Bulletin #27

The Deeist Clique Fears the Users and Seeks to Silence Them

By Aly, July 26, 2012

The past six years have demonstrated above all that the Deeist clique is in fear of the users, regarding them in public as ignorant hoi polloi deserving of contempt from the “higher” beings (i.e. themselves), but in private express themselves forthrightly as afraid of these users, much in the same way any elitist or other figure with vested interests fears mass-based opposition to their activities. The fear the Deeist clique has for the joint work of the Empires League and the democratic movement of the Blackhole is expressed through, in the first place, the constant censorship, the editing out of “bad” names, and of course outright exclamations of fear from the Deeists themselves. An example of this is how Trickster recently asked his good friend Youzy to not even mention Mr D to him, for good or bad. Trickster simply can not bare to hear the name of a man who simply will not stop defending the mod and its whole community. “King” Empty likewise has pleaded to all he comes into contact with to not mention Mr D in his presence either. Neither men seek to reap what they sow, for what they have sown can only come back at them with a vengeance, with the users rising up once more against them.

The Deeists are not a mentally stable bunch. Filled with delusions of grandeur and unwarranted self-importance, they seek to show their “greatness” in frivolity, in intrigue and other detrimental affairs having little relation to the mod itself. The Deeist clique, as Mr D has pointed out many times, is inherently unstable yet its members know they must ultimately stand together to survive against the whole userbase. Among other things, Mr D pointed out that it is “the fear in which the Deeists had and continue to have of the League have shown its worthiness as the representative organ and force of the whole userbase of the mod.”(1) That which strikes fear into the Deeist not by threats against one’s life or other ways utilized by Deeism itself, but by genuinely mass-based efforts, is a glorious force which deserves support and actively strives to win it. Such is the power of the Empires League.

(1) Mr D. Report to the Second Congress of the Empires League. 2012. p. 33.

Six Years Since the Recognition of an Elected Moderator in the Blackhole

By Kuzkin, July 28, 2012

Today six years ago an event of great importance for the Blackholian userbase occurred: the Empires Forum Administration recognized the position of an elected moderator of the Blackhole and therefore called for its implementation as an act to be decided upon by the Blackholian userbase itself. This was in direct antagonistic contradiction to the claims of Dee and her cronies that she was “forum dictator” (a term the Deeist “theorist” Jn. bestowed upon her as a praiseworthy title) and that, in essence, she alone could and would decide affairs in the Blackhole. In addition this day demonstrated the strength of the democratic movement of 2006 which, despite its internal failings and the intrigue of the Constitutionalists and other Deeist agents, remained a popular mass movement of the users of the Blackhole. The initiator of this great effort was Mr D, who built upon the prior successes of the movement in order to achieve the obtainment of genuine progress for the Blackhole and its distinctive userbase. It was he who rose to the occasion and obtained for the Blackhole a lasting glory.

The act of recognition was simultaneously an order by the Empires Forum Administration. As Mr D has said, to oppose it means “to disrespect the whole Empires Forum Administration, when one of their own breaks this command applied to all moderators and administrators.”(1) Yet this is exactly what Dee and her allies did, openly opposing this Administration and doing all in their power to subvert it and the democratic movement from within. The progressive users of the whole community knew well what Dee’s intrigues meant for the entire userbase, with such individuals as knighttemplar playing a noted role in the establishment of the great Empires League months after the suppression of the democratic movement of 2006. The relationship between the Empirian and Blackholian userbases, meaning between the users of the whole forum and the users of the Blackhole, is one requiring the closest cooperation in a united struggle against the Deeist clique and its degenerate allies, apologists and agents. The strength of such unity was demonstrated in the early days of the great November-December Rising of 2010, just as the perils which befall the users when this unity is undermined were demonstrated as the days passed during that same event, with the connivance of the Deeists and their agents Axeman, WalMartGreeter, etc. The situation in the Blackhole and the objectives of the democratic movement remain fundamentally the same as always: to secure the victory of democracy, progress and peace, to have an elected moderator and to bring the Blackhole up to the standards it enjoyed in the 2004-2006 period. Such objectives are in the service of the entire community, in the service of the destruction of the Deeist clique.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. III. 2010. p. 48.

The Veterans of the Empires Mod Serve Good Examples

By D. Kruse, July 29, 2012

In the present period which came into existence in 2007, the veterans of the Empires Mod who existed in the past and those who continue to carry on in the present serve good examples to the whole userbase in various ways. At a time when the Deeist clique and its degenerative policies harm the users and subject them to bastard concepts of everything from development to how to moderate a forum it is clear that the words of the early developers of the mod and of Jkun are of great value. To the Deeists however such figures are to be distrusted and mentioned only selectively, with Jkun, Grayclay and others to be erased whenever possible on the part of their progressive natures. “Viscount” Grantrithor echoing his “King” Empty once said that “no one gives a shit who the fuck jkun was”(1) which is an obvious lie. The Ban Hammer Manor which Jkun led along with his work in 2005 in opposition to the Deeist clique in the Blackhole have both had lasting impacts, with Deeists even discussing every once in the while the “bringing back” of the former under pressure from users tired of trolls, lamers, DDoSers and other malicious forces and friends of Deeism. Jkun remains one of the most outstanding personalities of the whole history of the Empires Mod, a model in many ways of conduct and activity.

