Resolution of CC of Empires League

Resolution of the Central Committee of the Empires League
June 30, 2018

Since March 2012 the Empires League website has put out monthly bulletins to inform the users of the whole community and players of the great Empires Mod as to current events. However, years of stagnation at the hands of the Deeist clique have produced a situation where there is currently not enough material for a monthly release. With this in mind, the Central Committee of the Empires League orders that the Bulletin be released every two months, starting in August.

Through the mobilizing work of the League led by our brilliant leader Mr D, the entire community rose in activity throughout the months of May to December 2015 at a time when the Deeist clique was in disarray. Again in the last months of 2017 talk by duke and Mr D of creating a genuine sequel to the mod renewed interest on the part of the users and brought an increase in activity. But both these increases were set back by the repressive acts of the Deeist clique with the support of the “lead developer” Tama who is beholden to them.

The League reaffirms its conclusion, made many times, that Empires is neither dead nor dying. As stagnation continues and intensifies, as the Deeists and the useless “lead developer” appointed by them continue to show utter lack of interest in genuinely developing the mod, the users mobilized through the League and inspired by the words and deeds of Mr D will once again assert themselves and will carry on doing so until the day when Deeism is routed.

The Fourth Congress of the League held in January this year pointed to what must be done in the meantime to rally the users and deal new blows to the Deeists. Guided by the outstanding example and farsighted words of Mr D, the League prepares itself for battles up ahead as the “independent” Tama is inevitably ousted as “lead developer” in favor of a participant in the Deeist clique, so as to better preside over the mod’s stagnation and open the road for a so-called “spiritual successor” to the mod under complete Deeist domination.

Tama himself has not logged onto the forum since April 2. Most of his “efforts” have been spent not on developing the mod (which he is incapable of doing) but in hawking for donations for his personal benefit. Such “leadership” is not merely a far cry from that of the early developers of our great mod, but is equivalent to sabotage. Efforts by progress-minded users over the past few years to step up as real developers have only resulted in either being ignored, harassed, or banned by the Deeists with Tama’s approval. The community itself is more and more a plaything of Destroyer and other Deeists, while the mass of the users stay clear from the forum owing to the degrading spectacle of Deeist domination and the repressive acts threatened against any who speak out.

Mr D has noted that the cadres of the League and all users must educate themselves on the history of the mod and on the nature of the Deeist clique. They must show that it is not the Deeists who are representative of the mod, but truly contributive users past and present whose endeavors were mercilessly attacked by the Deeists but whose examples continue to inspire the users to this day.

At the same time, Mr D has made clear that the organizational work of the League should be stepped up, confronting the efforts of the Deeists to consolidate further control over the mod in the year ahead. Keeping in mind the need to maintain security, the League’s cadres should at the same time do more active work among the users, especially newer ones, to educate and mobilize them for the benefit of the mod. The proceedings and decisions of the Fourth Congress on this subject should be given more intensive study and practical applications made.

The League has a glorious history stretching back eleven years, always in the service of Empires and its whole userbase. New chapters remain to be written, and it is the users who will provide the pen and paper.


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