Bulletin #29

The Link Between the Deeist Clique and Stagnation Cannot be Severed

By Macoud, October 1, 2012

Since the formation of the Deeist clique in the year 2005, it has gained a consistent reputation for itself as a source of degeneracy and reaction across the entire community. The anti-user and anti-mod policies of Deeism are closely linked with its degenerate nature, with its self-serving mentality, with personalism and other traits indicative of the mentally unwell and the sociopathically-minded. “The degeneracy of Deeism demonstrates quite clearly that it is a fundamental aspect of the clique,” Mr D points out, “that this degeneracy is linked to the stagnation of the mod and its whole community, and that the reactionaries who ally with, assist and apologize for the Deeist clique willingly subject themselves to the degenerative process.”(1) For years Deeism has made its presence felt within the community in many ways: from bastardizing the conception of development into that governed by personal fancy and the utmost subjectivism, from giving support and shelter to all the furries (Marshall Mash, Kane, etc.) , “lolicon” enthusiasts and animé-lovers (Cpatton, Zeke, etc.), and general degenerates (blizzerd, Chris0132, etc.) Such infusions of infection into the healthy body of the community could not fail to have adverse effects, which the users themselves see and suffer from every day.


The Deeist clique pretends it is “developing” the mod, but in fact is harming it in every which way. The “development” it conducts is the bare minimum, done in an intentionally poor manner, all to make way for the “spiritual successor” to Empires and to split the mod and its whole community. This cannot meaningfully be called development for the same reason that building the average car over the course of five years cannot be called “building” it much at all. The planned development of the mod, the teamwork necessary, the synching of work and the whole cyclical development have been abandoned in favor of the “theories” of Chris0132, Slade, and other “theoreticians” of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of Deeism. As Mr D has said, “According to the Deeist clique, the mod’s development is not only unplanned but should be unplanned forever, is not only disorganized but should be disorganized, for this is wholly compatible with the anti-social basis of Deeism itself.”(2) To do anything else would supposedly intrude on the “busy” life of Trickster, “King” Empty, Beerdude, Jephir and other “leading lights” of the so-called “development team,” who are indeed occupied not only with the “spiritual successor” to Empires but with many varied conversations with the “ponies”, with other Steam games they organize around, and in politicizing Off-Topic to the detriment of all but themselves. Such are the roots of stagnation emanating from such “business.”


To the Deeist clique “development” is nothing but a necessary process in which they are forced to look like they are engaging in it, so that their positions are “secure,” so that they retain their powers over the mod and its whole community, so that the Empty-Brutos sub-clique is kept ahead of the rival Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique. Yet such “development” is anything but, and cannot fail to lead to the further degeneration and deterioration of both mod and community, of ever more pronounced stagnation. September was to be the month of the release of the new patch, but obviously the Deeists lied. Viroman has noted, however, that Trickster and Co. want to “promote” the mod as always, with the supposed “blitzkrieg,” the spamming of potential players and ModDB. And yet, as Viroman also pointed out, “the mod will not get the necessary critical mass of people for a revival.” And it never will, so long as the Deeist clique monopolizes control, so long as the users are subjected to the never-ending harm Deeism inflicts on the mod and its community.


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The Deeist Sub-Cliques Always in the Service of Reaction

By Jamx, October 4, 2012

The policies of the Deeist clique have had at their basis a reactionary edifice of “justifications” which stem from the reactionary to the ridiculous and, indeed, are often intertwined. The anti-democratic and anti-user basis of Deeism, which has remained constant throughout the clique’s life, have clearly damaged the community in so many ways. This reactionary basis has naturally attracted greater numbers of reactionaries of all types such as animé-lovers to personalists, trolls and furries. “Ponies,” DDoSers and other negative forces which work in tandem to undermine the remaining standards within the community, work continuously to damage the occupied Blackhole, and “contribute” nothing more than drama, politics and degeneracy in all aspects of the mod and the whole community. Deeism has proven itself throughout the years to be utterly malicious in effect, attacking all that is positive and coming to the defense of all that is reactionary. From fascists to monarchists and onwards Deeism has attracted the worst personalities from some of the worst communities. This has been demonstrated time and time again.