The great work of the veteran users of past and present contrasts sharply to the “veteran” Deeists whose degenerate and reactionary stands inspire hatred by the mass of the whole userbase. Destro who is a long-term user described The Buttery Lobster (a veteran in both Blackholian and whole community affairs) as, “Very friendly and personable. Was the exact opposite of [the Deeists]. AKA not a troll, anger-monger, or cynical.” Today the most obvious example of a veteran user who embodies seemingly all that is hostile to Deeism is Mr D. Despite the efforts of Trickster and Co. to denigrate him Mr D has made clear that, “My status as a veteran of the community is only shocking to Trickster because he cannot envision how someone could be so loyal to the Empires Mod, which many of Trickster’s friends such as Zeke and Slade denounce as a ‘shit mod.’”(2) The Deeist clique’s efforts to rewrite history and present themselves as the “saviors” of the mod as they prepare the way to splitting it can be stopped in part by learning of and applying the standards of the genuine veterans of the mod and its community, who were at the forefront of the mod’s defense in those years before the ascendancy of Deeism.

(1) “Remembering Jkun,” post #4.

(2) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 16.

Challenges for the Month of August

By Todg, August 1, 2012

In line with the directives of the Central Committee of our League, I feel today that some words are in order for the challenges the League as a whole faces for this month. To begin with, the pronounced stagnation affecting the entire community is continuing without pause, as the Deeists promise time and time again to release a new version of the mod. As far back as February claims that a new version would be “released” in that month were exploded then and in subsequent months with the subsequent claims. This does not mean they will not release a new version, but only because of actions by the users themselves. The League, as is well known, is an organization of the whole userbase in alliance against not just Deeism but stagnation, not just degeneration but also defeatism. In our active efforts to defend the mod and its community we are engaged in an all-around process which cannot fail to engage in many subjects at once. The Deeist reactionists attack both mod and community in various ways, seek to monopolize power at all times and to undermine the resistance of the users to their efforts both on the level of opposition to repression and on the deeper, psychological level. Deeist pressure is exerted in every conceivable field as the Deeist clique seeks to imprint its “greatness” and destroy that which came before it. But the efforts of Deeism are frustrated when it is the users, united through the work of the League, who genuinely carry the mod and its community forward against the wishes of the Deeist clique.

The mismanagement of the development of the mod by the Deeists can only be corrected through the conscious efforts of the whole userbase. The directives of the Central Committee gave as three main examples: to learn of the scientific methodology required to truly develop the mod in the present-day objective material conditions and to contrast it with the Deeist conception of “development” as they are peddling, to work to popularize the mod and its history and to bring out the most progressive and forward-looking elements and forces to the fore in an arduous effort to reclaim the mod for those who care for it, and to continue the doctrine of continuous relevance discussed at the Second Congress of the League by Macoud, which was a further elucidation of the doctrine as it originated last year in the work of Mr D. Such work, of course, should be continuous whenever possible, with the aim that gains of a “truly lasting and generally irreversible”(1) nature be carried out. The release of the design document months ago was a good example of a lasting gain for all progressive and democratic-progressive users. Despite the claims of the Deeists to the contrary, the work of the League and all sympathetic users is on the upsurge not just in practical, mass-based work but also in educative and elucidatory work as well. The month of August will bear fruit for the users not only in an increase in these spheres, but also in the popularization of the mod itself, which is a task of growing importance.

The Deeist clique sees the stagnation of the mod induced by itself and then announces that this is an “inevitable” process, that now it is time to prepare for “Empires 2,” or an otherwise “spiritual successor” to the mod to be chaired by Trickster, Mootant or any other intrigant. The “care” of the Deeists for the mod is aptly shown in their “interest” in publicizing it, which when pressed against the wall the Deeists force themselves to the bare minimum, as they carry on in such a manner in every other field of work not related to suppressing the users and all that is progressive and good in the community. Thus Trickster spams ModDB when he feels like it and calls it a “blitzkrieg,” showing how much he “supports” the mod. The rest are too busy engaging in the deepening of their anti-social activities. The League’s work in this field is thus wide open and confirms once more the words of Mr D that, “[The Deeist clique] will only understand peace when it is forced to understand it, just as it will only ‘understand’ the value of development when the users force them to, indeed, develop.”(2) Through the efforts of the League various intrigues are likewise smashed, such as the attempts by the “ponies” to scam various users by obtaining their money under the guise of “funding” a “new Empires,” something Trickster has tacitly approved. The “Empires is Dead” group is likewise stagnant through our efforts. The strengthening of our efforts still further constitutes an always-present task for the League and its cadre, serving consistently the great Empires Mod and forum community. Let us continue our work still further, on an ever higher level.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 76.

