Bulletin #28

On Defensive Struggle Released

August 31, 2012

A 40-page work by Jamx, which discusses a number of subjects related to the struggle of the Empires League and the progressive and democratic-progressive users, has been released. This work defends the essentially defensive character of the League’s work, refutes certain slanders of the Deeists against it, and serves as an important text for League cadres to acquaint themselves with the methods and mass-based ways of work which are expected of them.


On The Release of Volume VII of Mr D’s Collected Works

By Kuzkin, September 1, 2012

The release of the seventh volume of the works of the great Mr D constitutes another step in the theoretical and historical enrichment of the life of the Empires Mod, the Blackhole, and various other related subjects. The work of Mr D, which encompasses seven years of the history of the great Empires Mod as well as the Blackholian userbase closely connected to it, is of unmeasurable value to both, dealing as it does with so many varied subjects of relevance. Dealing with the period of January-August 2012 and comprising over 200 pages of content, Volume VII of his Collected Works deals with various subjects of great importance to the users. Various messages and speeches included in it give a well-rounded view of Mr D’s activities, his consistent dedication to the mod and its community, and his astute analysis of events and general objective phenomena. Dealing with such subjects as the Deeist clique and its activities, the question of the development of the mod, the question of the maintenance of its community, the question of the Blackhole, on mass-based work, on scientific-materialist analysis, and on the Empires League itself, Mr D’s Collected Works comprise and detail all the great subjects of the utmost relevant quality to the whole userbase.


The compilation of Mr D’s Collected Works, a process which began in March 2010, still remains a task of great importance for that section of the userbase assigned with such activities. Volume VII deals with the months of this year, but prior volumes go only from November 2009 onwards. The task of completing the Collected Works of Mr D, which go from October 2005 onwards, is a glorious task which will be completed in due time. Members of the League and the entire community would benefit greatly from its completion, having at their disposal for knowledge and research what practically constitutes an encyclopedia of the Empires Mod itself. What runs like a red line through his works is his consistency and honesty, his steadfastness and courage in the face of the aggressive activities of the Deeist clique and its lackeys. The release of this latest volume is but a further demonstration of this clear and undeniable fact, a testament to the greatness of Mr D himself.


The Deeist Clique’s Efforts to Split the Mod Are Based on Demagoguery

By Todg, September 2, 2012

Since last year a growing number of Deeists are openly proclaiming the “death” or “dying” the Empires Mod, which is in fact a process of pronounced stagnation that constitutes neither of the two claimed situations, but which the Deeists see as advantageou to claim in the present context. From the efforts of both the Empty-Brutos sub-clique with Trickster in a prominent position along with the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique with Mootant in a similarly prominent role to split the mod, increased talk of so-called “spiritual successors” to Empires has become not just idle chat, but an actively encouraged endeavor. At present it is Trickster and Co. who are in the lead, who want to revive their old “Dies Iræ” project, whereas Mootant and Co. with their “Empires II” are trailing behind, for that sub-clique throughout 2011 demonstrated its inability to overcome the handicaps faced by that of Empty-Brutos, which has the EPIC Clan, its server, leading positions in the “development team,” and a far larger control over the various degenerative forces at work in the community, from the furries to the animé-lovers, from the pedophile-apologists to the personalists, from the trolls to the DDoSers, etc.


And yet all these claims about how it’s “good” to split the mod, propounded by the “theorists” of Deeism such as Chris0132 and Trickster’s friend Slade, are baseless. The mod is neither “dead” nor “dying,” it is not an issue of how “old” the engine is, but the quality of the community and, indeed, development itself, which the Deeists recognize the need to pretend to uphold, for the users themselves continue to support the continued development of the mod, against the claims that “development is over,” that now it is time to “move on,” etc. To give just one example, Nick (perhaps better known as TurnipCamera) has remarked that, “Every time I have played, a server had at least 20 players. That means there are players still playing.” The Deeists, however, are involving themselves in what they hope is a self-fulfilling prophecy: to have the mod stagnate to such an extent that not only is its continued existence supposedly at the mercy of themselves, but that the users will rally around Deeism as it splits the mod and its whole community. At this same time the Deeist hold on affairs will be strengthened against the progressive and democratic-progressive users who are struggling against Deeism and all forms of reaction and degeneration.


In this scheme, also, they seek “to maintain a labor aristocracy from amongst the degenerates whilst maintaining their fooling of the well-intentioned users.”(1) Yet while the degenerates will defend the Deeist clique wholeheartedly for it is this clique which ensures their own existence and ability to “enjoy” the forum and DDoS servers and whatnot, the well-intentioned users who learn of the work of the Empires League are seeing clearly how the anti-mod and anti-user nature of Deeism works, how their demagogic activities are carried out. The efforts of the Deeist clique to censor the work of the League, which enjoys a five-year history, in itself demonstrates their reactionary nature and goal to replace the early developers and contributors of the mod with themselves as the mod’s “saviors.” In reality it is the League which is mobilizing the users, combating apathy and defeatism along the way. It is the League, too, which is refuting all the demagogic claims of the Deeists and all their lies and slanders directed against the great Empires Mod, against its whole united community.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. V. 2011. p. 36.


