two years ago a number of users organized themselves in defiance of what Brutos pathetically called the “unquestionable” “King” Empty. Such individuals as SupRore, Bob the Builder, Melarion and others stood up and exposed “King” Empty’s anti-user activities and his many unjust bans. In a sign of the unity which the progressive users enjoyed these individuals were able to use the BSID Clan forum as a base to reinforce their activities. At that time the rank-and-file of the BSID temporarily held more influence over the whole clan than the Neo-Nazi Thor, the degenerate Cpatton, the Deeist agent TheOtherJMS and others. This situation within the clan was “rectified” by the scared Deeists a month later concurrently with the occupation of the Blackhole forum area. They saw on this day two years ago a clear sign of the rising unity and consciousness of the entire userbase united against Deeism. Mr D speaking at the time noted “that it is only through such struggle that the mass of the users will see the root cause of the problems at hand rather than the symptoms. Another lesson to be learned is that the forces of democracy and progress must unite ever more firmly with the progressive forces of the whole [community] in a popular front against the reactionaries, and must show their strength and defense of the whole forum and the mod itself through such activity.”(1) Together with other events that year like the Anti-Demagoguery Campaign of January, the August Uprising, and the November-December Rising as the concluding event of the year the task of refounding the Empires League became obvious to all progressive and democratic-progressive users.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. III. 2010. p. 36.


Against the Intensification of the Scams of Deeism

By Todg, July 17, 2012

The exposure of the “Paypal for Empires” scam launched by “Princess” Celestia, Axeman, WalMartGreeter and Co. has given way to a new scam, this time exchanging the manipulation of many users’ willingness to defend the continued well-being of the mod in favor of a simple emotional appeal. In this case the issue is the same: to donate to a PayPal account which will not be used for any good purpose, but simply for lining the pockets of the aforementioned trolls. These figures, who have already made a few hundred dollars from the deceit they carried out, now hope to make a few hundred more with this new scam. Already WalMartGreeter, Zealoth and Trickster have shown what “nice persons” they and other Deeists are, as opposed to the sociopathic, manipulative and degenerative activities for which they are well known. The League has already ensured that a number of users have been alerted to this scam, and we will ensure that many more are alerted as well, in the service of the great Empires Mod and its community, against the Deeist clique.


The Empty-Brutos Sub-Clique Resurrects “Dies Iræ”

By Kuzkin, July 18, 2012

In the latter months of 2009 many leading Deeists stood up and proclaimed the “death” of the Empires Mod. Two rival projects emerged: “Cold Trap” led by Kane the furry with support from Silk, Ikalx and others, and “Dies Iræ” led by Trickster with support from Mayama, Zeke and others. Today Mayama has joined Trickster once more alongside Jephir, UKGamer and other Deeists belonging to the Empty-Brutos sub-clique in an effort to resurrect the failed project, which alongside “Cold Trap” was exposed by Mr D in January 2010, who called on the users to defend the mod and to fully refute the claims of the “death” of Empires. As Mr D noted in September last year, Trickster is “seeking to position himself as the most viable leader of the whole community, as the man who will lead Empires ‘forward,’ who will in turn create the conditions for a ‘new’ Empires, for the revival of his ‘Dies Iræ’ project which he originally initiated in the year 2009.”(1) Yet before he can do this he has been obliged until recently to keep the project an open secret, admitting recently that, “I don’t really get how so many people know about it. They shouldn’t really.”(2) Of course the reason is that UKGamer, Jephir and others cannot help but boast about it, about the “great Trickster,” and so on. The overt “end” to the attempts to create “Dies Iræ” coincided with the ascendency of Trickster as “lead developer” of the Empires Mod, in which he has consolidated the hold of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique on the whole community. Asz, a tester, has said that “all the other clans except epic died” and that Empires under Deeist “development” has become “the best damn mod that nobody plays.”


The attempt “to get Empires on UDK,” as UKGamer and others would put it, is nothing but an attempt to split the Empires Mod and its whole community and to subordinate it entirely under the influence of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of which Trickster is a leading adherent. The competing Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique of Deeism, with its most prominent present-day adherent being Mootant, has suffered in the past few months from inactivity and incompetence, whereas their Empty-Brutos counterparts have had various advantages. Both sub-cliques are equally dangerous to the mod and its community, both are negligent and interested only in control over both, and the drive towards competition brings to the fore increasing numbers of malicious figures who are themselves or have as friends DDoSers, hackers, griefers, etc. The Deeist clique as a whole is united in splitting the mod and in consolidating the positions of the adherents of the clique against the interests of the users of the whole community.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 14.