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The Degeneracy and Reactionary Views of the Deeist Clique Are Fundamental to It

By Kuzkin, August 4, 2012

From the very beginnings of the Deeist clique, it has always had a pronounced degenerative and reactionary character. When we start with Dee herself, who was into an incestuous online relationship with her brother and a fan of the works of Oswald Mosley, we proceed onto her close friends such as Ganks, who angrily remarked to Mr D once that, “I grew up in complete darkness, my life began in absolute horror and I had PTSD before I learned how to talk.”(1) Then there was the Neo-Nazi Sgt. Mike, who the Deeists today wax nostalgic about and who was a committed opponent of all progressive and democratic-progressive users. As he once said, “I don’t like Jews, nigers [sic.], faggots, [or] kikes.”(2) As he further said to the delight of his Deeist backers, “I Like changeing [sic.] the name of the blackhole [back] to the idiot pit. So Mr D can feel like at home.”(3) To this provocation Mr D humorously replied that, through the “Constitution” which Lothar, dumpster_fox, and other agents of Deeism forced on the democratic movement of that year, “We could petition to ban Sgt. Mike from the Blackhole..”(4) Let us not forget either the case of the racist psyl0cibe, who Jkun and Mr D spearheaded the fight against through the Ban Hammer Manor. Indicative of the progressive mentality at work in much of the community back then, MrBojangles demonstrated (to the applause of The Buttery Lobster and other progressive users) his resolute opposition to psyl0cibe and all aspects of racism in general. While on another mod he remarked of psyl0cibe’s activities, “He was being a racist fuck, so I did the whole status, screenshot, (lol I even combod’ him by getting him being a racist and his STEAM Id in one shot!) and I got him banned from that server. Now, if people will please go to the Ban Hammer Manor and see what I did to two exploiters and impersonators, we can hopefully ban some more degenerative imbeciles!”(5)

Such are some of the early agents of Deeism. We can, of course, mention the transsexual one-time Neo-Nazi JJ45, the fascist Solokiller, Jcw87, Jn., and a host of others but suffice to say it is clear that degeneration and reactionary stands have been with the Deeist clique from the start of its existence. When today you see stout defenses of pedophilia, racism, sexism, and other ills one must realize that these are fundamental aspects of the Deeist clique. This is why Mr D’s words on continued degeneration carry so much weight, that “the policies of the Deeist clique are leading the mod and its community into deepening stagnation, into ever present signs of defeatism, into increasing degeneration, which the sub-cliques of Deeism are hoping to take advantage of in order to advance their own anti-mod and anti-user aims.”(6) This is not merely an analysis from afar or even up close, but a scientific-materialist analysis basing itself off of 7 years of observations and analyses of the Deeist clique and all that surrounds it. The prescient analysis of Mr D made here is but one of many all-sided looks into the problem of degeneracy and the ways in which to combat it. The great work of our League, led by its outstanding Chairman, gains in every conceivable way by studying the many questions which the advent of Deeism has brought not only in opposition to it, but in broader questions of how to tackle issues relating to the stability of a forum, the securation of it against degeneration, etc.

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The Users Play a Leading Role in the Defense of the Empires Mod

By Archanor, August 5, 2012

A key element in the work of the Empires League is the fact that the users play a leading role in the defense of the Empires Mod, a role not “bestowed” upon them by some higher power, but an objective necessity in the struggle against Deeism and all other forms of reaction. It is not the self-appointed “saviors” of Empires, whether they be of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique, the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique, or other “independent” figures like eth0 et. al. who decide the mod’s development and well-being, but the organization, strength and consciousness of its entire userbase which in the end is the main determining factor. It is the hoi polloi like Viroman who effectively taunt the Deeists, who do as he did when he attacked the Deeist plots to create a “new design document” by saying, “Lastly will this be another gestapo document that as far as the public is concerned never existed?”(1) The Deeists believe that the users are a dangerous bunch, an eternally ignorant caste which has no independent initiative, and that the unwarranted self-importance of Trickster, “King” Empty, Brutos, Beerdude, Mootant, and other leading Deeists and their close allies are the only figures worth considering in any examination of the mod and its community. As the “King” once put it in his role as an “unquestionable” moderator, “We don’t have to notify you or even justify anything we do to you guys.”(2)

The Empires League mobilizes the users and seeks to make them conscious of their abilities. In fact the League itself works to ensure that this principle is carried out both within and without its confines, for to quote Mr D, “the League embodies a truly mass-based line of work, stressing at all times the popular and democratic character of its activities in internal and external affairs and also recognizing that power belongs to the masses and derives from them.”(3) This stands in direct and antagonistic contradiction to the views of Trickster, Chris0132, Beerdude, and not to mention “King” Empty himself who stress the “glories” of monarchism, who see in it and its justifications a part of the justifications for their own anti-mod and anti-user activities. It must be understood by every member of the League that only the combined efforts of the users can bring progress, that the Deeist clique has historically had its largest fears in this very unity. This is why the Deeist clique attacks the Empires League and from its establishment in 2007 the Deeists have sought to belittle and obstruct its work. They realize the strength of the League when it is under proper leadership, when it is conducting its activities in a mass-based manner.