The Legacy of Dee

By Macoud, September 4, 2012

The establishment of the Deeist clique in the year 2005 bore, of course, the personal imprint of Dee herself as an arch-reactionary, an admirer of the doctrines of Oswald Mosley, as well as herself being an incestuous and egomanical figure. The essentially defective nature of Dee and her rise to power have been noted elsewhere, but her legacy has remained to the detriment of the entire community, which has to this very day been forced to endure the pernicious influence of Deeism in all fields. As Mr D has said, “Deeism is primarily driven by personalities seeking to gain personal or organizational control for their own private, ego-driven reasons.”(1) This is seen today in the activities of mentally unstable figures such as Trickster and Solokiller, the anti-social Mootant, and so on. This is because the Deeist clique is, in effect, an alliance of trolls, mental cases and degenerates, who by seeking artificial “glory” in the realm of the Empires Mod seek to cover for their own personal shortcomings. That this “glory” comes not from contributing to the mod but from stagnating it, that this “glory” comes from servile personality cults and not leaving behind a genuinely positive legacy, does not matter to the Deeist who is accustomed to such ways of gaining a “glorious” situation for himself.


Dee’s influence in the community was not out of any particular talent. She did not develop the mod in any way. In between talking about Mosley, Powell, Nietzsche, or any other reactionary figure who she discovered to her fellow Deeists¸ she would occasionally scribble animé art, to be admired by Jcw87, Jn., JJ45 and others who associated with her. Veteran user Pickajoe has recently noted that, “I don’t remember much of Dee except her presence on the forums.” Indeed, it was on the forum that she “shined” as a practicer of politics, as an “unquestionable” figure who could not stand that her self-proclaimed “authority” could in any way be limited by the hoi polloi. In her wake her successors have continued such traditions as sycophancy, personality-cultism, commandism, and intrigue to the detriment of the mod and its community. The practice of grouping together loyal assortments of degenerates and trolls, a practice alien to the early community, was another important “contribution” of Dee’s. Since she was forced to leave the community all those years ago, the users have continued to suffer not simply from the utter incompetence of their “masters,” but have also suffered from the rising trend of degeneration which the 4Channers, Facepunchers, furries, animé-lovers and other servants of Deeism have sought to inject into this community without pause. Such is the enduring legacy of Dee.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VII. 2012. p. 87.


The Deeist Clique Deepens the Degeneration of the Whole Community

By D. Kruse, September 6, 2012

The past three years have seen a clear trend within the whole community, that of opening the floodgates to the most degenerate elements. Though degeneracy enjoyed increasing protection from the formation of the Deeist clique onwards it was not until the last three years that the community saw the unbanning of “King” Empty who had been permanently banned twice, the effort in June 2009 by Kane the furry, the furry PreDominance and blizzerd with the support of the “kingly” troll to seize control over the forum, the subsequent effort of Kane with initial encouragement by Coffeeburrito to seize power in March 2010, the DDoS attacks that year engineered by the fascist Solokiller and the liberal friend of the “ponies” WalMartGreeter which were carried out by two Garrysmod role-players principally against the Viper server, and so on were not responded to with concerted efforts to prevent the recurrence of maliciousness but in fact the opposite, with relatively light punishments being meted out to these reactionaries in each case and in some cases no punishments at all. The recent banning of the degenerate animé-lovers Zeke and Justin was without doubt a measure the Deeists temporarily accepted under pressure.


The rise in defeatist sentiments within the community due to the pronounced stagnation facing it is seen as complimentary to the degenerates who seek to become the “new” userbase and representatives of this community. In this work they are being supported by the Deeist clique for as Mr D has pointed out, “The Deeists have sought since 2005 to drive out all progressive and democratic-progressive individuals within the entire community, if not through personal harassment and similar means then by undermining the good basis of the community of 2003-2006 in order to induce those progressive users from involving themselves any further in a community that no longer shares their standards and which is, in fact, encouraged to be hostile to the veteran users.”(1) Trickster has been a leading figure in praising this process by boasting that the progressive and democratic-progressive users are allegedly “exhausting” their links with the mass of the users.


The reactionary Deeist agent Paradox snapped at the reactionary Deeist agent WalMartGreeter recently by saying that, “The only thing you accomplished right now is saying everyone sucks except 5 people and that you dont care bout empires. Congrats with your always uplifting pessimism and random shit.”(2) Such pessimistic attitudes are widespread but are also expressed differently by the Deeist on one side and the genuinely progressive and democratic-progressive users on the other. To the Deeist Empires is a “shit mod” with a “shit community” of “poorfags” and so on. They attack both the mod and its community and hold them in contempt. The progressive and democratic-progressive users by contrast uphold the bright legacy of the early developers and contributors of the mod and seek to defend both that legacy and progressive culture, against degenerates and other reactionary forces allied with Deeism. Mr D has pointed out that, “The pronounced stagnation within the whole community is allowing for an atmosphere of apathy, defeatism and some isolated examples of capitulationism to Deeism and its degenerate and reactionary allies on the part of unconscious and semi-conscious users.”(3) Such is the inevitable road of those users who although opposed to Deeism do not translate this opposition into mass-based activity. Such is a truly sad situation indeed when they themselves either deem themselves unable or are unwilling to struggle against Deeism on this basis. Yet we recognize this as the policy of Deeism and as part of its degenerative and hegemonistic activities which are to the detriment of the mod and its whole community.