In the years 2005 and 2006 Dee and her cronies set forth to gain influence. Within her coterie were such “normal” figures as the Neo-Nazis Thor and JJ45, the cybersex-engaging dizzyone and Beerdude, furries like dumpster_fox, the malicious, PTSD-affected banned user Ganks, and various other examples of the “best” of the community as presented by this clique. The legacies of the progressive and democratic-progressive users have been systematically thrown aside in favor of the “great men” and the sole woman of Deeism. The “legitimacy” of Deeism lay solely in its unerring censorship over the past and in its use of force. The development of the Deeist clique in the years 2007-2009 after Dee’s withdrawal from the community owing to her own degeneracy saw the rise of a number of new personalities within the Deeist apparatus. The Solokiller-Jcw87 leadership over Deeism was gradually challenged by the likes of Trickster, “King” Empty, and other trolls who took advantage of the rising discontent of the users over the partial stagnation facing the mod and its community during 2008-2009. Through Trickster’s EPIC Clan and through “King” Empty’s degenerate friends, and through Brutos who worked to unban this man who had been permanently banned twice for trolling, it became possible for “opposition” elements to begin uniting within Deeism against the discredited Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique.


The disputes between the sub-cliques of Deeism were factional disputes between reactionaries. The announcements of “Cold Trap” and “Dies Iræ” were announcements of attempts to split the mod and its community. But the users rallied behind the words of Mr D that the mod was not “dead,” that the Deeist proclamations to the contrary were demagogic, and that it was the users themselves who must work to defend the mod and its whole community from the dangers Deeism presented to both. As Mr D pointed out at the time, “In the end, the Deeists are not really fighting; they are arguing, they are experiencing disagreements and are being faced with more difficulties in the times ahead.”(1) The establishment of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique not long afterwards and the establishment of FAPFAPFAP put it in a position to seek control over the whole Deeist apparatus. Throughout 2010 and 2011 it was assisted in this process through the connections which the leading Deeists of this sub-clique had with the aforementioned “ponies,” DDoSers, animé-lovers, etc. versus the anti-social Mootant, who by that point became the main representative of the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique. Time has demonstrated that all the sub-cliques of Deeism offer no hope for the users and that only they themselves, consciously united through the mass-based work of the Empires League, can hope to affect positive changes. At present it is clear that the Empty-Brutos sub-clique is in the lead within Deeism and is taking advantage of this so that its ultimate goal, which is also the ultimate goal of the rival sub-clique, can be achieved; to split the mod and its community in order to strengthen not only the “successful” sub-clique, but Deeism itself.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. II. 2010. p. 63.


The Stagnation of the Mod Assists the Deeist Plots Against It

By Todg, October 7, 2012

The pronounced stagnation of the Empires Mod and its deleterious effects on the whole community are advantageous to the Deeist clique’s designs on both. The plots of Trickster, Jephir, and others on their side who represent the Empty-Brutos sub-clique, as well as Mootant and others on his side who represent the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique, both have as their aim the exploiting of the dire situation the users find themselves in, in order to split the mod and its community under “successors” to Empires, “spiritual” as Trickster wants it or a “sequel” as Mootant wants it. As Mr D pointed out last year, one cannot speak of developing the mod “without first smashing the influence of the Deeist clique, which is undermining the mod’s development in every way, from tacitly encouraging DDoS attacks to working to split the mod, from undermining user morale to driving away productive users, and so on and so forth.”(1) This fact is confirmed directly by life but is also indirectly confirmed by the Deeists themselves, through their own admissions of disarray within present-day “development.” For instance, Trickster has admitted that, “People need to remember that this is probably the last release, which is why we’re putting so much effort into getting everything we can in it. There probably won’t be another patch (except a hotfix if there are major balance/code problems), so we just have to treat this as our last chance to get everything right.”(2) He further adds, “We just don’t have the developers left. . . most coders. . . just want to work on something else.”(3) Such is the sort of “commitment” the Deeist “developers” have for the mod and its community.


The Deeist clique is working to present the present state of the community as something “inevitable,” ordained by mysterious powers because Empires is “dead” or “dying,” is a “shit game” on an “old engine,” and so on. All this is in the service of their plans to split the mod and to consolidate Deeist control, no matter what harm this brings to a community routinely derided by them as “retarded,” filled with “faggots” and other claims. The Deeist reactionaries claim that the mod’s development must not be planned or organized in any way, that to do so is superfluous and even harmful. This understanding of development runs counter to all forms of logic, “is but demagoguery and an attempt to deny reality.”(4) In order to justify this position the Deeists make various excuses that they are “too busy,” etc., but their actual purpose is revealed by their repressive activities, which demonstrate their inability to handle criticism on one hand, and their appeals to emotion on the other such as “how can you say that of us when. . .” and similar words, on the other, which in any case are bound to lead to repression anyway. The Deeists stifle any constructive debate in this field for their own ends.