(1) “New Empires Design Document?” post #1.

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The Degeneration of the Whole Community: A Fact Inseparable From the Deeist Clique

By Macoud, August 8, 2012

With the rise of the Deeist clique in 2006-2007, first in the Blackhole and then across the rest of the community, this community has seen an undeniable lunge towards degeneration in all fields. In the present-day circumstances this degeneration is particularly noticeable and plays a large role in the pronounced stagnation of the mod and its community. It takes various forms, whether through the furries like Kane, PreDominance, Marshall Mash and others, or through the various animé-lovers like Alucard, Zeke, Youzy, Candles, Cyber-Kun, Kane-EMP, Cpatton, McGyver, Chris0132 (who also doubles as an admirer of furries), and various others. We can also count the various racists like Sprayer, the outright Neo-Nazis like the aforementioned Marshall Mash along with Thor, and so on. What can be seen, however, is that all of these degenerative groupings express their loyalties to the Deeist clique first and foremost, as the sole force which guarantees the security of these groupings against the pressure of the broad strata of the whole community opposed to them. As Mr D has said of the sub-cliques of Deeism, they “apportion these degenerative and reactionary elements amongst themselves, who treat them as loyal agents and footsoldiers against the users or against other sub-cliques, etc.”(1)

Throughout the past few months and, indeed, the past few years, many users have spoken out against the degeneration of the whole community at the hands of these groupings. They have often protested in vain, however, for they have failed to link up the struggle against degeneracy with the absolutely necessary struggle against Deeism itself, which engenders and protects the degenerates for as long as it can. In addition there is the fact that a notable number of these degenerates have with them malicious intentions, most notably the “ponies” of which both Trickster and “King” Empty support, and of whom Magnus and others openly identify with. The “ponies” have had cordial discussions with the DDoSers of 2010, with Dee herself, and with leading Deeist reactionaries in general. Axeman, one of the premier “ponies,” has been involved in various maliciousness for years against the interests of the community and the Empires Mod itself. Those who speak out against the “ponies” can be called brave to an extent, but they, too, are protesting in vain without extending this protest to a protest and struggle against the Deeist clique itself, which uses the “ponies” in defense of its own vested interests.

Throughout the year 2010 in particular, but also in more recent times, various “independent” figures have come to the fore with their own “plans” to “change” Empires. In December 2009 and January 2010 there was the so-called “Empires Union” of Cpatton, OuNin, PreDominance and other Deeist agents which was exposed without difficulty. It called for open collaboration with the Deeist clique in “developing” the mod. Some months later saw the rise of John Shandy, who together with Grantrithor and other lackeys of the Deeist apparatus called for the “liberalization” of the forum rules and meanwhile appropriated the popular call for the separation of the positions of moderator and developer, though he approached this in an intentionally arbitrary manner. His end-goal was to extol the “greatness” of Brutos and to focus all efforts against “King” Empty, doing his best as WalMartGreeter, Axeman, Krazer and others would do during the November-December Rising to direct as many users as possible away from the struggle against Deeism into a struggle against this or that personality. Such figures arose with their stated intention of “saving” the mod and its community, but in fact sought to affix the users to the Deeist clique, to serve as a release valve for the just unrest of the great mass of the users against degeneration, stagnation and repression. The end result of those well-intentioned users affixing themselves to the likes of Cpatton, Shandy, etc. was demoralization and a withdrawal from the community at large.

The struggle against Deeism is at the same time a struggle not only against degeneracy and reaction, but a struggle in defense of the great Empires Mod and for the regeneration of its whole community. It is a struggle completely linked up with the cause of the users of the Blackhole as well. To induce separatist tendencies in this united struggle, to operate “independently” of it means to objectively serve as an asset to the Deeist clique, who will parade one around the community as a safe “alternative” to the efforts of the Empires League and the democratic movement of the Blackhole. As Mr D has said, the Deeist clique pursues a “strategy of divide and rule, to disunite users on the basis of pettiness, of clan-based affairs, of this or that personal dispute, and to purposefully promote an outlook that stresses a focus on this or that individual figure independent from the objective material conditions.”(2) It is precisely this sort of mentality which the League and all progressive and democratic-progressive users have sought to oppose with consistency and resoluteness, to strive instead for a full exposure of the Deeist clique in all fields.