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Deeist “Moderation” Covers For Reaction

By Aly, September 7, 2012

The Deeist clique’s conception of “moderating” the forum is as bastardized as its conception of “developing” the mod. From the assumption that moderators are “forum dictators” which was promoted by Dee’s “theorist” Jn. in 2006 as a way to justify Dee’s anti-user and anti-admin actions, the Deeists have used their moderating powers not in the interests of the community but in the interests of themselves and their friends. The Deeists openly declare that they have no reason to divulge information about bannings, openly admit they delete various topics and posts, and openly state that the forum and community they preside over is “shitty” and filled with “faggots.” It is clear that the Deeists utilize moderator tools against the progressive and democratic-progressive users, and that otherwise, as A-z-K has said, the “forums are barely moderated.” At one point when Viroman, who Trickster himself praised only months ago in a private message for being one of the relatively few individuals contributing to the development of the mod, noted the incompetence of the “development team,” Trickster ridiculously replied, “ViroMan, one more assholeish, unfounded comment, and I will just remove you from this forum.”(1) This from the same figure who openly attacks other members of the forum and who has slandered Mr D without the slightest shred of proof.


While Trickster and Co. make 4Chan-esque jokes and participate in degenerative discussions, the agents of Deeism degrade the forum and are given relatively free reign so long as they don’t go “over the line” and wind up harming the interests of the clique. When Paradox attacked FN198 through his signature, the latter replied, “paradox your sig seldom fails to underline your immaturity,” to which Paradox replied, “I dont give a shit.”(2) Rather than being warned or anything of the sort, this sort of behavior runs rampant throughout the forum and is actively encouraged by “ex-“troll “King” Empty, by Trickster himself, by Beerdude, Chris0132, and their almost innumerable legion of allies and agents. This is why the Deeists direct their fire not at those who want to harm the mod and its community, but against those who want to help both, who oppose Deeism and all it has done against the users. It is clear that Deeist “moderation” is not much more than a covering for reaction, against the interests of the users and the mod they defend.


(1) “Empires Interview on Mod Informer?” post #33.

(2) “rifleman,” posts #52-53.


The Empty-Brutos Sub-Clique Works to Dominate the Mod

By D. Kruse, September 10, 2012

The sub-cliques of Deeism have always sought control over the mod by one-upping each other. In 2010 the sub-cliques of Empty-Brutos, Solokiller-Jcw87 and pickled_heretic competed for this end; in 2011 the lattermost sub-clique faded into near-irrelevance while Mootant whose brazenly anti-social nature precluded good relations with most Deeist hirelings found himself isolated within both the “development team” and within the broader assortment of reactionaries and degenerates. Since Mootant’s no doubt temporary “resignation” from the community the field has been left open to the Empty-Brutos sub-clique which is doing its best to demonstrate how much it is “saving” and “developing” the mod. Through the hegemony it exerts with the EPIC Clan as its appendage along with members of this sub-clique occupying all important posts within the “development team” it is able to present itself as the “sole force” of all things and that no possible alternatives exist to the crushing rule of Deeism. This cynical exercise however fools only the fools who are either unwilling to learn about or are against the mass-based work of the League.


Unlike Mootant Trickster has the advantage of both real-life friends and the support of the “ponies,” animé-lovers such as Candles, Zeke, Kane-EMP, Justin, etc., personalists and utter degenerates such as Chris0132 and blizzerd, and so on and so forth. He has built this alliance of reaction in such a way as to “guarantee” a spot for most notable reactionaries and degenerates in the “spiritual successor” to Empires that he hopes to create as the culmination of his ambition held since 2009 for “Dies Iræ.” Veteran user and founding League member Nebajoth pointed out that the EPIC Clan (which is an artificial creation and appendage of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique) had its basis in nothing more than a cult of personality around Trickster. Its members are indoctrinated to have hatred for other far more established clans and are flatly told by Trickster that to establish any relations with the progressive and democratic-progressive users means to void membership in said clan.


Anyone who glances at the FAQ of “Factions” (the name of Empires’ supposed “spiritual successor”) can see that Trickster and Co. are posturing to present it as the “new Empires.” Through control of EPIC and its associated server the Empty-Brutos sub-clique works to dominate the mod from all possible angles so as to better prepare it with the least amount of competition when the mod is declared “dead.” Posthumous, an associate of the “ponies” and one of those also associated with “Factions,” admits that it is indeed meant to be a “successor” to Empires. The rise of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique to a position of supremacy within the Deeist apparatus makes clear to all conscious users that the widest possible support has been obtained by them from the worst elements of the whole community. Yet the words of Mr D remain relevant that, “No matter what sub-clique, no matter what Deeist, there can be no progress if one tails Deeism in whatever guise or faction it appears in. Neither Trickster nor the sub-clique in which he belongs will be able to overcome the antagonistic contradictions which have developed between the users and the Deeist clique.”(1) Only the independent action of the great Empires League which unites all users against Deeism and also unites them in defense of the mod can achieve lasting gains and culminate its work in the victory over the hated Deeist clique.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VI. 2011. p. 22.