In order to carry out the splitting of the mod, stagnation (purposefully misinterpreted as Empires “dying”) and claims that nothing can be done to “save” Empires must be the two main “justifications” for this split. Yet various users do not accept these false claims put forward by the Deeist clique. Terminator, for instance, has noted that the mod can indeed progress when development is done competently. The Deeists reply with open defeatism. Trickster says that the source code is not “fixable,” that the users should be “hoping for the best with any successor projects that people create, such as Factions.”(5) There is no doubt that Trickster sincerely hopes that “Factions,” the “successor project” of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique managed by Trickster’s lackey Jephir, emerges triumphant. To instill this sort of “hope” into the community obviously requires the “justifications” which have just been mentioned. It is the hope of the Deeists to intensify the basis of these “justifications” and to further enlarge the defeatism within the whole userbase.


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The Politics of Deeism Against the Users

By Archanor, October 9, 2012

The Deeist clique has always been at its basis a political entity. Starting from Dee and her earliest allies there was an infatuation with the works of Oswald Mosley and other fascists; agents of Deeism such as JJ45 and Thor were open Neo-Nazis, other agents such as the furry dumpster_fox spoke of how they wanted to implement a “libertarian” Blackhole and other reactionary political measures. Today the whole community faces a continued onslaught of politics from the Deeist clique, not only through its “Butthole” bantustan which is a hub of politics in the most literal sense, but also in Off-Topic. In fact the distinctions between the “Butthole” and Off-Topic are purposefully obscured by the Deeists, both to further attack the distinct culture of the Blackholian userbase and at the same time to assist in the degeneration of the entire community for WalMartGreeter, Devourawr, and the “ponies” have long praised the creation of the “Butthole” bantustan and its political basis, and see it as a reward from the Deeists for their services to it. In Off-Topic and outside of it the existence of politics within the community is readily apparent.


But the question of the politics of Deeism requires some explanation. Politics is inherent within the Deeist clique and cannot be separated from it, and this is closely connected to the psychological aspects of Deeism. From Dee to Solokiller, from them to Mootant, Trickster and “King” Empty, there exists a compulsive need for control, for egomania and the acting out of fantasies. If Dee could not be the feminine version of Mosley in reality, she could be the next best thing in the Empires Mod community. If JJ45 likewise could not be a real-life Finnish Hitler his mentally unbalanced mind could “act out” in the Blackhole, and here a natural connection was developed between him and Dee, and between himself and his followers and the Deeist clique. It is no surprise that Chris0123, blizzerd, ImSpartacus and other apologists for pedophilia find common ground with Trickster who, among other things, has said of one woman’s activities that, “She’s not a paedophile if she’s hot.”(1) A dialectical relationship exists which brings a ratio of forces between the progressive and democratic-progressive users on one side and the Deeist clique and its agents on the other. The first side is against politics, the second is in reality for politics and quite often the very worst sort of politics as well.


The politics of Deeism contrast sharply with the work of the Empires League and the democratic movement of the Blackhole. As Mr D has made clear various times, politics are alien to both forces. Compare this with the aforementioned “King” Empty, whose illegitimate “Kingdom of the Blackhole” has not only no basis and whose participants engage in “role-play,” but who also brings forward all sorts of equally spurious “titles” such as “Prince” MooJuice, “Viscount” Grantrithor, “Baron” Evil-Satan, etc. What is the purpose of these superfluous “titles” even in theory if not to amuse the “King” and annoy and degrade the users? What purpose exists for the “Butthole,” outside of the false claim of the Deeists that it exists for two relatively inactive and inconsequential figures, than to serve as a source of degeneration and the concentrated expression of politics? All the efforts of the Deeists to “oppose politics” by repression and censorship in fact open the door to the flourishing of politics in all fields, since it is not “politics” that Deeism opposes but the progressive and democratic-progressive users who genuinely oppose politics and oppose the Deeist clique for, among a great many other things, engendering political discussions and the political mentality within the great and united Empires Mod community.


(1) “Is Carrie Underwood a child molestor?” post #10.