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The August Rising of 2010: A Demonstration of the Deeist Clique’s Anti-User Nature

By D. Kruse, August 9, 2012

Today marks the second year since the initiation of the August Uprising of 2010, a great event which arose in reaction to a tragedy not just for the Blackholian userbase but for all users. Beginning in January that year the democratic movement of the Blackhole notably increased its activities after three years of stagnation in the 2007-2009 period, when it was under the domination of the Constitutionalist renegades. In defiance of the so-called “Kingdom of the Blackhole” proclaimed by “King” Empty, the democratic movement alongside all progressive users attacked the Deeist clique and grew in influence. Saddened by the fact that even after banning over 30 users for daring to oppose his “Kingdom” he still was regarded as a joke, “King” Empty enlisted the support of Brutos, Kylegar and Co. in suggesting the “remedy” of occupying the Blackhole forum area which was envisioned as an action that would choke to death the democratic movement and the progressive users and organizations allied with it. But in this the Deeist clique miscalculated badly, and was quickly forced to establish its first bantustan, the “Snailhole.” Along with the “Rainbow Paradise” led by the puppet LordDZ it would be consigned into the dustbin months later as today a “Butthole” bantustan continues to degrade the entire community with its rampant politics and degeneracy. Yet the August Uprising and its glory consists in something more than simply a response to this occupation and effort to decimate the Blackholian userbase.

Seen in a wider context it is clear that the Deeist clique was confronted not just by events in the Blackhole but also by events relating to the whole community. It was at this time that John Shandy and Co. were out in full force attempting to misdirect various users into the arms of this useful servant of Deeism. Joining Shandy were Cpatton, Grantrithor and other allies and agents of the Deeist clique. The users called for a series of reforms to be carried out in the interest of breaking the monopoly on power the Deeists hold over the development team and in addition called for the downfall of “King” Empty, his then-“Prime Minister” blizzerd and other blatantly unpopular figures. SupRore courageously opposed “King” Empty’s efforts as he had done in the past and did not fear being banned by this same mentally unwell figure. Days later Grantrithor announced the formation of the “United Empires Players” alongside the “pony” Beatandgo, the furry Jude Prudence, the Deeist agent Shorik and the animé-loving Fricken_Hamster. This “organization” sought to do what Shandy could not do in attempting to fool and placate the users but Grantrithor fell into the same problems as Shandy, adopting an excess of phraseology and clearly demonstrating his servility and subservience to his Deeist masters. The users were not fooled and nor were those progressive BSID Clan members who opposed calls from Thor to join the “UEP.”

Of great relevance to the users during the Uprising was the successful foiling of a massive effort by “King” Empty to ban a great many users, some of them who were themselves reactionaries and who were simply at odds with the “King” over this or that personal issue such as Dubee and pickled_heretic. By publicizing this information the democratic movement of the Blackhole saved the whole userbase from an even bigger tragedy which would have clearly impacted the well-being of the mod itself. In doing this the democratic movement with Mr D at the head played a great role in defense of the mod and its community. As he himself put it on the first anniversary since that event, “The stand the democratic movement took at the time of the August Uprising, and our successful efforts to mobilize the users against the attempts of ‘King’ Empty to initiate his mass bannings, have made clear the correctness of our stands a year since they were carried out into practice.”(1) The August Uprising retains its relevance as the Deeists have not ceased in their efforts to continue lording over both the Blackhole and the Empires Mod and as the progressive users united around the League continue their mass-based work in the service of both and of the entire community.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 18.

The Community’s Stagnation Continues Unabated

By Aly, August 12, 2012

Yesterday the amount of active users stood at 120, a number which has not been rare these past few months. The community’s stagnation continues unabated as the Deeist clique can offer no solutions except the “salvation” of the mod through the splitting of it. For these past few months this clique has sought to feign interest in the “development” of the mod, particularly after the release of the Empires design document demonstrated the wide gap between what was envisioned and what, today, is in existence after years of Deeist domination over the whole community. One player, yusundur, has bluntly said that, “Things are not like they used to be.” GeekBoy, a less valuable figure, has likewise commented that “there is only one server left,” a reference to the EPIC Clan server, which is an appendage of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique. Of course GeekBoy also called the game “dead” as those who care little for the game often do. All claims of the mod being “dead” have and will continue to be fraudulent, pressed on either by those who do not know any better or by conscious agents of the Deeist clique seeking to show how the need for a “new Empires” has arisen. And yet the continued stagnation of the mod leaves a growing number of users predisposed towards accepting the “death” of Empires and a “successor” out of a perceived lack of any alternative road. The Empires League is striving each day to advance the mod and its community against the stagnationist forces represented by the Deeist clique.

The Hypocrisy of Trickster

By R. Dasgupta, August 15, 2012

Recently Trickster has claimed that the problem with the Empires Mod’s stagnation lay not in the fault of the “developers” of the mod—the same “developers” who eschew planning, teamwork, and coordination and who are at the same time at the head of efforts to degenerate the whole community—but with the users. According to Trickster, “No-one is attending tests. . .If you aren’t going to bother, then don’t blame us when shit doesn’t work out, because we’ve done our part, held up our end, and we can do no more, the rest is up to you guys.”(1) This is certainly an inane but also hypocritical argument. For a year now the Deeist “developers” have presided over the mod’s pronounced stagnation, have combated efforts to assist in ending it, and at the same time have actively begun working on projects to split the mod, the same projects which were definitively rebuffed by the users in January 2010. Under the claim that the Deeists are “developing” the mod is the fact that a bare minimum of effort is being made, just enough to make “one last push” so that they can call it a day and announce the “new Empires” which they hope will consolidate control over the whole community, as well as wreck and disunite it in the process in order to prevent a united stand against Deeism. It is fact that Trickster and his cohorts are working on behalf of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique to revive their old “Dies Iræ” project and that this is where a majority of work goes. It is likewise a fact that the pleas of Trickster and Co. are crocodile tears which have at their basis the appearance of Trickster and Co. “organizing” things and doing what they should have done long ago.