On the 30th Birthday of Krenzo

By Todg, September 11, 2012

Today is the birthday of Krenzo, the co-founder of the Empires Mod who, together with Don_Megel and duke, worked against various odds to design and develop the great Empires Mod. It is not necessary to say so much about a man who the users have spoken of so many times since the birth of the mod itself. Krenzo’s name has been mentioned in various contexts from simple admiration to calls to defend his legacy, along with literary and, yes, even quasi-artistic mediums. Krenzo has merits not only as a great and dedicated developer of the mod but also as an individual who set a good example for the whole community, who has noted time and time again his personal opposition to degenerative elements on a fundamental level. The progressive and democratic-progressive users find in Krenzo a progressive character in various ways. The Deeists and their lackeys cynically misuse the legacy of Krenzo to present him as something he is not, to claim he is a hot-headed man who bans at the slightest touch—so that they can “trace” Krenzo to themselves and their own “unique” moderative activities—or more common claims that he, like they, is a reactionary and opponent of the progress of the mod and its community. And to top it off they combine this “praise” for him by day with the utmost dishonest attacks on him by night.


The words and work of Krenzo must be analyzed on a scientific basis like any outstanding historical personality, for it is only in this way that a clear portrait of his contributions and his role in events will be established. The League does not seek to deify Krenzo as the Deeists pretend to do and as some progressive users have done in the past. Whereas the Deeists deify Krenzo and turn him into a “God” in order to mold him in their own image away from the masses, the progressive users of times past have seen in the character of Krenzo a great figure of heroic proportions, whose stands and standards stand opposite of those held by Dee and her cronies. Such literature invoking the name of Krenzo makes for an interesting and entertaining read today while demonstrating one of the release valves for those users who despised the Deeist clique’s rise to power, and the fact that Krenzo could be so widely regarded in such a fashion is a demonstration of his own noted contributions and talents. Jkun, Mr D, The Buttery Lobster, knighttemplar and various other democratic-progressive and progressive users of the times past and in the present period too have found and continue to find in the work of Krenzo a source of pride, a realization that in defense of the mod and its community they are carrying forward the progressive traditions of not just Krenzo, but of the early developers and contributors of the mod in general. Such positive appreciation should be separated from idolatry and vulgar “praise” for Krenzo which the Deeist clique engages in whenever expedient. Krenzo’s legacy belongs to the users, who will properly care for and nurture it, for it is they who properly respect it.


The End of Viper: A Victory for Deeism

By Jamx, September 13, 2012

For the past two years a concentrated campaign directed against the Viper server has taken its toll on its maintainers. From the DDoS attacks of 2010 to the 50+ empty servers of 2011 set up by the “ponies” and proclaiming that “VICKI IS A KIKE,” among various other examples of harassment and threats against the server, it is not surprising that under repeated pressures the server would proclaim its withdrawal from the mod it had served so consistently for years. As Sgt. Security pointed out, the Viper admins “deserve a medal for supporting EMP all these years. . . Your work done to preserve EMP community should not be forgotten.”(1) Viroman, A-z-K and other progressive individuals have likewise recognized the loss of Viper as a significant hit to the community’s cohesion and a victory for the regressive forces represented by Deeism. Mr D presciently noted back in February that, “The problem of Viper is a problem of the whole community and can only be solved by this community in a united and mass-based manner.”(2) Indeed, to separate the end of Viper from the struggle of the progressive and democratic-progressive users against the Deeist clique and the reactionaries and degenerates allied to it would be a significant error. It was Paradox who raised the flag of “rebellion” against Viper on August 31 when he declared that Viper admin Vicki is “banning everyone” and that she was “on a witch hunt, but vets are the witches.”(3) That Paradox and his ilk consider themselves not just “veterans” but figures too “high” to be banned for breaking the rules of the server was counteracted by Preadator, who said simply that “nothing of value was lost” by their banning.(4) Rawrawrawrawrawr, a friend of both Trickster and Paradox, declared on the “Empires is Dead” group the same day as Paradox’s post that, “It is funny that one of the last servers in empires is making so many not want to play empires.” The “many” in this case are the degenerates of the community. This same reactionist has also called the mod “dead” and has even called for it to be “buried” too for good measure.


The pretext which Viper’s admins used to bow out as gracefully as they possibly could was the emergence of a server owned by Paradox, a server which in fact is subordinate to the Deeist clique and is seen as a much more accommodating force by the Empty-Brutos sub-clique than the “unruly” Viper, whose admins were known for opposing drama and, at one point, kicking a few reactionaries who were spending time complaining about the work of Mr D to the detriment of playing the game itself. Meanwhile on Empires’ Facebook page, the Deeist reactionaries Youzy and TheLeetMuffin have praised the downfall of Viper. As friends of Trickster they have reason to be happy, for as Paradox himself has said of his own server, “Trickster has been working together with rawrawr on fixing and setting up server [sic.]”(5) while in a community with 132 active users the end of Viper cannot fail to have a further damaging effect on morale.