(2) “Empires Sequel,” post #11.


Are There Any Normal Deeists?

By D. Kruse, July 20, 2012

The very basis of Deeism which was laid upon its establishment in the year 2005 consists in its opposition to all that is positive in regards to humanity and its development. Starting from Dee herself who openly admired Oswald Mosley and who engaged in incestuous relations with her brother, Deeism has consistently promoted to the highest ranks of itself the most degenerate, mentally unbalanced and imbecilic elements which reside in the Empires Mod community and are engendered by the Deeist clique. One must look very hard to find a normal Deeist who is not delusional, does not harbor unwarranted self-importance, does not hold fascistic or monarchistic views, does not praise Hitler and is not a furry, does not salivate over animé, and so on. The Deeists are closely bound together not only in their shared interests in maintaining control over the Empires Mod and its entire community but also through their shared interests in degeneracy and reactionary activities of all kinds. Some examples can be given:


1. JJ45 is a Finnish former Neo-Nazi and today is “only” a racist transsexual. Friends with the fascist Solokiller who knew JJ45 from the Sven-Coop community, both worked against the democratic movement of the Blackhole in 2006. JJ45 established contacts with the Neo-Nazi Thor who attempted to bring Nazist politics into this same forum area. JJ45 is also good friends with Dee’s best friend dizzyone. Varbles lives in a residence with various transsexuals and is a moderator on 420chan, which is replete with various transsexuals. He has echoed the racist sentiments of JJ45, saying that “to this day [blacks]… demand welfare checks and scream about our past wrongs.”(1)

2. Kane the furry (who knows both JJ45 and Solokiller from Sven-Coop) shares a reactionary worldview with Marshall Mash, who is also a furry and Neo-Nazi to boot. PreDominance, who is a lackey and agent of “King” Empty, is likewise a furry. “King” Empty’s boyfriend is a furry as well and the “King” is known on Facepunch as a man who helps various furries with creating particles in the same vein as their “master.” AnimalScar, Foxy and other furries also exist within the community, many with ties to “King” Empty.

4. Trickster, Jephir, blizzerd, Slade, Storm, UKGamer, Reznov, Hygrom, Vulkanis, Devourawr, the “Baron” Evil-Satan, “Viscount” Grantrithor etc. work together alongside “King” Empty and Brutos in attacking all things “American” from the Viper server to basic American users who are not in accord with the interests of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of Deeism to which they belong. Trickster’s mental instability has been commented upon elsewhere. Blizzerd and UKGamer are degenerates. Also prevalent amongst these Deeists is a fondness for animé, with Youzy, Zeke, Krazer and others being amongst them. Also in good company are the “ponies” such as “Princess” Celestia, Axeman, PatPeter and others. The user complete_lamer has pointed out that Axeman is crazy and “Princess” Celestia is a furry. Firm relations also exist between the Empty-Brutos sub-clique and much of the furry current within the community.


Innumerable examples can be given of the close-knit nature of the Deeists which assumes the form of opposition to all that is good within the whole community. It is necessary to look at the friends of Deeists, to look at the friends of Hygrom or Trickster, of “King” Empty or Mootant, of Brutos or any other Deeist or his agent(s) to get an understanding of the interconnected nature of Deeism itself as it unites and consolidates the positions of all degenerates, trolls and malicious figures in the entire community. As Mr D has said, “The origins of these degenerates are not surprising, but what is surprising was the speed in which Dee was able to assemble together the differing interests and for the whole clique to keep them more or less united ever since.”(2)


(1) “Right so… Texas…” post #24.

(2) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 43.


The Deeist Clique and the Security of the Mod and Forum Community

By Macoud, July 22, 2012

The Deeist clique has always been in effect opposed to the security and well-being of the Empires Mod and its forum community. As early as 2006, when the old forum was hacked, Dee stood alongside her friends in condemning the move to the new, modern-day forum and demanding the old, unstable forum software back against the interests of the developers and contributors of the mod and against the view of a great many users. In the year 2010 DDoSers marauded throughout the mod, having come into the community and encouraged to settle down with the encouragement of WalMartGreeter and Solokiller. The Deeists learned a lesson which they have surely forgotten, that trolls care for Deeism and defend it only so far as it defends their interests but also only so far as it allows them to have fun, to harm the whole community, and when restraints were made on the DDoSers, they retaliated by DDoSing the EPIC server, costing Trickster money alongside the various other servers including Viper, which was attacked first and which the DDoSers expressed the most opposition towards, as is the case with all leading Deeists and many of their agents. In two years the security situation facing the mod and its community has not improved but on the contrary has deteriorated; the forum software grows increasingly dated every day, apathy has already caused the website to go completely offline only months ago, forcing Beerdude to bring it back up, a process he called “voluntary.” Such is the “concern” of the Deeist clique for the mod and its community.