But in fact this is not entirely true, for the way in which Trickster is proceeding in “getting things done” as “lead developer” demonstrates still further that he should neither be “developing” nor leading anything. In the first place, by saying as Trickster does that it does not matter how much experience you have on the mod itself, he demonstrates the idiocy of his efforts. He says “whether you’re new or have been playing for 5 years. As long as you show up, we’re happy.”(2) This forms the basis of his policy of spamming various players over and over until they relent and “test” the game, in which they move about, hear Trickster and other Deeists make “funny” comments, and pretend to “test” the upcoming version of the mod. There is no planning and no process of separating the wheat from the chaff, only an artificial inflation of those who “showed up” to “test” the mod. It is telling that so few users care to “test” alongside such “great” figures as Trickster, “King” Empty, Beerdude, Varbles, Grantrithor, and a wide assortment of trolls, lamers, animé-lovers and so on. As Mr D said a year ago when the Steam release was presented as the “saving” of the mod by the Deeists, “The stagnation, the undermining of unity between users, and the lack of a progressive, positive culture have taken their toll and now the Deeists cannot mask their existence. They have therefore sought to ‘address’ these facts by either legitimizing them or pretending they are ‘working’ to fix them. So, in essence, the Empires Mod is not on life support, but the Deeists treat it like it is. An infusion of new users here, and then an infusion of new users there, and then from this they need to bring forth sudden ‘infusions’ over and over. This is not healthy development. This is not how vibrant and self-sustaining communities develop.”(3)

Cynicism is delectable in every area of Deeist operations. When one user called for the glory of the early years of the mod to be restored, BloodRaven responded, “Glory? you must be new here.”(4) In the “Empires is Dead” group two figures represent the two tendencies at work amongst the defeatist users: Rawrawrawrawrawr, the friend of Trickster, Slade, Jephir and Cpatton, says that Empires should “rest in peace” but adds “let’s never speak of you again.” Scouto, by contrast, says, “The game died when the devs stopped caring. There have literally been no updates for over a year. The steam release was supposedly going to allow the devs to release smaller updates more frequently than before. Yet here we are, same version as last year.” Such is the way the Deeists “develop” the mod. But this recent decision to pick up the pace was not an act of generosity, but a recognition of the growing strength of the Empires League, which is working to popularize and promote the mod against the wishes of these same “developers,” who correctly see in these efforts an undermining of the Deeist clique. Is it also any wonder that so many users are not too enthused about “testing” the mod when, as the reactionary RampantAndroid noted of Trickster last year, “I don’t give a FUCK if he contributes or not, abusing people on the forums isn’t acceptable when you want to take the mod public”?(5) It must also be asked if it is any wonder when leading “developers” are actively involved in Trickster’s “Dies Iræ” project, such as Jephir, Keef, etc.? The attempts by the Deeists to show how they “care” for the mod fall on the deaf ears of all progressive and democratic-progressive users, who know of the designs of Deeism on the mod and its community.

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Mr D Interviewed on ModInformer

By Todg, August 17, 2012

After months of effort, Mr D, Chairman of the Empires League and one of the foremost veterans of the Empires Mod, has been interviewed on the website ModInformer. In this interview he gave a brief history of some of the problems plaguing the mod’s development, their origins in earlier years, and also imparted some knowledgeable words on how to efficiently and scientifically develop a mod. As was the case last year, it was Mr D who worked with success to publicize the mod, just as the Deeists will doubtlessly seek to take the interview down by intimidating and harassing the persons who put it up, as they did with last year’s ModSentry interview. Mr D made a clear comment on this phenomena last year when he said, “For all their attempts to sabotage us, for all their attempts at censorship and distortion, they cannot succeed in their attempts to break the morale of our movement nor eliminate the conditions for our continued existence lest their own existence come to an end. The interview and the reaction it received on the part of the Deeist apparatus demonstrates this quite clearly.”(1) The interview itself is of lasting impact, and it remains to be seen whether the Deeists will show how much they “support” Empires by forcing themselves through a generic and uneventful “interview” with that site or some other. Considering they made such a threat last year, it is far from certain, for the Deeists are simply too “busy” to do things like that. They have more important things to do, like “protect” the mod from publicity.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 30.