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The Deeists: Role-Players and Politicians

By Archanor, September 15, 2012

The Deeist clique has always attacked the democratic movement of the Blackhole and by extension the work of the Empires League as well as “politics,” a supposedly divisive force within the community. In reality, however, it is the Deeist clique which for years has been consistent in its advocacy of role-play and politics. From JJ45 and the Neo-Nazi Thor who in 2006 praised fascism and sought to build a Nazi “movement” in the Blackhole in collaboration with Dee and her agents, to the year 2010 with the so-called “Kingdom of the Blackhole” proclaimed by “King” Empty, role-playing has been something particularly dear to the Deeists. JJ45 was and is an active role-player, while Draps, a friend of “King” Empty, noted in 2010 that the “King” considered his activities from the angle of role-playing. This was confirmed not only by the worthless “titles” he has given out out such as “Prime Minister” blizzerd, “Prince” MooJuice, “Viscount” Grantrithor, “Baron” Von Satan, etc., but also his aspirations in NationStates, a game many Deeists involved themselves in during a bout of mutual role-playing early that year. Alas, the “King” had to eventually report that his fantasy “kingdom” in a role-playing game, based off of his equally fantastical “Kingdom of the Blackhole,” simply “was a kingdom” before some unforeseen game consequence ended that.(1) The “King” could, however, take solace in the fact that he was not alone.


Indeed, the amount of Deeists and their allies who partook alongside his role-playing on NationStates was quite large. Vulkanis, Hygrom, Jessiah, Kylegar, Varbles, “Viscount” Grantrithor, Simon, Kane the furry, OuNin, “communism,” blizzerd, Marshall Mash who unsurprisingly called his role-play country “Fascistia,”(2) Kane-EMP, Zeke, Dubee, RKB, Foxy, Zealoth, Omneh, and Trickster too. Today the “Butthole” bantustan has active political discussions in which Mootant and other reactionaries take part. Such activities confirm what Mr D has said, “Deeism and politics cannot be separated, for the Deeists are very much political.”(3)


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The Deeist Conception of “Development” at Odds with the Interests of the Mod

By Kuzkin, September 17, 2012

The anti-mod actions of the Deeist clique are most apparent in the utterly baseless ways in which they have proclaimed they’re “developing” Empires. Avowedly eschewing planned development, teamwork and coordination in general save for “testing,” the Deeists instead operate on impulse and whims. Trickster’s sole criteria of “helping” the mod is to “keep inviting more people.”(1) Meaning for “testers” to join his server after being spammed with invites from his friends. As Mr D has made clear, however, “A scientific-materialist approach to development would show that it consists primarily in the formation and subsequent growth of something which enjoys an organic relationship on a cyclical basis with that which is around it.”(2) A dependency on so many “testers” is a sign of a lack of growth, of stagnation and of the lowering of standards. But of course the Deeists themselves are largely anti-social to begin with; back in 2010 Varbles imparted his “advice” to Cahemdue, a newcomer willing to offer his services to the mod but was subsequently scared away by the Deeist clique’s aggression towards him. Varbles said, “If I were you I would run, far far away. Block anyone on steamfriends who has anything to do with empires. Ignore anything that has any remote possibility of being related to the things that happen in this mod.”(3)


Through this understanding of “development” we can see that its end results have been stagnation and disorganization. And yet this is the only sort of “development” that the Deeist clique is willing to understand, for it accords with their own interests. When Trickster declares that the design document of the mod is intentionally ignored, he is conveniently forgetting that his own “Dies Iræ” had more than a few documents on which to base the “development” of his attempted split of the mod. Likewise the collaboration between the members of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique in league to build up the recent attempt to split the mod can be seen as more coordinated simply because this is where their real interest lay. Through his friends Jephir and others Trickster is leading the affairs of his split of the mod and its community, is working without pause to undermine the unity of the users and to set them against one-another so that in the end those who uphold Trickster as the “founder,” as the “great leader” are the only ones left standing. But this simplistic plan of Trickster’s is as baseless in practice as the rest of his lame ideas and plots, being based on a purely subjective and sophomoric analysis. Embracing anti-scientific and openly reactionary positions, he is simultaneously brutish and stupid, unable in the end to turn us off the course we have set in line with the interests and support of the whole userbase.


The activities of Trickster and Co., as is the case with all the Deeists, not only distort the activities of “developers” and eschew any sort of coordination outside of the bare minimum of vague generalities, and not only do they distort “developing” the mod in a similar manner, but they also preclude any attempts to better this situation through their hegmonistic activities. All the contributive users have been marginalized in their abilities to assist the mod.


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The Deeists and the Veterans

By Aly, September 20, 2012

Since 2006 and 2007 the users of the whole community have had the advantage of the traditions and good examples of the veteran users, who in the 2002-2005 period demonstrated how to competently develop and advance the mod and to correctly administer and moderate its forum. Such outstanding individuals as duke and Don_Megel, Jkun and The Buttery Lobster, knighttemplar and various others demonstrated their commitment to the mod not through words but through definite deeds. So for example duke and Don_Megel developed the mod in a cyclical manner and in a dedicated way, creating concept art as well as engaging in other activities. At this same time they assisted the whole community in its growth and well-being, not accepting the demented logic of the Deeists that a so-called “developer” is unquestionable because of their title and that they may harm the mod and its community in any way they wish due to this. The activities of Deeism in this field are another good example of how little they care for the mod and its community, demonstrating that they disregard any prominent individual who contributed to either or both with the exception of the “contributions” of the “great,” “unquestionable” Dee. The degeneracy of the Deeists on this question can be seen in the case of Jkun, where “Viscount” Grantrithor two years ago remarked “no one gives a shit who the fuck jkun was.”(1) Yet it was Jkun who was at the forefront of defending the mod from all the trolls and other malicious figures who the Deeists defended and promoted.