The Demagoguery of the Deeists and the “Return” of Viper

By Macoud, October 10, 2012

For two years the Deeist clique had demonstrated a hostility to the Viper server quite unlike any other server. From DDoS attacks and scripts to create hundreds of servers titled “Vicki is a Kike,” to straightforward, seething hostility on the forum, the Deeists and their agents have continued to oppose to the full the very existence of this long-lived server any longer. And yet the users of the whole community played in this server, were with it against all the troubles it faced, and knew that its end was a clearly negative event for the Empires Mod itself. Because of the unrest of the users the Deeists have worked to “save” Viper as a shell of its former self, to put it on a leash at best so that it doesn’t go “too far” in being a place friendly to the progressive users. The server had earned a reputation in its years of existence as not only reliable but also not dominated by Deeists and their sub-cliques. It was the main opposition to the EPIC Clan server which is headed by Trickster and his closest cohorts. The various racists, personalists, and other degenerates also hated Viper because of its low tolerance for them. As A-z-K has remarked, “If you break the rules you deserve to get banned. . . the community tolerates way too much trolling,”(1) a remark which, naturally enough, is not appreciated by those very same forces which directed all their fire against Viper in the hope of seeing it come to an end.


The Deeist-backed “revival of Viper” is a piece of demagogy meant to confuse the whole userbase. This “new Viper” is a server with the same name and with Vicki’s involvement in some form, but it is also a capitulation, albeit an understandable one, to the Deeist clique. As Mr D pointed out in February, “The Empires League must work to defend those who call for the restoration of Viper, but we must also work to link up the restoration of Viper with the work of opposing Deeism as well, and in reinvigorating the community to serve the mod also.”(2) What has happened instead is that Viper has been “restored” into the hands of Deeism, with a “reformed” admin team more acceptable to the degenerate and malicious elements within the community. The consciousness of those elements which praise the “salvation” of Viper is not sufficiently high enough to realize the implications of this occurrence and the conditions in which the “new Viper” is operating. In this respect the situation is not too much changed from those elements serving as tools of Deeism in 2010 who spoke of how the occupation of the Blackhole forum area was just fine, because it was swiftly “replaced” by the “Snailhole.” But time demonstration that this act of the Deeists was an effort to strengthen their efforts against progress, and what followed was not only the pronounced stagnation of the mod and its whole community, but a clear outburst of degeneration across the Blackhole which seeped into the rest of the community.


(1) “Vicki banned Spike,” post #19.

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The Contradictions Between the Sub-Cliques Must Not Confuse the Users

By Aly, October 12, 2012

Since late 2009 the sub-cliques of Deeism have been fighting over the future of the Empires Mod. A situation has long since developed in which both the Empty-Brutos and the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-cliques want to split the mod under the pretext that it is “dead” or “dying,” and that they wish to create a “spiritual successor” or “sequel” to it. Time has passed and things have changed: “Dies Iræ” has become “Factions,” “Cold Trap” has given way to a vaguely titled “Empires II” which Mootant is trying to peddle, but the fact remains that the two sub-cliques pursue policies completely at odds with the interests of the entire userbase. “The sub-cliques of Deeism feud among themselves with the aim of consolidating control over one-another,” Mr D says, “but are always united against the whole userbase and its just demands for the betterment of the mod and the standards of its community.”(1) The basis of this fact lay in the overall allegiance to the Deeist clique, to the shared interests and outlooks on the part of all Deeists, on the dual need by the sub-cliques to combat each other for control over aspects of the mod and its community while at the same time keeping those who work for the mod and its community at bay, and so on.


The struggle against the Deeist clique is waged with success only when it is carried out against all aspects of it, never stooping down to opposition to this or that Deeist figure or sub-clique. At the present the Empty-Brutos sub-clique has left its rival sub-clique far behind in the race to decide the mod’s future for themselves, but this is not set in stone and does not transform the rival sub-clique’s wholly reactionary nature. The Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique may be able to profit off of any serious missteps its rival takes in the future, and its rival certainly has the most risk of being targeted by the mass of users for the pronounced stagnation, degeneration and repression which it is presently overseeing and leading the way in promoting. A time can easily come to pass, also, when both sub-cliques agree to come to terms over the main issue of contention between them and to either split the mod in a “gentlemanly” manner or to simply incorporate those elements willing to defect to the Empty-Brutos sub-clique and serve as co-masters of the “new Empires.”


There should be no confusion on the part of the users as to the nature of these two sub-cliques of Deeism. If today the Empty-Brutos sub-clique has in the limelight all sort of degenerate and reactionary figures of obvious harm to the community, the Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique in its days of “glory” was able to learn directly from Dee herself, defend and tutor such malicious figures as Sgt. Mike and psyl0cibe, promote Neo-Nazis like Thor and JJ45, mentally unwell figures such as Ganks, and so on. There can be no apologia for any aspect of Deeism, only the defeat of the whole rotten anti-user and anti-mod edifice.


(1) Mr D. Report to the Second Congress of the Empires League. 2012. p. 2.