But the Deeists do express genuine concern for one thing: the repressing of any progressive and democratic-progressive sentiment within this community. While the Deeists congratulate themselves on attacking the “followers of Mr D,” the users can look forward to further destabilization owing to the precarious security situation facing both the mod and many members of its community. Craig Gates has said that, “I have a friend and he has made a working full fledge [sic.] hack for this mod and it has a kill list tike the br3 hack. i can instantly kill anyone on the server. he has coded it specifaclly [sic.] for empires.” Last year, when the Deeist agent Devourawr sought to acquire the credit card information of fellow Deeist agent Bort and thought complete_lamer was serious when he joked about having it, complete_lamer replied, “Can we ban this dumbass for wanting to steal credit card information?”(1) Predictably, there was no response from the Deeists. Such is the norm in a community filled with moderators who are themselves either trolls or the dear friends of trolls, who have no conception of how to properly moderate a forum and to truly enforce its rules. The rise in maliciousness is a natural result of the “Deeist policy of bringing in as many degenerative users as possible in order to serve as guards for the Deeist clique.”(2) Such is yet another example of how the interests of the mod and its community are diametrically opposed to the interests of the Deeist clique and its degenerate allies.


(1) “the hort of bort,” post #39.

(2) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 28.


Deeism in Defense of Pedophilia

By SilentStrike, July 23, 2012

The formation of the Deeist clique showed from its very beginnings the degenerate nature of its members. To this day the Deeists have kept up that reputation and have in some areas even expanded it. A good example is given in the case of pedophilia, in which a number of Deeists have come to its defense.


Let us first of all take the case of Chris0132 in this. Chris is one of the chief “theorists” of Deeism and particularly the Empty-Brutos sub-clique within it. In the past he has said that Haitians and iPhones have roughly the same value and that the experience of starving to death is relative, for one can feel just as much pain and anguish from losing their phone. As Mr D once said, “Even the Deeist reactionary and troll, MooJuice, notes well that banned user Chris0132 is not a ‘normal’ figure, and not because he wishes to parade himself as such. He is not ‘normal’ because he is not mentally well, because he sees himself as fulfilling something by buying wholesale into the petty-bourgeois ‘individualism’ afforded to his type. Because he scorns the masses, he condemns them, just as he compared Haitians to iphones.”(1) Chris0132 says that “paedophilia is not and should not be illegal.”(2) “I think most of the problem with child molestation is the fact that the kid ends up being socially ostracised because of it, they feel a need to hide it,” he claims. In other words, it isn’t molestation if it’s socially acceptable. That this is the view of many pedophiles themselves is no doubt just fine with Chris0132, who at other times has proudly stated that he “chose” to be bisexual and also gladly considers himself a fan of furry art. But Chris0132 is not alone. The degenerate blizzerd, a friend of Chris0132 and a leading personality of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique along with being at one time the appointed “Prime Minister” of “King” Empty’s so-called “Kingdom of the Blackhole” declared that “i dont really have any problems with pedosexuals… pedosexuality is just as valid a fetish as scat, or animal sex.”


One would think that this view is limited only to the mentally unwell and the degenerates, of which both men qualify, but they would underestimate the innate degeneracy of Deeism itself. ImSpartacus scolded those who dare to judge pedophiles in a negative light. “I want you to remember the feelings you have about pedophilia. They are probably very strong and very negative. Those are the same feelings of a homophobic country bumpkin experiencing modern, urban life for the first time. Everything is relative.” blizzerd called out for “freedom,” saying “if i want to watch drawings shown in rapid succession of feutusses being raped in the womb of there mother by a dog then i should be allowed to do so under the protection of freedom of expression and art.” Finally, Trickster blew off the whole issue (both Chris0132 and blizzerd are friends of his), saying that: “People need to spend less time being upset about children being raped, and more time being upset about the vile things the Americans have done to the English language.”


It is worth noting an amusing contrast, however. Chris0132, in his defense of pedophiles, says, “Killing people for crimes does not prevent crime,” but when the subject shifts from the defense of pedophiles to the issue of Somali piracy, Chris0132 holds a rather different view: “Violence is an answer to everything, the part people get wrong is that they don’t use enough violence.”(3) Such is the outlook of the petty-bourgeois sociopath, racist and degenerate whose views are “libertarian” concerning his own personal life and fancies and however repressive when the fantasies conflict with the reality. Such a reactionary mentality is a hallmark of the entire Deeist clique and its collective psychology.