The cynicism of the Deeists is likewise apparent. Due to their simplistic conception of phenomena which they promote there is the need to “praise” Krenzo in a backhanded manner, because he was the principal founder of the Empires Mod and because this supposedly shows how “loyal” the Deeists are to the mod. Had he not been in this situation the Deeists would have said that they do not “give a shit” who he is just as they do not “give a shit” who Jkun is, or any other outstanding user who worked in the service of the mod and its community including the other co-founders of the mod, duke and Don_Megel. It is the progressive and democratic-progressive users who truly nurture the good qualities and stands of the outstanding users of the past, who demonstrate with content their positive activities. A related issue is that of so-called “veterans” who have hung around the community for some years but have not contributed (and in fact have been detrimental) to it in any way. Dubee is a prominent example, declaring that the “Butthole” bantustan established in February this year is “the kinda shit that made these forums alive.”(2) How the forum has been “enlivened” by discussions of politics and general degeneracy is something the Deeists and their lackeys will have to explain.


Always in antagonistic contradiction to the negligence of the Deeists for the history and traditions of the great Empires Mod and its community, Mr D has pointed out that it is the Deeists who seek to sap the strength of the users by depriving them of both history and tradition, good works and great individuals who truly helped build up the mod as popular icons of the mass of the users. As Mr D has said, “A large number of veteran users. . . are no longer present and give reasons of Deeist repression or the decay of the community to explain themselves.”(3) They have been replaced by the new “veterans,” by Trickster, “King” Empty and others who present themselves as the “bosses” of the mod and its community. A genuine veteran, Rothgar, recently expressed his love for the mod in the following way: “Long live Empires! It was a great community, the gameplay was awesome, and there is not many games that have the dynamics that Empires Mod has. A thanks to all the developers and contributors for making such a great mod.”


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The Deeist Personality Cult Against the Users

By Macoud, September 21, 2012

The Deeist clique has consistently put its interests above those of the Empires Mod. Through years of neglect and incompetence they have shown to all conscious users their consistently anti-mod and anti-user nature. The decline in the amount of active users, which today reaches less than 130, is a demonstration of the utterly ridiculous path of “development” which the Deeists engage in, avowedly without any sort of planning or coordination among them. This sort of “development” and “management” of the mod has brought forth pronounced stagnation, aided by promises of a “new patch” which has been continuously delayed and the clear cynicism of so-called “developers” who are expending all their efforts for the “new Empires,” its “spiritual successor” being created by the Empty-Brutos sub-clique. Since it began taking control over the whole community in the main in 2007 Deeism has made itself felt in every aspect of this community, negatively affecting the mod, the clans, PR, and so on. As Mr D pointed out,  the progressive and democratic-progressive users opposed the growing mediocrity detectable within the community in 2005-2007, and yet, “Today mediocrity has been replaced with open degeneracy, with an obviously uncontributive atmosphere which pervades almost every aspect of the community.”(1)


The apathy within the present-day community has its origins in the antics of the Deeist clique, in its combination of utter incompetence and repression of all forms of rational and progressive opinion. The Deeists have always sought to gain popularity from misinformed and misled users through the usage of the simplistic personality cult: the “greatness” of Dee was used to stifle criticism of any kind, just as the cults of Mootant, “King” Empty and more recently Trickster have had the same purpose while also working to strengthen the rival sub-cliques operating within Deeism. But all the undue and unwarranted self-importance of these leading Deeists cannot hide their reactionary activities and their degenerative acts. Lawliet, a good friend of Trickster and of the “ponies,” has recently given his opinion that, The community stopped caring [about the mod] when people realized fucktards like mootant were running the show. Mootant fucked over the mod. Trickster writes scripts, I could do that. Anyone could really do that. Plus Keef is a retard and doesn’t know how to clip off exploits that I find.” He also adds that in personal terms Trickster is the sort of man “who can say no without emotion,” a component part of his sociopathic personality.


The Deeists have sought to present the moderator of the forum and the developer of the mod as “dictatorial” positions which by virtue of the “natural order” of things cannot be questioned. Such is the “logic” of Deeist “theorists” like Jn., Chris0132 and Slade; the “logic” of the allies and apologists of Deeism such as “Princess” Celestia and the rest. But as Mr D once said, who would call the great moderators of the past “dictators”? “These either were or are popular moderators who worked for the benefit of the mod and community. They cannot be compared with the hated Dee, the detestable ‘King’ Empty, or the other reactionists who seek merely to consolidate their own positions at the expense of the mod and its community, and by employing autocratic (indeed, dictatorial) methods in order to achieve their goal.”(2) It is clear that the concept of the “forum dictator” was a concept of the Deeist clique employed against those who genuinely cared for the mod and its community, who were mature and could tolerate criticism in contrast to the Deeists who cannot, and will never be able, to tolerate it for their entire reign is based on suppression, repression, evasion and demagogy. The cult of personality is but another means to an end for the Deeist clique.