The Stagnationist Policies of Deeism Bring Discredit to the Empires Mod

By Todg, October 14, 2012

The policies of Deeism cannot be separated from the profound problems which the whole community has faced for many years. The recent phenomena such as the period of pronounced stagnation and the rapid degeneration of the community are logical and successive occurrences to the past phenomena and policies pursued by the Deeist clique. The efforts of the Deeists to “save” the mod through splitting it and its community will only intensify the present situation under the current circumstances. Under these circumstances Trickster readies himself to deploy his popularity trickery while the Deeist agent WalMartGreeter has recently said that “the game itself is dead.”(1) To the Deeist clique, with their unscientific and in fact completely ridiculous conception of “development,” it is supposed to be perfectly logical that an ailing and unwelcome community, a stagnant mod, and a “development team” that neither develops, acts as a team, spends much of its time in games other than Empires and spends still more of its time repressing the users and “contributing” only to the further degeneration of the community, is to be a suitable welcoming mat for any newcomers.


Trickster himself has admitted that he has no idea of when the next patch will come out, a patch which was supposed to come out last year. “I still have hope,” he claims, “deep down, that we can get the patch out then. Deep down.”(2) Such a mixture of “humor” with “optimism” is in fact the utmost cynicism, entirely self-aware and entirely in the service of the Deeist clique and especially the Empty-Brutos sub-clique of which Trickster is a leading member. In reality it is years of mismanagement and idiocy, incompetence and the scaring away of virtually all talent which has brought forward “developers” who positions owe themselves to favoritism and moderative activity on the forums than actually doing anything for the mod. This is the sort of “developer” which the Deeist looks for, not the likes of Cahemdue, SupRore and others who were either shooed away or repressed in the years 2010-2011 because they incurred the wrath of Deeism for one reason or another. What is hoped for, then, with the “PR push” which Trickster and Co. have been promising to undertake for the past two years? Mr D gave the answer: the Deeists “are counting on an influx of degenerates to outmaneuver the existing community,”(3) which will not only assist them in their attacks on all progressive and democratic-progressive users, will not only inject “new blood” into Deeism, but will also create a basis for a future “Factions” userbase.


The reactionary policies of the Deeist clique and their activities avowedly in the “service” of the mod are in fact entirely in the service of themselves. Through all their efforts the only practical work they have undertaken is to bring discredit to the great Empires Mod.


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Racism: A Familiar Aspect of Deeism

By Macoud, October 17, 2012

Beginning with the earliest of the Deeists, the Empires Mod and its community have had to contend with racism in its various forms. Initially Neo-Nazis such as Sgt. Mike and Thor, along with general racists like psyl0cibe, were not welcome within the community. The Ban Hammer Manor which was founded and led by Jkun was especially clear on the harmful nature of racists within the community. And yet it was not long before Deeist influence was acutely felt in this as in many other spheres, with the result that in August 2006, for instance, JJ45 spoke of how the German nation had to “restore” its “honor” and “take realistic measures” by deporting immigrants, something seconded by the Neo-Nazi Solokiller and the fascist Avair.(1) As the years passed racist sentiments became increasingly open, with Chris0132 declaring that Haitians had less value than iPhones and Kane the furry expressing his disdain for Haitians. In more recent times Trickster has expressed his racist opinions on the Irish. Having provided just a few examples one can see the close ties between the Deeist clique and the racist world outlook.


The “new Viper” which has emerged recently is already experiencing the first of its clashes with those especially bullheaded racists, one of which is Lawliet. He has recently said that, “I was being frequently racist yesterday in front of ROOR. I think he didn’t want to ban me. I’m just worried that if I start being racist in front of Vicki, she will just report me and I’ll either get a warning or a ban.” Of course where there is racism there are also other reactionary modes of thought, which is why TheLeetMuffin has likewise said of Austrians that, “Your man Hitler didn’t exterminate all the Jews. That is a shame.”(2) This rightfully evoked the indignation of A-z-K but indifference on the part of the pedophilia-defending ImSpartacus and other reactionaries. Such is the average mentality of a loyal Deeist, either racist, anti-semitic or both. The standards of the community can only decline still further with such figures allowed to roam freely with such degenerate stands.


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The Mod and Its Community on the Road to Further Troubles

By Aly, October 18, 2012

Under years of misdirection the Empires Mod and its community have been faced with various negative prospects. They have, however, weathered all of them successfully on the basis of the unity of the whole userbase. The problems facing this community, however, can only worsen in the times ahead under the continued “direction” of Deeism. Not only the increasing degeneration of the whole community, the rise in defeatist sentiments, the increasingly slim prospects of finding actual contributors for the mod who meet the Deeist criteria of “worthiness” to join their “development team,” and the continued emaciation of the clans, but outright efforts to split the mod between the sub-cliques of Deeism are underway. With basis in the pronounced stagnation which has hit the community for two years now, the Empty-Brutos sub-clique is working to consolidate its position while at the same time strengthening the Deeist clique itself. The Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique is also attempting to do the same with the aim of putting itself at the top. The end results of such a course can only spell great danger to the mod and its community if both sub-cliques were to simultaneously proclaim their “own Empires” and aggressively work to one-up each other from that state of affairs.