(1) “On the Subject of Personalism and Deeism,” Empires Intelligence Report #3 (May 1, 2011), p. 11.

(2)  “A comprehensive list of people who should be raped to death by pineapples.” post #60. Everything else I am quoting in relation to the subject is from this thread.

(3) “Russian Pirate Hunting Cruises.” post #13. Bold in the original.


Stagnation in the Whole Communism: A Deeist Design

By Archanor, July 25, 2012

The triumph of Deeism in the realm of the entire community in the year 2007 ushered in a period of artificial xenophobia promoted by the Deeists as part of their policy of posing as “defenders” of the mod. This xenophobic and isolationist attitude manifests itself in the attacking of all newcomers in the community. When A-z-K criticized the “welcoming” of one newcomer with attacks by the Deeists and their agents, TheLeetMuffin replied that they simply “gave him a warm welcome, Empires style.”(1) It is no wonder when prospective developers flee from the community, as Cahemdue did in 2010 under pressure from “King” Empty, Trickster and others, that the Deeists are able to point to themselves as the “sole force” in the community which can “save” the mod. Yet “King” Empty has openly said that “I am not respectful,” to which Viroman retorted “or mature.”(2) Under this attitude towards new users, in which they are all attacked rather than accepted into the community on condition of adhering to high standards—which the Deeists of course have long since decimated—is something only an imbecile and one not in any way fit to be a moderator can consider a good course of action for the mod and the well-being of its community. It is not surprising that this attitude, which the Deeists seek to make widespread and universalized, works alongside other attitudes and “norms” to contribute to nothing else than the continuation of the pronounced stagnation of the mod and its community.


The community itself is stagnant in many ways, not merely in the fact that it is closed to all those who are not fellow furries, trolls, lamers, DDoSers, personalists and other allies of the Deeists, but also in the fact that it faces a consistent deterioration in standards and quality, which manifests itself in a quantitative decline in many fields. Mr D has made clear that “the policies of the Deeist clique are leading the mod and its community into deepening stagnation, into ever present signs of defeatism, into increasing degeneration, which the sub-cliques of Deeism are hoping to take advantage of in order to advance their own anti-mod and anti-user aims.”(3) From amongst the ranks of the “acceptable users” who kick out and otherwise intimidate the veterans and genuinely contributive individuals are those who are slavishly loyal in their devotion to the sub-cliques of Deeism, in their devotion to the cause of splitting and otherwise attacking the mod. Yet for all their attacks there are reactions. Only a number of days ago on the Viper server a few Deeist reactionists attacked the work of Mr D, upon which Vicki temporarily banned them from the server. Such was a shock to these Deeists, who thought that only the “great” personalities of “King” Empty, Trickster, Brutos, blizzerd, Beerdude dizzyone and others could dare wield the banhammer, and this against the progressive and democratic-progressive users. It is not surprising that Deeism is hostile to the Viper server under such conditions.


In the Blackhole the deterioration and stagnation assumes ever acuter forms. The establishment of the “Butthole” bantustan was yet another attempt to undermine the work of the democratic movement of the Blackholian userbase in its six-year struggle  for democracy, progress and peace in the Blackhole against the forces of Deeism, demagoguery and degeneration. It is not ironic that the Deeists attack this movement for its “politics” but have avowedly replaced it with a forum area dedicated entirely to the subject of real-world politics, for this is an intentional aim of the Deeists who in fact care far more about politics and extend politics and drama into the community in every sphere of operation. But the users of the Blackhole continue to struggle in defense of the good standards of the Blackhole as it knew them in 2004-2006, having the examples of the veteran Blackholians of many years past guiding them in their work, with the aid also of the scientific-materialist worldview. The long struggle of the Blackholian userbase is fully connected to the struggle of the entire community for its regeneration against the stagnationist forces at work. Deeism intentionally creates policies designed to stagnate the community and the mod, to demonstrate how “dead” both are, to focus their efforts on splitting the mod and isolating the progressive and democratic-progressive users. But these users see through the demagogic maneuvers of Deeism and struggle always in defense of the great Empires Mod, in defense of its glorious community and in defense of all that is good.


(1) “Ohai guise,” post #21.

(2) “‘Empiresmod.com’ is pathetic,” posts #71-72.

(3) Mr D. Report to the Second Congress of the Empires League. 2012. p. 17.


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