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How Do the Deeists “Develop” the Mod?

By Todg, September 23, 2012

The Deeist clique has made clear over the past few months their inability to “develop” the mod, something which many users in the past three years have gradually been catching on. In those years internal infighting, “coup” attempts, the sub-cliques of Deeism doing battle over the question of the “next” Empires, the scaring away of up-and-coming potential developers and contributors, the deepening degeneration of the whole community under the direction and direct initiative of Deeism, and various other activities have characterized the “development” of the mod under Deeist tutelage. Stagnation is being presented as something normal for the users rather than the result of an incompetent so-called “development team” that neither genuinely develops the mod nor works as a team. What the Deeists are doing is in fact adding random “additions” to the mod for reasons of necessity (because the users demand it and their Empires League calls for it and makes them conscious of the situation at hand) and for reasons of ego, so that “King” Empty can demonstrate what a “great artist” he is, so Trickster can show that he is not a superfluous (to put it lightly) “addition” to the “team,” and in the end to demonstrate that the Deeists did “all they could” to “develop” the mod and that now it is time to say goodbye and to move onto the “new Empires,” engineered by Trickster and Co.


The Deeist clique’s activities in this sphere bring endless promises and claims about the “hard work” they are doing while in reality they are simply playing other games, games which they enjoy but which they also care far more for than Empires. Varbles for instance plays PlanetSide 2, some play the Battlefield games, etc. Yet they all declare that they are doing their best in the service of the mod, but in fact are enjoying “teh lulz” with the “ponies” and their DDoSing friends, are enjoying gaming with likeminded peers who complain about the “faggots” on Empires and the “shit community” as “King” Empty considers it to be. One is reminded of the humorous words of Krenzo on Don_Megel that, “He also needs someone to play Minecraft for him so he can actually get stuff done.”(1) The difference, of course, is that Don_Megel no longer develops for the mod (in no small part due to the Deeist clique’s opposition to him) and that he upholds genuine development, having demonstrated his ability to engage in it for years as one of the leading developers of the mod. With the Deeists by contrast they are always on other games, in the Ponytime TS server, or otherwise chatting about politics, their personalist proclivities, and other degenerate subjects.


Meanwhile the Deeists, while neglecting the mod, have not failed to ensure total control over it. To quote Mr D, “The Deeists have, of course, thoroughly distorted the role of the developers in actually developing the mod, have completely revised the workable conception of development promoted by the original developers, have monopolized the development team and have scared away those who are willing to join it, and have subsequently brought in the community the state of stagnation which it is now enduring.”(2) The “hard-working” policies of Deeism in the “development” of Empires range from creating worthless graphs and charts and other “theoretical” activities in a manner reminiscent of PatPeter, and a peculiar form of “testing” the mod in which disinterested users are spammed to join Trickster’s server and hear him talk about anything but the mod. In a community which is in decline due to the policies of Deeism, with 111 active users, such ways of “developing” the mod are clearly designed to pave the way for the “new Empires” which is an extension of the plans of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique, a revival of the failed “Dies Iræ” project devised by Trickster and Co. The Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique with Mootant as its most prominent member currently also has ambitions to develop a “new Empires” on its own, hoping to take advantage of the rising discontent of the users with the “lead developer” Trickster.


(1) “I Need a Volunteer,” post #2.

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The Release of the New Patch in September: Another Deeist Illusion

By Aly, September 25, 2012

Since the beginning of the year the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of Deeism has promised the community a new patch to be released to show the “commitment” and “care” Deeism has for the Empires Mod. In the ensuing months this promise was repeatedly violated and the Deeists now speak of Christmastime as the “proper” month for releasing the patch. These arguments are nothing more than covering up for their failure as the “developers” of Empires. The present-day “development team” is in a state of decline even as the Deeist hold over it remains constant: related promises of new maps have been placed in jeopardy as various would-be mappers have “mysteriously” deserted the “team,” for reasons which in no way have to do with the hegemonic activities of the Deeists and their attempts to use the work of these mappers for their own ends. Even the Deeists are admitting the problems facing the Deeist “developers” of the mod. The Deeist reactionary pickled_heretic has said the community is doing “like shit” and the servers are in a “shitty” condition, while the degenerate furry Spike, a friend of Trickster, has noted that Trickster admits he has no idea of an actual timetable for the new patch’s release, a natural result of the view that the planned development of the mod, a natural aspect of any game development, is something unnecessary.


The reactionary policies of Deeism have done all they could to impede the genuine development of the mod. The stagnationist policies of the Deeists in the field of the mod have a dialectical relationship with their policies in the community as well. The creation of a hostile atmosphere does little to attract new players to the mod while rampant degeneracy has done much to turn older players away. The Deeist agent recon has admitted that one reason players are leaving is because they have found “another game that offered a much larger time invested / fun ratio.”(1) This is another way of saying that the “community” (its Deeist elements which control the mod, direction of the community, the clans, servers, etc.) is hostile and that the stagnant nature of the mod, along with its closed “development team” seemingly offer no hope to any newcomer willing to invest time in assisting the mod and partaking in its community. This is yet another example of the ruinous policies of Deeism and its anti-mod and anti-user course. Yet the attempts by the Deeists to present the mod as “dying” are without basis. The potential of the mod, the vitality of the whole community, and the will of the mass of the users to see through to a new patch and also towards further development are undimmed. The Empires League with Mr D at the head continues to be at the forefront of defending the mod and its community and in working to better both through mass-based and scientific-materialist methods, against the wishes of the Deeist clique which seeks only to consolidate and maintain its hold on power.