At this same time there are those elements in the community who want to proclaim a “third way,” supposedly against the likes of Trickster, Mootant and Co. but also against the work of the Empires League and the democratic-progressive users of the Blackhole. Last year it was TheLiberalElitist who tried to create his “own Empires” but who obviously failed in this task, while this year he gave some encouragement to eth0 to do the same. The demagogic content which TheLiberalElitist gave to his and eth0’s attempts to split the mod is that theirs was a “community driven successor”(1) which in flatly contradicted by the evidence at hand: that the users want Empires to continue not as a “dying” mod but as a mod which reasserts itself once more, and which once more carries forward the vibrant community of earlier times. What TheLiberalElitist and those like him do when proclaiming their “own” efforts to split Empires are to give ammunition to the sub-cliques of Deeism who not only work towards this end but have the means to accomplish it. Their “independent” efforts are geared towards undermining the unity of the users against Deeism and in favor of boosting the egos of these “saviors” of the mod who are just as self-appointed as the leading Deeists they claim to deserve differentiation from. Mr D has noted that in the past two years “the sub-cliques of Deeism faced various obstacles within their own backyards, as it were, with various plots to split the mod, with various personalist and petty disputes, with differences on how to proceed in continuing the Deeist domination of the whole community and of the Empires Mod itself.”(2) In present-day conditions many of these obstacles amongst themselves have been overcome and both sub-cliques have been driven with little hesitation towards working to split the mod.


Meanwhile the users themselves continue to suffer from the effects of defeatism. Banana President, a BSID Clan member, has said he stopped playing over a year ago due to the present state of the community. Then, of course, there are the Deeist defeats such as ImSpartacus who in the same thread which contained TheLiberalElitist’s demagoguery remarked, “Are you implying that Empires has a future?”(3)


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The Deeists Hate the Mod and Its Community

By Kuzkin, October 20, 2012

A constant theme which runs through the Deeist clique’s activities is its sometimes implied, sometimes open hatred of the Empires Mod and its whole community. This has been a constant theme not just in recent years but from the very beginnings of the Deeist clique itself. It is not just the “ponies” who display flagrant disregard for the mod and its community, but so-called “developers” as well, such as Varbles who in 2010 said “to be honest not many people in this community are really all that great either. Why would I want a blackhole?”(1) In this way he “justified” the Deeist occupation of the Blackhole proper by shrugging his shoulders and saying that the community was “shit,” just as other Deeists have also claimed. How can so-called “developers” claim to be defending the mod, willing to ban tens of users for speaking out against them, and then turn around to attack the same exact mod and its community? How can a “lead developer” like Trickster speak of his efforts to “save” Empires while barely concealing his efforts to redirect the community towards its “spiritual successor” managed by him?


The pronounced stagnation harming the entire community has been duly reflected in the amount of active users as well. 102 on the 15th, 101 on the 16th and 100 on the 17th. Such low numbers give the lie to the Deeist claims that they are “helping” the mod and its community, for in genuine conditions of recovery from earlier periods one would see enthusiasm for the new, more correct course—of which there is none—regenerated activity and the popular exchange of ideas on what is to be done, etc. What the users instead see is the continuing stagnation of all aspects of the mod and of the community while the Deeists speak of doing a “PR push” for the mod. The Deeist clique is in fact hostile to any sort of progressive initiative on the part of the broad strata of the whole userbase, seeing as how it is precisely this sort of initiative which would run counter to their efforts to monopolize control over everything having to do with the Empires Mod. Instead the Deeists wish to sow defeatism, but  as Mr D points out, “The efforts of the Deeists to encourage defeatism will fail, for the consciousness of the whole userbase is rising; for the antagonistic contradictions in various fields are making themselves known, and as the users call for the development of the Empires Mod and a healthy future for it.”(2)


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The Deeist Clique Against the Users