The Banning of Zeke and Justin: A Sign of the Growing Resistance of the Users

By D. Kruse, August 18, 2012

When we look at the activity of the two Deeists Zeke and Justin we see that their banning was not at all surprising in any “normal” forum. But in the conditions of the Empires Forum where they enjoyed the active protection of their good friend Trickster the fact that they could not find shelter in the Empty-Brutos sub-clique to which they belonged was significant. The users have become increasingly irate as of late of the apologetics for pedophilia, the increasing amounts of animé and other degenerate topics for discussion, and have made it clear that they do not tolerate the posting of “lolicon” pornography on the forum. Of the two men, Zeke can be differentiated from Justin on account of his utter idiocy and his contempt for technological progress, whereas Justin is defined by his sociopathy and his stated desire to murder Mr D which he has never given up hope for and which he is egged on by Trickster and “King” Empty. The Empires League welcomes the permanent banning of both but also warns that under the Deeist clique a “permanent ban” means little, for “King” Empty was permanently banned twice after all.

The League stands for the defense of the rules of the forum as they were implemented in the years 2004-2006 before the takeover by the Deeist clique. We do not stand for leniency or liberalism but for the consistent application of these rules as a weapon in the hands of the progressive and democratic-progressive users against the reactionaries and degenerates of all hues. Mr D when refuting the claims of Shandy touched upon his claim of “laxing” the forum rules by pointing out that, “Would it not result in more leeway for the Deeists to act? . . . Indeed should they not instead be strengthened if anything?”(1) Today Kane-EMP and other degenerates who gladly applaud the repression of good users appeal for “leniency” for Zeke and Justin but the progressive and democratic-progressive users will continue to call not just for keeping their bans permanent, but for ensuring that the rules of the forum do not tolerate any degenerate acts. The way in which this can be carried out of course is reliant upon the defeat of Deeism itself as the force which promotes degeneration in all fields and which is the greatest danger to the mod itself.

(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. IV. 2011. p. 66.

The Activities of Deeism Continue to Harm the Mod’s Development and the Health of the Community

By Macoud, August 22, 2012

These past few days have seen the Deeist clique upset about a number of things. The August 17 interview of the mod on ModInformer has increased activity in the community, raising the amount of active users to around 135, a number which is still far too low yet for the Deeists is, apparently, too high, for they continue to seek to annihilation of any trace of the interview. Yet various users have commented on the obvious value of the interview, with complete_lamer saying, “at least someone is willing to do PR.”(1) Meanwhile the efforts of Trickster and his cohorts to demonstrate how “active” the “development” of the mod is has failed to bring results to the Deeists. Candles has said, “The last thing I’d ever want to put on a resume would be ‘Empires Mod Programmer’, just in the off chance they want a code example.”(2) The “development” forum area is similarly filled with less-than-encouraging words about the state of development under Deeist dictates. Asz has said of servers that, “They’ve been pretty empty.” Nachos of Ent has stated his view that the mod “seems dead to me.” These are not the signs of a “renewed” situation within the mod but a continuation of stagnationist policies befitting the Deeist clique. Apathy is rising as these same Deeists who proclaim the release of a new version of the mod next month are preparing at this same time to split the mod and its community.

If the “development” of the mod under Deeism is clearly so slow and so mismanaged as to be harmful, their treatment of the community is even worse. The Deeist clique has always attacked the democratic-progressive users in the Blackhole under the claim that these users advocate “politics.” The call for an elected moderator, for a restoration of the standards of 2004-2006, are considered “political” activities. That the Deeists themselves actually engage in politics is by now undeniable; the “Butthole” bantustan is a most obvious case which is harmful to the whole community. The Deeist agent PatPeter posts on a forum known as “Geo Political Simulator” under the username Lelouch while Roor, no friend of the progressive and democratic-progressive users, admits that the politics within the community are in his words “terrible,” and as with other apologists of Deeism calls the mod “deadpires.” Draps, a friend of “King” Empty, said back in 2010 that according to the “King” himself his “Kingdom of the Blackhole” was “mostly roleplay” in content, yet this same “King” seeks to control the Blackhole and suppresses any users who speak out against his “Kingship.” Paradox has recently referred to him as “King Empty,” as his “officer.”(3) The democratic movement of the Blackhole, which works closely with the Empires League, sees its work inevitably connected with the health of the rest of the community, towards a “better Empires Mod and a better community free from trolls, politics, degeneracy, furries, animé lovers and so on.”(4) That the Deeists refuse to denounce all the discussions about politics in Off-Topic makes clear their hypocrisy on this issue.

The stagnation present in the community cannot be fought against by a new version of the mod either,  as the Deeists are claiming. It can only be fought against through a reinvigorated community which has a scientific conception of development, which correctly applies the rules of the forum in the service of it, which has a united userbase which truly cares for the mod and is willing to defend it in a multitude of ways, and which is therefore not only willing to develop the mod but has a correct orientation in the service of said development. The new version of the mod will bring forth a small boost in activity due to the fact that it has been the first version released in more than a year, but only a fool could think that this by itself will “solve” any of the various problems facing the mod, which have their origin in the reactionary activities of the Deeist clique.