(1) “why do people not play empires?” post #192.


A Year Since the Declaration of the Five Basic Steps to Revitalize Empires Mod Development

By D. Kruse, September 27, 2012

On September 27, 2011 in a discussion with members of the Empires League I presented a summary of the basic steps necessary to revitalize the development of the Empires Mod and by extension its entire community as well. Since that time the need for the implementation of these steps has become increasingly necessary in light of the still-declining situation facing this community and the mod itself. Mr D pointed out these “express the first steps for allowing a contributive community to take hold once more, and it is from there that the process of genuine creativity and, from that, development, takes hold.”(1)


The Five Basic Steps remain unaltered and are as follows:


1. In accordance with Mr. D’s Three-Phased Plan for Peace, allow for the gradual move of the rightfully elected moderator of the Blackhole from exile to actually administrating the Blackhole proper, a restored Blackhole, with full respect towards the Empires Forum Administration, as we have always respected it. This will at once allow for a clear differentiation between Off-Topic and the Blackhole, will deprive degenerate elements within the community of promoting their degeneracy and trolling in either forum area, will usher in a period of energetic renewal among many users, and will herald an overall raising of the standards of the forum by resolutely applying the rules of the forum in a firm but fair manner.


2. After this is done work must be made to clearly separate moderators and developers. As it stands to become a “developer” means to automatically become a “supermoderator,” which is something the Deeist clique has promoted since the very start of its existence in order to secure power most effectively. Moderators must be chosen by the Empires Forum Administration based on their ability to uphold the rules of the forum and to set a good example, not simply because they happen to be “developers” even though this in itself has absolutely no bearing on their own abilities as moderators or exemplary users in general. If a developer can also be a good moderator then he or she deserves to maintain both positions.


3. The development of the mod must proceed upon a correct understanding of that which Krenzo and other outstanding developers of the 2002-2006 period based their work on. This means reestablishing a cyclical development cycle planned in accordance with the objective needs of the mod. Developers must see their work not as a way of personal gain but as a way of continuously contributing to an outstanding mod with a vibrant and in itself contributive community.


4. The community must expel all trolls, DDoSers, furries, personalists, animé lovers, and other degenerate forces as part of returning to the successful policies of Krenzo and Jkun. Discussions about politics should be banned, no reactionary should be allowed to promote demagoguery, xenophobia or other attitudes.


5. The mod must resume development not on the basis of Trickster’s popularity trick but instead on paving the way and by innovation, by looking towards the future and by putting newcomers into a state of awe upon discovering the mod. This is far better a way of ensuring popularity than simplistic “word of mouth” tactics espoused by the Deeists, which are bound to fail owing to the present state of the mod and its community under Deeist tutelage.


The implementation of these steps remains a great task of all progressive and democratic-progressive users.


(1) “Between Creativity and Development,” article by Mr D in the Empires Intelligence Report #14 (October 15, 2011), p. 8.


The Users Continue to Defend the Mod

By Kuzkin, September 30, 2012

The well-being of the mod and its whole community have for many years now been greatly damaged by the Deeist clique, which has unceasingly attacked both in various ways. The high standards of 2002-2007 have given way during these ways to some of the lowest standards, to total degeneracy and reaction, while the methodologically proper ways in which to develop the mod and moderate its community have just been completely thrown aside by the Deeists and their apologists in favor of purely subjective, self-justifying and cynical “arguments” that the mod’s development does not need to be planned or actually organized, that moderators cannot in any way be questioned, etc. As Mr D has noted, “The bilious temperament of a great many Deeists stems from the completely unwarranted self-importance which characterizes their whole outlook, one in which if not cynically proclaiming it, proclaim instead with the utmost delusion that they are the ‘saviors’ of the mod, that all must answer to them and that only they and those who surround them are fit for anything.”(1) This temperament is an outgrowth of personalism, mental unwellness, compensation for trauma, and various other psychological problems which the Deeists have in abundance, and its effects on the Empires Mod and the whole userbase have been obvious for all to see.


And yet despite the ruinous policies of the Deeist clique, the users continue to defend the mod and work to assist it. On ModDB a user known as MiniMe pointed out that Empires “should have way more players” and made a YouTube video promoting it. Such activities demonstrate that the users still care, that whatever the Deeists think about the “dead mod” known as Empires is irrelevant, for it is the broad mass of the users who continue to uphold it and, through the League, become conscious of their abilities and march forward against Deeism and against all the reactionary and degenerative forces at work within the community. It is the outstanding work of the League which ensures the progress of the mod and its community against the machinations of Deeism and its lackeys, and it is through the wholehearted support of the users that the League gains its strength.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VII. 2012. p. 77.