By Macoud, October 23, 2012

When the Empires Mod was founded in September 2002 as a concept and later on as a concrete entity, its original developers and their successors carefully planned the development of the mod and nurtured a unique and productive community. Following the ascendancy of Deeism in the years 2006 and 2007, however, uniqueness has given way to the suppression of the Blackholian culture and the rise of 4Chan, furry, “pony” and other influences, while productivity is obviously lacking in all fields. Gone are the days of developers who genuinely developed, who learn to code without internet, wrote concept art, elaborated upon backstories, collaborated and actively tested out ideas, and showed dedication to their project. They have long since been replaced with the Deeists, who care not for the mod or its community but for they themselves and their “prestige” as the heads and manipulators of both. Let us take as an example Trickster, who has said that, “My desire is to earn as much money, as fast as possible, and then retire before I’m 40, so I can spend the rest of my days travelling the world on my private yacht.”(1) This is not the sort of man who develops for a mod, but it is the sort of man as Trickster is, who seeks control and “greatness,” who has worked up an ambition from the leader of a decadent appendage of Deeism posing as a clan to becoming a “developer” of the mod with no discernible talent. He, like “King” Empty, has arisen not on the basis of merit or dedication but on trickery and the repression of the users and marginalization of those who helped to build the mod and maintain its community.


Within Deeism are not simply careerists but degenerates of all types: personalists, animé-lovers, furries, apologists of pedophilia, Neo-Nazis and fascists, fans of politics and drama, trolls and lamers, hackers and other modern-day “contributors” to the mod and “enrichers” of its community. These are the prospective future “builders” of “Factions” or other efforts by the Deeists to split the mod. As for the actually contributive users, “It is clear that if a leading Deeist does not like this or that individual, that said individual will not fare well within the sphere of assisting the mod’s development and well-being.”(2) And yet despite all this the progressive and democratic-progressive users continue their just struggle for the betterment of the Empires Mod, despite the seemingly endless degeneracy of Deeism. According to the Deeists the users are “idiots,” the community is comprised of “fags,” and only they have the “brains” to lord over the whole userbase. This stems from their reactionary worldview which they want to enforce over the entire community and put into a dogma, as “unquestionable” as “King” Empty. And yet the scientific-materialist stands of the Empires League continue to inspire the users, continue to defend the standards of the community against further deterioration. It is one of the most important aspects of the work of the cadre of the League to note to the users the fact that it is they who hold the future of the mod in their hands, and not the Deeists who rule based on insecurity and their own fragile egos.


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A “Nazi Party” is Founded

By D. Kruse, October 24, 2012

Continuing the legacy of Deeists in the years past Axeman and Co. have declared the establishment of a “Nazi Party.” This is the logical extension of the policies of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique since January 2010. In that month the so-called “Kingdom of the Blackhole” was proclaimed under the illegitimate “King” Empty with the aim of opposing the democratic movement of the Blackholian userbase. A month later blizzerd proclaimed the FAPFAPFAP which, in the words of Mr D, “was to be an explicitly anti-democratic and anti-user party built upon fascistic lines.”(1) Since that time FAPFAPFAP has not ceased its activities but it has also not achieved any particular successes either. Upholding “King” Empty, FAPFAPFAP  also serves in theory as a “mass organization” of the Empty-Brutos sub-clique with the aim of harassing and conducting worse actions against those progressive and democratic-progressive users who are exceptionally devoted in their service to the mod and to the Blackhole. FAPFAPFAP’s most recent activity was nevertheless quite serious: in September last year it sent “Viscount” Grantrithor to a forum which Mr D frequents with the aim of destabilizing it in order to intimidate Mr D. This plan obviously backfired but not before harming the forum and subjecting it to DDoS attacks. FAPFAPFAP continues its activities mainly against the democratic movement but also gives some of its attention to the League as well. As Mr D has said however, “The goal of the FAPFAPFAP has remained the same: to destroy the democratic movement and especially to send agents into its institutions to sabotage it from within.”(2) This is because of the fact that the Deeist clique considers the democratic movement of the Blackhole and the whole question of the Blackhole to be central to their maintenance of power over the whole community.


The origins of Neo-Nazism in the Empires community are as old as Deeism itself. Besides the pro-Mosley views of Dee and the Neo-Nazi connections of Solokiller there was Thor and Angry who founded the so-called “Gorge Nationalist Party” in the Blackhole. They were to work with the Neo-Nazi JJ45 as agents of Deeism aiming to sabotage the work of the democratic movement of 2006 while also given a chance to fulfill their own twisted racialist fantasies. After the crushing of the movement later that year by Dee the “GNP” ceased existence. There were other efforts at fascist party-building during the 2006-2009 period as well. The establishment of FAPFAPFAP years later saw it imbued with various fascistic attributes which however were mostly subordinate in practice to its explicit monarchism. The establishment of a Nazi Party under the present circumstances not only signals a revival of this sort of politics within the Empty-Brutos sub-clique but also an accelerated drive against those users who dare to come to the defense of the mod and its whole community. It also demonstrates the growing friendliness between the likes of “King” Empty and his friends on one hand and the “ponies” on the other.