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The Deeist Clique: A Clearly Anti-User Force

By Aly, August 25, 2012

The self-interested nature of the Deeist clique is well-known. The Deeists bring into the community all those elements which in theory are condemned and not allowed, but which in practice are given a free hand so long as they remain loyal to Deeism and carry out its wishes. An example of this can be found in the case of Kane the furry, who in June 2009 openly tried to engineer a putsch alongside “King” Empty, blizzerd and PreDominance. Trickster’s friend Lawliet has said of furryism that, “Furries are kind of weird. I had a friend who grew up liking animals. He turned into a furry. He was quite a lonely individual in school. I haven’t seen him in 2 years. My thoughts of what I know is that he hasn’t left his room cause he’s too busy talking to his furry friends.” This impression of furries is well known yet the Deeists allowed Kane all the leeway, despite what he did in June 2009, to continue with his drama until finally in March 2010 he openly moved to sabotage the mod itself, upon which the Deeists were forced to react. To give another case, WalMartGreeter encouraged the DDoSers of 2010 to set up their own server and together with Solokiller encouraged them in their DDoSing activities. Trickster, who made a show of “opposing” DDoS attacks, only reacted with seriousness when his own server was hit, and even then neither WalMartGreeter nor Solokiller were punished in any way. WalMartGreeter was even once banned from a server “because the admin thought I was [one of the DDoSers].”(1) Such are two examples which demonstrated that the Deeist clique is a clearly anti-user force.

(1) “Stupidest kicks & bans list,” post #63.

The Case of Convict Gaming

By Kuzkin, August 28, 2012

ReLLik, a leading member of Convict Gaming (whose first language is Portuguese, not English), today discussed his experiences with the Empires Mod in 2010. He was surprised at first, saying “i thought Empires was dead already.” Regardless, he went on: “the last time i play the community was so agressive to new players that was not fun to play the game at all, my community made some servers for empires but after alll the lack of support to making servers and teh constant players spamming the servers and ddos attack we gave up.” The players in question were good friends of Trickster, Mootant and others and were quite angry at the strong stance the server took against racism. His was not just some random server, for “Viscount” Grantrithor once admitted that it was “one of the biggest server organisations” on Empires.(1) He then talked about Trickster: “i know him form those times and he add me because of those servers, then he join neotokyo playtesting team with us when i told him neotokyo was asking for playtesters. trickster is a bit crazy to be honest, no one in neotokyo at the time like him, he was a spammer on teh mic like in empires.” Then, discussing the reaction to the DDoS attacks on the Convict Gaming server, “the devs didnt help us, they allowed the ddos.” To the Deeist clique, ReLLik’s server existed for trolls to have some “fun” in it, and little more since Trickster saw it as competition for his own EPIC Clan server. ReLLik concluded by saying that “empires is a fun mod destroy by the imature people.”

It is no surprise that Trickster, in spamming various users to go “test” the mod with him, neglected to inform ReLLik who has been on his “friend” list for years.

(1) “Massive lag,” post #38.

Racism and Degeneracy: Rampant Problems in the Community

By Macoud, August 30, 2012

The ascendance of the Deeist clique in 2006-2007 coincided with a rise in racist sentiment throughout the whole community. In 2006 there was the case of the Deeist-backed racists Sgt. Mike and psyl0cibe, who were driven out of the community for their bigotry. Today, however, racism enjoys a protective cover by leading Deeists who themselves harbor racialist views, such as Trickster who rants about the Irish amongst others. McGyver, an agent of Brutos, has switched his avatar from Hitler to the less offensive Franz Joseph I, who “merely” complained that the “Jews” were in control of the Austrian press.(1) RKB has complained that BigTeef is “Jewish” and therefore untrustworthy. The Neo-Nazi furry Marshall Mash enjoys an enduring friendship with the Empty-Brutos sub-clique and is one of those “developers” involved in Trickster’s “Dies Iræ” project. The consistent stand of such great individuals as Jkun, The Buttery Lobster, Artemas Ward and other opponents of racism has long since been supplanted by the pro-racist stands of Chris0132, who once rated Haitians lower than iPhones in value, and “scientific racists” like Slayer. Shortly after the Oslo attacks last year TheLeetMuffin said that he “loved” Breivik, and this love has not waned to this day; “He simply wanted to stop the Islamisation of Norway by hurting the current in-power political party for their immigration laws.”(2) Meanwhile the Deeists themselves demonstrate their own mental imbalances. “King” Empty, whose boyfriend is a furry, has recently admitted that, “I am a pretty awful example of a human being.”(3) Not too long ago BitterJesus, no supporter of our efforts, bluntly said to Trickster, “You don’t have RL friends.”(4) This is something made clear by Trickster’s own borderline sociopathic and egotistical actions. It is clear that racism and degeneracy are rampant problems within the community, both instigated by the Deeist clique. With a spate of pro-pedophile and other degenerate activities as of late, the same McGyver joked, “Not long and over at 4chan they will say ‘hey you can’t post that sick stuff here, this isn’t the Empires forum!’.”(5) To paraphrase Lenin, we can call the Deeists fully human only with great reserve.

To conclude with a quote from Mr D, “When contrasted to the self-proclaimed trolls and other elements that make up the Deeist clique, it is clear that we stand as a pillar of decency and as stern enforcers of the forum rules. This analysis is obvious to any objective observer.”(6)

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