The Empires League was founded in January 2007 by prominent members of the Empires Mod community. Its goal is to represent the community in relation to other communities, to promote the development, publicizing and popularizing of the mod and its community, to promote good standards within the community, and to serve as an all-encompassing organization of the whole userbase.

The day-to-day affairs of the League are managed by its Central Committee, elected by its membership.

Besides the relevant resolutions of the First (January 2011), Second (January 2012) and Third (January 2015) Congresses, the Five Basic Steps to Revitalize Empires Mod Development, put forward by CC member D. Kruse on September 27, 2011, can be said to constitute the foremost goals of the League in that sphere. They are as follows:

1. In accordance with Mr. D’s Three-Phased Plan for Peace, allow for the gradual move of the rightfully elected moderator of the Blackhole from exile to actually administrating the Blackhole proper, a restored Blackhole, with full respect towards the Empires Forum Administration, as we have always respected it. This will at once allow for a clear differentiation between Off-Topic and the Blackhole, will deprive degenerate elements within the community of promoting their degeneracy and trolling in either forum area, will usher in a period of energetic renewal among many users, and will herald an overall raising of the standards of the forum by resolutely applying the rules of the forum in a firm but fair manner.
2. After this is done work must be made to clearly separate moderators and developers. As it stands to become a “developer” means to automatically become a “supermoderator,” which is something the Deeist clique has promoted since the very start of its existence in order to secure power most effectively. Moderators must be chosen by the Empires Forum Administration based on their ability to uphold the rules of the forum and to set a good example, not simply because they happen to be “developers” even though this in itself has absolutely no bearing on their own abilities as moderators or exemplary users in general. If a developer can also be a good moderator then he or she deserves to maintain both positions.
3. The development of the mod must proceed upon a correct understanding of that which Krenzo and other outstanding developers of the 2002-2006 period based their work on. This means reestablishing a cyclical development cycle planned in accordance with the objective needs of the mod. Developers must see their work not as a way of personal gain but as a way of continuously contributing to an outstanding mod with a vibrant and in itself contributive community.
4. The community must expel all trolls, DDoSers, furries, personalists, animé lovers, and other degenerate forces as part of returning to the successful policies of Krenzo and Jkun. Discussions about politics should be banned, no reactionary should be allowed to promote demagoguery, xenophobia or other attitudes.
5. The mod must resume development not on the basis of Trickster’s popularity trick but instead on paving the way and by innovation, by looking towards the future and by putting newcomers into a state of awe upon discovering the mod. This is far better a way of ensuring popularity than simplistic “word of mouth” tactics espoused by the Deeists, which are bound to fail owing to the present state of the mod and its community under Deeist tutelage.


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