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The Pronounced Stagnation of the Mod is Backed by Deeist Hypocrisy

By Todg, October 26, 2012

Beginning with the occupation of the Blackhole forum area in August 2010 and continuing up to the present day, the pronounced stagnation which the entire community and the mod itself have been subjected to has been unceasing and clearly deleterious in its effects. While publicly saying that they want to “help” Empires, the Deeists prepare to split the mod and its community in order to further consolidate their hold on power. While claiming to oppose politics and trolls they give their full backing to them. While claiming to be firmly on the side of “practical” affairs and allowing some of the worst elements of the community to serve as “developers” because “they can help the mod,” they know full well that these same elements do nothing to actually help the mod, but have been put in their positions in order to strengthen Deeism and specifically the sub-cliques they are aligned with. The reactionary policies of Deeism have led the mod into a painful state, wherein many users face defeatism and a lack of direction. Degeneracy rears its head and works to undermine the morale of the users still further.


While declaring that the mod is “dead” or “dying,” the Deeists actively work to ensure to the best of their ability that this actually happens. RKB for instance has said that the “mod is dead,” the same RKB who used that excuse to try to sever the BSID Clan, the first clan in the history of Empires, from the mod. One of Trickster’s friends, UKGamer, has likewise said that Jephir is a “dev” for “not much longer probably, because he wants to work on factions.” This is the sort of “care” the Deeists express for the mod and its community. This hypocritical stand the Deeists take shows exactly how firmly they are willing to “defend” Empires. It is precisely this sort of “care” which has led to deepening degeneration within the community. “The degeneracy of Deeism demonstrates quite clearly that it is a fundamental aspect of the clique,” Mr D makes clear, “that this degeneracy is linked to the stagnation of the mod and its whole community, and that the reactionaries who ally with, assist and apologize for the Deeist clique willingly subject themselves to the degenerative process. It is through the mass-based work of the League that all these negative phenomena are fought with success, through the unity of the whole userbase and the raising of their consciousness.”(1) It is precisely on such a basis that an understanding of the starting point for the struggle against Deeism must be made clear.


The largest fear of the Deeists is the mass-based unity of the users who achieve this unity through the Empires League. The unity of the Empirian and Blackholian users against not this or that Deeist but the whole Deeist apparatus constitutes one of the most important lessons to be taught to any user interested in the mod’s betterment.


(1) Mr D. Collected Works Vol. VII. 2012. p. 164.


The Stagnation of the Community: A Clear Sign of Deeist Self-Interest

By Kuzkin, October 27, 2012

The Deeist clique’s metaphysical understanding of phenomena has been expressed time and time again. From its bastardized conceptions of “development” to its understanding of how to moderate properly, Deeism displays itself in most words and all deeds as a self-interested entity at odds with the interests of the Empires Mod and its whole userbase. The stagnation brought into the community through the anti-user and anti-mod actions of the Deeist clqiue not only benefits the Deeists who work to split the mod, but also benefits the fully degenerated elements amongst the community who rely on Deeism for their existence within it. One user, Mawman, has said that he feels the mod is “slowly dying” because “the community base is not like it used to be.” Candle at one point went a step further to say that, “I’ve come to the (not so) amazing conclusion that the Empire’s [sic.] Forum in general is depressing and full of depressing, although not necessarily depressed, people.”(1) The attempts by the Deeists to project themselves as the “saviors” of the mod would be laughable if they did not back up these attempts with the suppression of the views of any dissenter.


The Deeists are working to split the mod and want to use the upcoming patch as a pretext, to say that they’ve done so much “hard work” and that they can simply do no more on Empires. Then the Empty-Brutos sub-clique believes it will move quite simply over into “Factions.” In reality, as Mr D notes, “The new patch will be boosted as something great, but in fact it will only lead to greater disappointments up ahead in the minds of those users who do not understand Deeism, its reactionary and anti-mod nature, etc. The Deeist clique will promote it but will not build any momentum, and from this the sub-cliques of Deeism will being feuding once more over the future of the mod.”(2) The rival Solokiller-Jcw87 sub-clique will claim it can “really save” the mod while in the background the pronounced stagnation of the mod and its community continues, with the whole userbase being as always on the receiving end of all the intrigues of Deeism.


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